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Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 01:40 PM

*******NBA TNT*******

Celtics vs Nets -4.5

Where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at. We gon do it like this anytime you ready check it! Well the Nets play host to the Celtics tonight and this will be a game to see if they can match up with some of the big dogs in the division let alone the conference. We all know how it played out the last time they played a top team in the east they got the hammer put on em. I expect this time with the game being at home and on tnt they will bring better energy. The Celtics D hasn't been what it has been in the past so far this year and  I know the Celtics will be missing Rondo and sometimes teams rally around their star when they're are not playing, but tonight I don't think will be one of those moments. The Nets know that they need to show that they can hang with the elite teams and with all the cameras and celebs that will be in attendance tonight we shall see is "Brooklyn in the house"!!



Posted Friday, February 10, 2012 06:13 PM

*****NBA FRIDAY*****

Lakers / Knicks under 184.5


Tonight the Lakers invade the Lincity after coming off a overtime win last night in the senior bowl. So how can they take this Knicks team serious after all they are missing their 2 best players and they already beat them by dd at Staples. So now welcome Linsanity. We all by now know this guys story from getting cut to sleeping on brothers couch, but what he has done for the Knicks team is made them interesting again for the right reason. He has brought energy and life back to this team that was fading fast and D’Antoni was just about getting ready to punch his ticket out of there if they kept losing like they were, but insert this kid and he has been just what the doctor ordered. Not only is he interesting for the moment ,but they are winning and that’s the important thing right now. So now they got the LakeShow coming into town and you know 24 is going to want to put on a show of the MSG crowd. He knows he doesn’t have many of these left in him, but tonight will have extra sauce with all the buzz about Lin. This Lakers team in most definitely a work in progress on the offensive end. They haven’t avg this low of a total in decades let alone years, but one thing that they seem to hanging their hat on is the defensive end. They rank near the top in most of the categories and will try and slow this game down. Especially with all the older ... [More]

Posted Monday, January 16, 2012 01:42 PM

*****NBA MLK*****

Celtics + 2.5


The C’s play host to one of the top teams in the league right now in the Thunder and will be welcoming back a former Celtic in Perkins. Now why they made that trade is beyond me. I understand why they did it, but that trade has to go down as one of the bad ones that Ainge has done. I understand they needed to get younger on the perimeter, but to let a physical player like Perk go was definitely a sign of the times as to which teams the C’s were going to have to deal with in order to win another ring. Now there play so far this season has been pretty much what their records says. They haven’ beaten anyone with a winning record and 2 of their wins have came against one team. With a shorten season I thought teams that have been together for awhile and had the same coaching staff that there wouldn’t be much of a problem ,but with Paul getting hurt to start the season and not having much practice time the team has suffered with any type of chemistry. I know it’s still early and they are a veteran team, but they are also an older team and with this schedule being the way it is could it be safe to say that they’ll be starting the playoffs on the road this year. Hard to argue right now, but time will tell. With all that said I think tonight the stars and moon and whatever shit is out there will line up just right for the C”s tonight. They haven’t played the w... [More]

Posted Friday, January 06, 2012 05:44 PM

*******NBA FRIDAY****

Hawks / Cats under 185

The Cats play host to the Hawks in what could be the worse game on the schedule tonight. The Hawks let another close game slip right out of their hands. I don't know what to make of this squad one night they look like world beaters and take it to Miami in Miami and get up dd's in Chicago and blow that game. I can't make out what they are doing out there.They don't seem to have a low post presence and like the tnt cast said last night what does Josh Smith do well? They are right I can't seem to figure it out what it is. The Hawks rely heavily on perimeter shooting and for JJ to create off the dribble or in the post. He just hasn't looked like himself to start the season. It could be all them dollars holding him down ,but he needs to get it going if his squad is going to have a chance at getting homecourt for the first round.On the other side of the ball the Cats have been who we thought they were not very good, but if taken lightly can come up with big wins. Just ask the Knicks about it. These Cats seem to be different then years past their defense stinks this year, but their offense seems to be alot better with most of their games going over the total. So why such a low total this game. The Hawks are coming off a hearbreaking loss and will be playing their 4th set of b2b's. I expect their shots to be short from them tired legs and Drew is going to have to find a way to keep his guys fresh with 4 out of 5 startes playing 40+ min... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011 05:52 PM

