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How much money do you realistically hope to be making from sports betting each week ?

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Posted Monday, February 20, 2012 03:49 PM   20 comments

As in average profit ? assuming that some weeks will be good other weeks bad, it will all average out in the end

for me it would be €500

not too much but not an unrealistic figure at the end of the day either but an extra 5 Bills at the end of the week is a modest enough goal to aim towards

What's yours ?

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wonderwomen says:
2/20/2012 9:57:40 PM
id be happy with $100 a week. enough to cover child support.
McDoc says:
2/22/2012 2:04:59 AM
Over the past few years, I've averaged just under $100k a year in total bets at an average ROI of just under 5%. I could probably double that if I *really* wanted to, but at that point I would either see a significant decline in my average return on investment or I would have to spend a lot more time finding more picks. I don't want either of those things, so I think anything beyond about 7% on $3k per week of gross bets would be tough to sustain long-term. So $200 a week is about as far as I'd want to go, but I'm pretty happy with my current $100.

If the legal situation changed for US players, that would change things. If I had access to a high-volume betting exchange (like TradeSports in the good old days), then maybe I could increase my bet size substantially and improve my ROI at the same time.

To have any chance of €500 per week as a long-term average, you'll need to be betting €250k per year. Maybe you already are. Either way, good luck.

I-Got-5-On-It says:
2/22/2012 8:21:08 PM




I-Got-5-On-It says:
2/22/2012 8:22:37 PM

that's a good realistic figure that should be most people's target

letswintoday says:
2/22/2012 8:29:00 PM
1-2% a day of total capital
GoldenGater5x says:
2/22/2012 10:38:21 PM
during the NFL season i was happy with $300 a week .. then i started winning more.. then after awhile it didn't seem like it was enough .. it needed to be at least 600-700 .. which led to if i had 300 then it was not enough and go ahead and bet it back to try to make it 600 ..

all in all stick to what your happy with and dont get to greedy .. but im new to this so theres a lot i can learn still ..

mainmanmainman2 says:
2/22/2012 11:52:16 PM
all my money on LIN
nuggetmonster says:
2/23/2012 2:53:06 AM
marcus-maximus says:
2/23/2012 3:13:17 AM
BAHAAHAHA LIIINNNNNNNN!!!! At the calneva here in reno they got Lin prop bets now...this shit is too much haha
shadowman666 says:
2/23/2012 4:35:18 PM
im looking at my money in a 33 day cycle.... and at the end of the 33 days my goal is to double whatever my account balance is at the start of the cycle.......
Degenerate says:
2/24/2012 3:32:57 AM
Good question. Spent years trying to turn a $1000 bankroll into 10k by the end of the day, and when I was only up 100 that night it was all in on some shitty left coast basketball team. Then I thought about what I realistically expected and it's around that $500/week, or 70 a day. Wish I would've thought about that long ago, a lot of nights would've ended with different decisions!
wizardofroz says:
2/24/2012 5:37:46 AM

 The winning streaks don't come along very often, so one should capitalize on that small window of success by betting fairly large. 

And when the losses invariably start piling up, one should be betting small or taking an extended gambling break.  Basically, minimizing your losses is just as important as maximizing your gains. 

The best success I have ever had is picking my spots and betting big on those plays.  I think betting small on a large number of games is the WORST way to approach beting, since the juice will eat you up.  

wizardofroz says:
2/24/2012 5:43:16 AM
Also, if I win or lose my best selection for a particular day, it usually gets worse when I add more plays.  Winning $1000 a week is a very realistic, yet difficult goal to meet that I like to aim for.     
Diamondjake says:
2/24/2012 9:54:20 AM
you do realize 95% of sporstbettors lose all the time. By asking this question I would assume youe are not in the good 5%. Of course how much you can win in a week would be dependent on two critical factors: 1. Do you have an edge? 2. What is your bankroll?
ross33 says:
2/25/2012 11:52:53 PM
since the odds are against the gambler, the goal should be Not To Lose anything!
mynameken says:
2/28/2012 5:02:06 PM
Look to make 200 a week its up and down wish football was yr round last three yrs
jsab says:
2/29/2012 1:55:55 PM
Some good logic in here surprisingly.
mainmanmainman2 says:
2/29/2012 3:22:56 PM

hmmmm crazzzzze
mainmanmainman2 says:
2/29/2012 3:23:47 PM

i bet a few games o/u 20 pts 

i did the over twice and won... i didnt bet over on the HEAT game... glad i didnt.

nba player prop bets have been money on LIN
mainmanmainman2 says:
2/29/2012 3:24:12 PM

u always got nice avatars... whos the lady
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