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Posted Friday, July 16, 2010 10:55 AM

Looks like a bad year for the traditional powers!?!?

Timmy rah-rah is gone at Florida.  USC is going to be a mess with the father and son routine on stage again out west and all the psychological damage done by Bush Gate.  Oregon lost it's all everything QB to the local county jail.  Texas lost Colt and a slew of key players and LSU doesn't look to have more than an 8-3 team this year.  There are high expectations for Ohio State, but come on folks, the kid behind center can't throw the ball and makes bad decisions under pressure.  With the Caines, Iowa and Wiskey in toe and playing with chips on their shoulders this year, OSU will stumble in one of those games and in another that nobody sees coming.  Oklahoma is high on some peoples list, but really???  Oh, yeah, they don't play anybody.  I forgot.  But the lack of QB experience will be enough reason for two losses. 

This just seems like the year that some of the teams that don't get in the spot light that often could.  Maybe Boise or TCU or Utah goes undefeated and gets a shot at Alabama, who is probably the strongest team out there.  Maybe Boise with 22 returning starters and a very under rated defense and top 5 QB goes unbeaten and gets the shot they have been so close to the last few years for a title.  Don't be surprised to see Bowl matchups like; Iowa vs. TCU, Wisconsin vs. Pitt, Alabama vs. Boise St.. How about Nebraska vs. Oregon St. or Washington vs. Texas Tech, Utah vs. Virginia Tech or Miami.&nb... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2009 09:34 AM

Best over/unders on NFL wins this year

The Lions are going to be my lead team with the over.  Even though they had a defense that ranked last in the league in 08', they still showed they could run with rookie K Smith and throw with C Johnson.  I expect them to improve in all areas of the game. Staford has the best chance of doing a great impersionation of a certain Atlanta QB from last year.
Miami is my Under play.  They have the toughest schedule in the league this year by wins and loses, they over achieved last year and Pennington isn't the true answer at QB.  No true threat at WR and everyone knows the tricks up thier sleeve this year.
Those are my only two I really would pound!!  Other overs I like are KC, Philly, Chicago, SF and Arizona.  Unders I like NE, Dallas, TB, Carolina, Oakland and Minnesota.  
GL everyone!!!!  I'll see you on the threads or on your page!!! 
PS....Sorry to poo-poo your Dolphins BigDaddy.....I still love those unnies!!!

Posted Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:14 AM

Pitt is just too much for Zona

The Steelers have never lost a SB.  The Cards have never been there.  Over half of the NFL has lost on their first trip to the SB!!!  Most teams don't win the first time there.......some dynasties did.  GB, SF, Pit, and a few first timer flyers like the Bears and Jets.  The Steelers are playing defense in a physical, dominating way that wins championships!!  Look at the NCAA championship......same cenario there!  The Cards will have to play their kind of ball and play without mistakes to have a shot.  I don't believe they can do it.  And history is all over my side with that prediction.  Go back and look at the history of first timers in the SB!!!!  It will catch your attentions. 
Chime in and let me know what you think.  If you have some solid numbers and analysis on the game in favor of the Cards.......I would love to hear it.  GL to everyone and make sure you pound the total sacks (O) 5 for the SB.  It's one of the best prop bets out there this some of your favorites also, if you would. 

Posted Thursday, January 15, 2009 06:57 PM

Looking for insight and "true" analysis on Pitt and Balt...

On the surface, I see Pitt at home, in a championship game again with a more experienced QB, a more game breaking RB, and a defense that is just as good if not better than Balt.  No rookie QB has ever taken a team to the SB......especially one that struggles to score points.  Yet, I find myself wanting to take Balt???  Any thoughts, stats, insight or historical data or trends would be nice to hear.  Just don't try to talk me out of banging on the Eagles!!

Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2009 09:11 PM

The Cards are looking great!!!.......right??? Uh....maybe not....

Arizona is "who we thought they are!!"  To easily the betting public gets season know......when you only really remember the last couple weeks of a teams performance.  The public also loses the coke-bottle glasses they need sometimes and can't see things right in front of them........6 TO's last week against Carolina!!!  Geez, no wonder they won the game?!?!?!    Give Seatle 6 TO's and they would have pulled it out also.  Carolina had more yards running and more total yards.......Zona didn't do barely anything in the second half offensively.......Zona is a soft team that needs things to go their way early to win.  They need to be successful passing and protecting Warner and they need a few TO's if they are going to win.  Look back across the whole of their season and look at the number of teams that smacked them by 2 or more TD's.......I believe that they have more themselves than all other three teams left combined!!!  I don't recall Pitt losing by 40.......28.......or 21???  Same goes with Philly and Balt........But Zona did!!!!  Think about a team that is the last NFC team in the modern era to reach the championship going to win...........the Cubs of the NFL............a team that hadn't ever won two playoff games in a row!!!!!    C'mon guys.........this is a suspect defense, a rythme offense and a team that isn't ready or earned it's way to this threshold they stand ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 07, 2009 09:03 PM

NFL upcoming weekend preliminary thoughts

I said last week it would be the favs weekend going 3-1.  If Indy didn't crap themselves on 3rd and 2 before the 2 minute warning, it would have been.  I also said this week would be the weekend of the dogs......and now all 4 home and rested teams are favored by a bevy of points.  Philly is a 4 point dog???  Don't they look more like the Giants of last year?  SD getting 6!  Doens't Pitt struggle to score more than 13 points every week?  Baltimore getting 3.......they might win that game in the bottom of the ninth inning with a walk of pick by Ed Reed 7-6!!??!??  And Carolina giving anybody as many as they are makes me scratch my head.  I'm not picking anything yet......I'm not sayin......I'm just sayin......ya know?  Tell me what my covers bruthas think about the games.  I'll have my picks posted on my page by mid morning on Saturday.  I may find at least one fav I like......but I don't know for sure right now!  GL to you all!!

Posted Tuesday, January 06, 2009 06:53 PM

Is Nate Davis the next star MAC QB in the pros????

I haven't seen an arm of that unbriddled power, accuracy and raw talent since Bret Favre.......If Big Ben can do it and Chad Pennington can go to the Pro Bowl QBing the Jets.......then Nate Davis can come back for his senior year and get drafted in the first round next year.......I pray by my Eagles........and be an instant star.  What say you???

Posted Monday, January 05, 2009 11:38 AM

I can't see OSU playing with Texas

The offensive line of the Buckeyes is one of the weakest spots on the team besides the inexperience of the QB.  The Bucks line has been manhandled in every big, spotlight game they have played over the last three years.  Two staight beat downs in BCS games......USC.....even Penn St won the game this year because of pressure on the freshman QB and forced a game winning fumble late.  Texas QB against OSU QB isn't even a comparision.  Texas Defensive front will again trouble the slower, plodding OSU offensive line.  And don't forget the Big Ten's showing thus far in the bowls.......only one win.........I gotta give the points here for these reasons.  Let me know what you think and why if you disagree.  GL to all tonight!!

Posted Friday, January 02, 2009 06:50 PM

Wild Card round picks

Big weekend of games.  Here are some plays I have on the go, good luck with yours.
I've got Arizona, Balt, Philly, and Indy........This will be Zona's only win......Balt has too much for Miami to deal with.  Philly owns Minny and McNabb is 10 td's and 0 Int's against Minny lifetime and Indy might just get back to the Super Bowl after starting the season with a whimper.......
Let me know what you all are thinking.......I'd be interested to know? 
GL to everyone during the NFL playoffs!!!


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