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Posted Tuesday, May 06, 2008 03:43 PM

tuesday bases from the rube

split out yesterday  better than losing i suppose.... today's caard has alot of games i like but i am serioulsy going to try and limit the plays from here on out ...   atl/sd under 9 will deffinatly be one play...i dont think that sd will score much at all off of jurrjens as he has been lights out..would love to play atl as well but its hard to back a guy with so little experience at a 150 price tag...just like yesterdays zona game..young should be able to hold atl to 5 or less and i dont see sd scoring more than 2 or 3 if at all....   washingon at plus money with hill will be another play dont really see chacon keeping washington from crossing home and hill pitched very well his last time out going deep into the game..   i  may make a play on phillie agian but not sure if i believe that they can take two out of three form zona with eaton pitching...price may be right for the taking   i see that everyone has taken clv but i am not sold on their bats ...if you think carmona shuts that nyy lineup down than yeah its a good play but i think pettite is more likely to shut clv cold bats down   tb ...tor can not score period and you know burnett can explode or be nolan ryan....i hope its explode today     blt..just love betting this team that is playing well above expectations...burres can pitch and blty can score like my chances with the4 dog here     it for now good luck to ... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 24, 2008 01:45 AM

alot of fades for thursday...

obviously someone with worse luck than me faded me yesterday...because i won   dont worry whoever you are it wont last long..
agian .......no write-ups or explinations until i start winning and making some damn sense out of this game...
cubs/rocks over 10
kc gm 1 and 2 if they lose 1...
cws ...really like floyd right now
hou...wow just noticed this line  cueto -75? i know hes good but hell..
fade away fellas.....good luck to all

Posted Monday, April 14, 2008 09:03 AM

dont be a rube monday ed.

not sure what the lines will be since  my local doesnt open till later, but i wanted to go ahead and post before work.....had a good day yesterday maybe it will continue.....all these plays fit the mold...not gonna do any explaining as its mostly line movement related and i did so well yesterday with no explination...
all look to be + money with the exception of tx he'll make it a pk and ill more than likely have to lay -110....unless everone bets the angels for me and moves that number back up......good luck as always


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