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Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009 02:28 PM

Terrible Towel Stomp = Comeplete Joke

Tennessee Titans +6½ (-103) over Pittsburgh Steelers

ESPN is the sports authority for just about every sport on the planet but one thing they are terrible at is predicting the outcome of games.  How many times have you watched the pregame show and seen every personality they put up their pick a big favorite to win the game at home on national TV only to end up losing both by the spread and in some cases the game outright.  Well get ready for just that case tonight as ESPN has been talking about this terrible towel incident all week in preparation for tonight's Titans / Steelers NFL kickoff.  I mean come on, Do you think the Steelers care one bit about some stupid towel?  They won the super bowl last year, why would they care about some porky RB from Nashville stepping on a towel?  THE ANSWER IS THEY WOULDN"T!!!!!  But ESPN needs something to talk about and as a result have been talking over and over about the point that many of the actual Steeler players have gotten fed up with the topic.  That's right the players have shown they don't care.  Now that we have dispelled this towel nonsense lets go back to another fact that will come into play tonight and that is regarding the Steelers as the defending champions.  The Titans thought they were going to be the ones to represent the AFC in the big game but faded at the end of their divisional round game to the Ravens and as a result had to watch a team they thought... [More]

Posted Monday, September 07, 2009 12:00 AM

Pittsburgh Pirates v. Chicago Cubs Labor Day Selection

Pittsburgh Pirates +145

You know what? Sometimes people just get pissed off and that's just the mind set I think the Pirates are going to come into tomorrow's game against the Cubs at home in Pittsburgh.  This is a very young team and after losing 9 in a row they were able to take one back and beat the Cards by a final score of 6-5.    For every inning the Cards put up runs, the young pirates team was right there to return serve and match Saint Louis point for point.  On the other side of hte ball the Cubs are just a complete waste of space and while they may have won 6 of their last 10, they have nothing meaningful to play for and as a result what reason would this team have for getting up to play a early game after traveling from New York?  I can think of no reason for these team to be ready for a 12:35 game.   One of hte most telling stats that supports this pick is that hte Cubs are 2-5 in Lillys last 7 road starts vs. a team with a losing record.  They just don't really care at this point of hte year as they will not be playing in the post season.  Lets back the kids playing for a roster spot come next spring training.

For ever inch that the Dodgers show they just don't care about playing this wonderful game, that's how much I think the Pirates will give to tomorrows affair.  And even if it's half as such as I think it's going to be it should be more than enough to take care ... [More]


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