******NbA TuEs*******

Boston / Miami under 187

So tonight we get another rematch from last years playoffs for both teams and I am pretty sure that these 2 teams will have no love lost that's for sure. The Heat handled them in 5 games last year and you know the Celts are going to want to show them that are still a team in the East that is going to have to be dealt with once again. I just don't think that is going to happen in this game. The obvious problem is no Pierce and since he won't be playing so Rondo is going to have to come up big again just like against the Knicks for the Celtics to stand a chance in this game... Their defense is going to have to play better. They can't allow them to shoot 50% I just don't know if they can. You know the Heat's defense will be to try and cut the head of the snake off and force the other guys around him to beat em. We all know Ray isnt' the type of player to create his own shot he rely's heavily on his teammates to get him open and for Rondo to him in his spots. KG will be KG and get you 15 and 10, but where else is the offense going to come from. On Chirstmas day they were fortunate to be playing a Knicks team that doesn't pride themselves on defense and Rondo was able to create for himself and his teammates. I don't think that will happen to much tonight. If the Heat treat Rondo like they did Rose and put Lebron on him since he won't have to be checking Pierce it should cause fits for the Celtics. The oddsmakers got this at a... [More]

Posted Monday, December 26, 2011 05:02 PM

********NbA MoNdAy*****

Welcome back NBA it has been a long time! Just like the rest of you have been feening for some basketball and this season will be the most difficult for me to cap with all the b2b's. I wish all my covers brothers the best of luck this season and may you all smack your book in the mouth!!
Raps / Cavs over 195.5
Tonight we have the Cavs playing host to their brothers from the north the Raps in what will be the lottery bowl!. These teams obviously don't have any playoff aspirations, but I feel these guys will get after it and might become a very entertaining game. They have the line set around 3 so the books know it will be close, but the total seems a lil weird to me with 2 teams that don't have great offensive fire power they have it set at this number. They know these teams aren't going to be playing stellar D so why such the high number. I know some of you will say it's right where it should be with these teams ,but I'm just not buying it. Let's see Cavs are starting a rooking pg and have only 3 players with more then 2 seasons in the league. Scott will have his hands full for sure, but with them being so young they won't know any better and come out balling cuz they don't have shit to loose. I can't wait to see what Irving can do with all those young legs around him hopefully it will be very entertaining. On the other side of the ball the Raps are starting with a new coach and new schemes so I am not sure what to expect from them this year. They do have an athlet... [More]

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2011 01:20 PM

Rambis officially fired

Kahn is as much to blame for the troubles...To bad Rambis has to be the fall guy, but once he started bumping heads with Love and losing games they way they did this past year the writing was on the wall


Posted Monday, April 25, 2011 04:53 PM


Thunder / Nuggets over 205


The Nuggets play host to the Thunder in which could be the last game of the season for them…This Nuggets team came into the playoffs with a lot of high hopes...They were dogs to win the series, but a very minor one at that…Since the Melo trade they probably played the best basketball in the league during that stretch…They were doing it with teamwork and gritty defense not a recipe we are use to seeing out of the mile high city, but they were flat out getting it done!...So as the playoffs were approaching a lot of talk was what team was going to pose a huge threat in the first round below the 4 seed and Denver was one of them…The first game starts in OKC and it’s all Denver from the jump and the Thunder rally back and make it a hell of a game and then the first bit of controversy happens in the playoffs and we get non goaltending call and cost Karl a lil bit of cheddar about his comments after….So what happens in game 2 with the non call still in the players minds….They come out and lay an egg from the jump and get blown out…I know they say game to game is different, but the Nuggets sure didn’t show it in game 2….So now on Saturday they have  a chance to make this a series and have to deal will the J.R. Smith crap and  proceed to loose the game because of poor execution on the offensive end….Their defense played great in the sec... [More]

Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011 02:23 PM


Lakers – 11.5   Homer pick


The Lakers host the Hornets tonight at Staples Center and will try and even up this best of 7 series…I have followed this team all year and just like any other Lakers fan will tell you I don’t know which team is going to show up..Other then their run after the all star break they have shown that they like to play down to the level of competition and not take the lesser teams serious…Now that the Hornets have gotten their attention I expect a much better effort to start the game and establish a low post game…If you noticed the start of game 1 the Lakers settled for jump shots and that fully showed that they thought they could just cruise through that game and just pull it out in the end…To bad CP3 didn’t get the memo because he played his ass off!...He was able to get wherever he wanted on the court and Lakers were sitting back hoping he would miss a few, but he was definitely on his game, but tonight will be a different story for this Hornets team…They will have to deal with much more motivated team and a much more desperate team…They may not say they are desperate, but no one wants to loose both games on their home floor to start a series….If you followed any of my write ups this past season you will know that I like to back good teams at desperate times and this will qualify as one of them…I know laying dd in a regular season... [More]

Posted Saturday, April 16, 2011 06:34 PM

******NBA PLAYOFF SAT******

Blazers / Mavs under 186.5

Finally the playoffs have arrived and not a moment to soon...This will be one of the best first round matchups we have seen in quite sometime..The Blazers come into this matchup fairly healthy by their standards and in the minds of alot of folks could be one of the bottom teams to upset a top seed....The Blazers matchup very well with the Mavs and that's why they have had some success against this team...The 4 spot will obviously be the biggest matchup in this series, but to me the benches are going to play a huge factor and right now I have to say the Mavs have an all around better bench....With Terry and Barea able to score in dd...The Blazers have only Roy coming off the bench that will be considered a real threat and he is playing on bum knees...So the starters are going to have to log alot of minutes and this will play right into the under for me.....A very interesting total for me as they have gone over the number 3 out of the 4 games and yet the oddsmakers are still making this low of a total...I don't know what I'm missing here....I fully expect both teams to make it very difficult on one another to try and get into their offensive sets and force alot of shots near the end of the shot clock....I look for this game to be in the 80's for both teams or I just could be way off and they put up over a 100 a piece....I don't look for that to happen, but hey its the nba we've worse...Rolling with Barkley again...It's in the dict... [More]

Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2011 06:50 PM

*******NBA WED*******

Well we are finally here the final day of the regular season..It's been a hell of a ride and sad to see it come to an end...We all have gained some great knowledge from some of the cappers in here...Kap, Bodio, NBAFAN , Bator , MT , Phat , Tito and if I missed a few I mean no disrespect, but we've also had some great entertaining cappers who made us laugh at their way of capping games and other cappers who made us wish they were in front of us so we can slap em around a lil bit.....All in all its been a fun season...This was the first time that I actually dedicated myself to the nba through and through and I got a say it is alot tougher then it seems.....So to those that do this religously and to those that try..Cheers to a profitable playoff race!

Grizzlies / Clippers over 197


Posted Monday, April 11, 2011 05:18 PM

*****NBA MONDAY******

Suns / Wolves over 219


The Suns get to close out the regular season at home by hosting the Wolves tonight and the Spurs on Thursday..This has been a very disappointing season for the Suns who were 2 wins away from going to the finals last year and then saw Amare bolt for the big city and during the season decided the what they had wasn’t working and tried to shake things up and made a huge trade and in the end just didn’t work out…The only bright spot that can come from this season is Nash possibly leading the league in assist and tonight he will get a chance to possibly get to 20 assist tonight…I know it’s not something that he really cares about ,but when these guys go through what they went through you can’t help to think that they want to at least try and end this season on some kind of high note and what better way to do it then to play a battered Twolves team coming in losers of 13 in a row and giving up over a 100 points in all those losses except 1...…I don’t see that changing tonight as they know its time to get the vacation plans set and just get this season over with and enjoy some time somewhere under the sun…The one thing that teams don’t like to do when they know their season is over is play any defense and what better way to pad your stats then to play a team that is the worse in the league at points allowed…This game reminds me of the Nuggets game on Saturday when Lawson went off for ... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 07, 2011 05:40 PM

