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Posted Monday, March 17, 2014 07:22 PM

Bad Match-up Thread March Madness-we can all make $

Please post the bad match-ups in here-that's what it takes to cover or win in this thing-teams haven't seen each other at all and they aren't going to become great at anything overnight...

Ex: Missouri 2 years ago, #2 seed lost outright to a team that could shoot 3's and guess what Mizzou sucked at...perimeter D!

There's  in here for all...I will run this all throughout if you keep it alive...You can start with the CIB and NIT if you want...


Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2012 06:03 PM

I won't post much but when I do...it's good for all of us

Clippers Reg Season Total-Over 49.5-the juice has moved in 2 days from +105 to -120 because this is not going to be hard for a team that gets Chauncey Billups back-huge Veteran leadership, picked up Lamar Odom who is embarrased by last year and has a deep bench. Griffin and Jordan have been working on shooting-any improvement here would be deadly. I could go on but Vegas knows if this line was higher everyone would bet it under...

Celtics-+6 and ML-check out Ring Ceremony teams in that game-few have covered, many have lost....you sit in the locker room and hear about a rival that took you down last year-how would you feel?

Cleveland -6-the Wizards? Like the Clippers used to be-a perrenial mess full of malcontents vs a up and coming team

Dallas +9-listen to me carefully-fade the Lakers just about every chance you get until their record is .500 after a month. How did all the Dream Teams work out the past 2 years? Eagles, Angels, Phils the last 2 years, Marlins, Dodgers late summer? They don't have chemistry-it takes time-they're learning a  new Offense too...I know Notwizski's out and Kobe will probably play-wait until the line goes up when they realize he's going...

GL to all!

Posted Monday, May 30, 2011 12:26 AM

why don't we bet the league under?

Considering the overall decline in runs/game this year and joe public's weakness for overs, why shouldn't we bet all games under and see where it ends up? Save's a lot of time. Anyone have the stats on this season? How about the Padres and especially all home games?



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