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Posted Sunday, October 03, 2010 06:15 PM

Maple Leafs will be much improved

Before I explain why, I want everyone to know that im the furthest thing from a biased, blue and white goggle wearing delusional fan. I am usually getting bashed on Leaf forums for my negativity towards the team the past few years because I thought they were pure trash from the get go every season. I have predicted basement finish's the last 2-3 years and have not been a fan of the direction they have taken. Now in saying that I really do believe they will be quite improved. I will break it down line by line.


- Yes to many the first response after reading that first line is " man thats a pretty weak 1st line and you are basically correct but I think they will be alot better then most will predict. First off Kessel has had a full offseason to train (no injury like others) and he came to camp in the best shape he's ever been in and has basically ripped up the preseason. 40 goals from him is a very realistic target this season. I hated the Kessel deal from day one but I have to admit he looks dynamic and fast. Bozak although unproven looks like the real deal. Sure he only has 35+ games under his belt but he was very impressive in that small sample size and has again looked legit this preseason. He is the perfect type of centremen to be in the middle with Kessel because he always would rather pass the puck then shoot. He is sneaky good and once people see this kid play on a regular basis they are going to be reminded of Paul Stastny (even D... [More]

Posted Saturday, May 29, 2010 01:43 PM

Lakers lack of dribble penetration

This has become badly exposed in this series. Outside of Kobe they dont have a single player who consistantly tries to attack the rim or even dribble thru the seems of a defence.  Im sorry but did anyone see what Rondo did to Nelson this past series? Sure Nelson better in games 4/5 but by then the series was basically toast. Rondo is going to completely make Fisher useless.

If the Lakers even make it to the finals they will not beat the Celtics. Not enough ability to dribble thru defences and really only one consistant player whos able to create his own shot.


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