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Posted Sunday, March 23, 2008 01:06 AM

Easter Basket Winners

Arkansas/UNC under 158   We all know who the better team is in this matchup, but the Razorbacks willl keep this one close until the end.  They're smart enough not to attack and give UNC the ball back (unlike Mt St Mary's).  The Heels pull away down the stretch, but not enough to pull over the total.   ARK  67 UNC  82     Tenn/Butler over 139   These two played each other last season in the pre season NIT.  Don't know if it was bad food from the hot dog vendor on the corner by the Garden or what but these two teams shot like crap.  Not going to happen again.  I would think the total should be more in line with that of the ARK/UNC game (in the 150s).  Tennessee should win this (not going to venture a wager on the side).  The Vols have shot better from the charity stripe as of late and that could factor in.   Butler 71 Tenn  77   SD +5.5 over WKU
Don't sleep on the Toreros!  This team is nice.  They are talented.  They are athletic.  They play tough D.  The Hilltoppers are over matched in this one (please see ND-Wash St for details).  San Diego wins this one outright.  Western Kentucky was fortunate to get past an over seeded Drake team.   SD    69 WKU 59... [More]

Posted Wednesday, March 19, 2008 12:15 AM

Three Thoughts for Thursday

Wazzu/Winthrop over 112
This line has been bet down (too far) since it opened at 115.  The Cougars should be up by 8-10 down the stretch and when Winthrop starts fouling Wazzu can hit their free throws (73% as a team) and put the game over the total.
Winthrop 51
Wash St 70
CS Fullerton +12 v Wisconsin
No doubt that the Badgers win this one, but the dirty dozen is too much here.  Wisconsin had a nice run down the stretch but don't be fooled by the fact that it was against a weaker Big10 this year.  The Titans 3's and high powered O will keep them close.
CS Fullerton 66
Wisconsin 74
Kansas/Portland St over 145
It really won't be worth watching, but the points will be piling up.  Kansas has too many weapons and are playing close to home.  PSU can put up some number and will get scores in garbage time (most of the second half).
Portland St 73
Kansas 91
As always, happy hunting, boys.


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