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Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 09:30 AM

2011-12 NFL Season Bold Predictions

There will be football in September. There is too much money on the table to pass up on either side.

-New Orleans Saints will NOT make the playoffs. They have a tough schedule and the team to play the defending SB champs in the opening game hasn't made the playoffs for 7 straight years. Sorry New Orleans.

-The Detroit Lions will not win 8 or more games. I'm a detroiter and there is a lot of silly talk that they can win 9 games and even make the playoffs. JUST STOP IT!

-The Indianapolis Colts will not make the playoffs. Well Lucas Oil field is the host of the next SB and you know the jinx that goes along with a team if their stadium is the cite for the SB. No playoffs this year Peyton.

-The Baltimore Ravens will not make the playoffs. Their first 6 games is very tough! I see them starting out 1-5 and that's too deep of a hole to dig out of.

-A team from the NFC East will represent the conference in the SB. It seems that the divisions have been in a rotation of making it to the big dance. 08 NFC East 09 NFC West 10 NFC South 11 NFC North  12 NFC East???

-The Tennessee Titans will make it to the playoffs with Locker under center. All he has to do is hand it off to CJ and watch him run. I think the Titans will be sneaky this season.

-The 49ers will finally make the playoffs again. Not sure how with their qb situation but they will find a way.

-The Dallas Cowboys will make it to the playoffs. This is Romo's last chance t... [More]


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