Posted Tuesday, February 08, 2011 03:08 PM

NHL games televised in the USA rant...


So i have a huge beef with games that are televised in the good ol US of A. The beef is that there arent enough games broadcasted nationally... I live in NY so i do get the rangers, islanders, devils, and i think buffalo sometimes. Also, there is always 1 game a night on either NHLnet or Versus. You lucky canadians get games on TSN TSN2 CBC VERSUS NHLNET RDS(i think) and probably more than that.


Since i have verizon FIOS at home, i cannot get any local games in HD because MSG owner dolan (jackass owner of cablevision) will not allow HD broadcasts to his competiton. Of course this isnt the NHL's fault but it still really sucks. Many nights when NHLnet has games on at 7pm, most of the time the announcers say "this is the first game of our doubleheader tonight" as they are rebroadcasting feed from canada, but the NHLnet would rather show repeats of NHL on the fly than the second game. Tonight the national broadcast game is Buffalo vs Tampa  Why would this game be chosen over SJ @ Caps ??


The NHL is always looking to get more fans, and they put their efforts into stupid shit like hyping up the All Star game, rather than getting more games onto TV. They have fucking poker games and bowling on ESPN, but somehow cant get a real sport... I know this all has to do with team broadcast rights, lots of money, advertising and all that nonsense, but they need to do something to get 1 or 2 more games a night... [More]


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