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Posted Monday, July 02, 2012 02:33 PM

My thoughts on George Zimmerman

My previous thread reminded me of this situation and last night, I had drinks with some colleagues at a DC bar and our conversation turned pretty heated when it came to Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin.

My friends accused me of ditching my Conservative ideals by supporting Martin here. I found that to be unbelievable and am confused when people attempt to turn this case into a political issue. To me, it's not very political at all. Instead of being about race or politics, to me, its about Zimmerman's awful way he handled the situation. As a Conservative American, I am not going to support a stance just because it falls within the party lines. Conservatives supporting Zimmerman because they feel like they are doing right by the partisan lines is like your local idiot Democrat who supports Obamacare when he/she has no clue what Obamacare stands for. It's just cool to support cuz Obama is cool. Dumb. Anyway, my thoughts are as follows:

1. Nighttime. Raining. Dark out. Zimmerman is not wearing a uniform or badge. Let’s assume Martin did not know Zimmerman worked for neighborhood watch. He's being followed by a man at night for no apparent reason. Is he about to be jumped?

2. Zimmerman was explicitly told by the dispatcher to not follow Trayvon. Instead of following those orders, he sprinted after him.

3. Why do people care that Trayvon had weed in his system? It has ZERO to do with the situation. ZERO.

4. Trayvon probably thought he was be... [More]

Posted Monday, October 03, 2011 08:08 AM

Wife left me alone with the kids tonight

Wife has girls night out with her friends. She's spent 2 of the past 3 years home with our two sons who are both under the age of three. All day she's telling me how I'm "really in for it" tonight and how the boys are going to make it hell for me and yada yada yada.

She leaves at 5pm.

I order pizza at 530pm.

Me and the boys watching football on the floor playing with lego's.

Pizza arrives at 6pm....boys are smacking the window as they watch the pizza guy walk up the steps screaming "Yay pizza!!!". We eat pizza.

7pm....bath time. We go downstairs after.

710pm....bottles of milk for both boys. We are sitting on the couch and I've got one on each side of me leaning into me drinking milk and struggling to stay awake as we watch football.

745pm....I bring them both upstairs and put them in there beds. I'm watching them on the monitor. Passed the F out. on the couch, drinking Captain n Coke, pizza slice, and small amount of action (25 bucks a game) on a few college games.

Too easy....

Posted Sunday, April 04, 2010 09:24 AM

Why is Butler being referred to as a Cinderella team??

Top 10 team early season.

Top 25 team the ENTIRE season.

They are NOT a "Cinderella" team. Some dude tonight at a party compared them to George Mason and I wanted to sucker punch him in the head. Get over it...they were ranked high all freakin year and now a 5 seed is in the championship game. Big fuckin deal, enough already.

Posted Sunday, December 06, 2009 12:28 AM

I know who Notre Dame has hired

Got the call 2 hours ago from my source inside University of Notre Dame (I worked their for 18 months). The contract details are still being worked out but it will be announced sometime soon that the next head coach of ND will be Bob Stoops. You heard it here first.


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