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Posted Thursday, August 19, 2010 09:07 PM

What leagues do you like betting on and why ??

A question for soccer fans & bettors in the forum, how do you choose the leagues that you bet on and what leagues do you follow closely from a betting perspective and also from a purely fans based outlook ?
Sometimes I think it can be hard to keep up with what's going on in the major European leagues never mind what's happening in the other less well known hotbeds of European football.For example on a typical Saturday you have over 100 games to choose from in England and Scotland alone and when you take into account the other major leagues across the continent like France,Germany,Holland along with the likes of Austria,Denmark, Belgium,Romania etc and not to mention the South American and rest of the world games, there are literally hundreds of games to choose from wagering wise.So how do you choose your favourite leagues and teams to follow ?

For me these are my favourite leagues to bet on (in order)and a brief reason why

1. English Premiership
  Has the best players along with the best TV and media coverage.Been following this league for years so I have a good knowledge of all the teams and players involved.Betting wise I think it is fairly predictable and it can be easy to find value with underdogs and totals.

2. Italian Serie A
  Again I have been following this league since the mid 1990's from the days of Channel 4's excellent live match coverage along with the weekly Gazzetta Football Ita... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 15, 2010 01:29 AM

Thursday October 7th Opening Night Lines Are Out

Just a little over seven weeks until the NHL regular season is back and already there is a first look at lines for the opening night of the 7th of October.These lines are from Austrian sportsbook Bwin.com and they have posted moneylines,run lines along with totals for the opening night's 5 games.

October 7th

Carolina @ Minnesota  (Being played in Helsinki,Finland)

Carolina -$105
Minnesota -$115

  Carolina +$150
  Tie @ +$300
  Minnesota @ +$130

Carolina +1.5 @ -$300
Minnesota -1.5 @ +$240

Over 5.5 @ -$130
Under 5.5 @ +$110

Calgary @ Edmonton

Calgary @ -$120
Edmonton @ +$100

  Calgary @ +$130
  Tie @ +$300
  Edmonton @ +$150

Calgary -1.5 @ +$225
Edmonton +1.5 @ -$283

Over 5.5 @ +$100
Under 5.5 @ -$120

Chicago @ Colorado

  Chicago @ -$150
  Colorado @ +$125

  Chicago @ +$105
  Tie @ +$310
  Colorado @ +$185

Chicago -1.5 @ +$205
Colorado +1.5 @ -$250

Over 5.5 @ -$130
Under 5.5 @ +$110

Montreal @ Toronto 
Montreal @ -$105
Toronto @ -$115

  Montreal @ +$155
  Tie @ +$280
  Toronto @ +$135

Montreal +1.5 @ -$300
Toronto -1.5 @ +$240

Over 5.5 @ +$105
Under ... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 12, 2010 12:03 PM

Dutch Jupiler League is back tomorrow night !!


The Eerste Divisie, also known as the Jupiler league, returns tomorrow night where it offers soccer bettors a full set of fixtures and the oppurtunity to get down on some action on a usually quiet Friday night.We also have the French Ligue 2 on Fridays as well of course  

The Jupiler league has a reputation as an 'over' league and indeed it is generally high scoring and the prices and goal lines offered by bookies reflect that.
In the 342 fixtures last season 210 went over 2.5 goals (61%) whilst 132 stayed under.This excludes games that were played by HFC Haarlem who folded in January of this year and whose season record was expunged.Also of note was if you took the over/under of 3.0 for every game, it would have ended up going 136 - 132 with a whopping 74 pushes.

I've no data on prices for these games but you can imagine a blind bet on the over in every game wouldn't have yielded much profit at the end of the season,so you have to pick your spots carefully. Don't forget the over is usually juiced heavily.Some teams do score more than others whether they are at home or away,also a top against bottom game usually sees more goals than a midtable clash as is the case in most leagues.
I hope to improve my knowledge of this league this season as it's nice to have a full set of fixtures on a Friday night to pick from and don't forget we also have the French 2nd division if we can't find enough poten... [More]

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