*****NBA THURSDAY*****

Chicago / Boston under 179

The Bulls and Celts hook up tonight and what could be a preview to the Eastern Conf finals...The problem I have with the side of this game is if the Celts are going to take this game seriously or not...They may come out and act like they give a shit, but to a veteran team like this one they've shown what they are capable of doing and just could end up mailing this thing in by the 4th quarter if it starts to get out of hand or they could come out and want to send a message to the Bulls that the Eastern Conference still runs through Boston ...I just can't get a good read on what they want out of this game....Some players are saying that they want to still try and secure the top spot and some are just content with getting to the playoffs healthy...We all know what the standings look like and who and what need to happen for so and so to end up playing so and so...I just think that the Bulls need this game more than the Celts do...They have a young leader who only knows one gear and even tho they might have some veterans on that team...Those veterans haven't had been on a team that's had home court through out the playoffs and I'm pretty sure they want to make this a goal of theirs to finish on top....The recent play of both teams got me wondering what was wrong with this total....The Bulls have been giving up alot of points by their standards to some shiity teams...Even tho they've been winning they weren't as focused on the defensi... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 05, 2011 06:36 PM

******NBA TUES******

Bucks / Magic under 181

The Magic play host to the Bucks who are fighting to stay alive for the final spot in the east...The have 6 games left and 3 vs playoff teams and only 2 more home games left...Needless to say their road to the playoffs almost looks out of the question, but what we know about Skiles is his boys will go out fighting..even tho they haven't put together a season that they thought they would they still come to the arena and give all they got on the defensive end and with the pick today that's all I care about...The most interesting matchup tonight will be at the 5 spot...With Bogut not playing the last game these teams met up....Howard went off for 31points and 22 boards and still needed overtime to beat the Bucks....I don't see that type of game for Howard tonight....I think Bogut will be enough of a bother to make Howard work for his points and not allow for easy put backs and jams....The Magic on the other hand are having problems of their own...Losing 3 out of their L4 and getting outworked on both ends of the floor....They may say all the right things about how they want to be playing to win every game, but with them not being able to move up or any potential of moving down most of these games won't determine their seeding and they've been playing like it...Their bench has been the biggest problem...Whether its injuries or lack of productivity they have not been getting it done and its putting a strain on the starting 5 to bring it every nig... [More]

Posted Friday, March 04, 2011 04:54 PM

******NBA FRIDAY*****

Bulls / Magic under 189.5

The Magic play humble host to the Bulls tonight in what could be a playoff mathcup down the line...The Magic are coming off I believe is the second biggest comeback in the history of the Magic...They did with the 3 bomb and by the time the Heat realized what was going on the affect of them already took place and Heat did what they've been doing recently and thats give away a dd lead...The Magic won't have that luxory tonight as the Bulls are first in the league in 3 point field goal against and second in the league in field goals against...The perimeter players will be able to stay at home with Noah being able to check Howard by himself...I know I know he won't be able to stop Howard, but they will live with him trying to dominate and slow down the rest of the team...The problem with the Heat last night was that Nelson was able to pick n roll them to death and when you have old man Dampier out there and not so defensive minded Chalmers trying to slow that down the rest of the team were left with trying to help on Nelson and leaving the Magic shooters wide open to burn em...I don't see them being able to do that as often as they did last night with Noah and Rose more then likely being involved with alot of that tonight they will do a better job of staying in front of Nelson and force the ball to swing around the perimeter rather then Nelson driving to the basket and creating in the paint....The Magic on the other hand will have re... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 26, 2011 03:12 PM


Memphis - 10 ( -110 ) 3 units
Memphis will play host tonight to the Kings who are getting very dysfunctional by the game with them getting rid of probably their second best front court player Laundry and Cousins doing what Cousins does gets ripped by his coach...maybe not publicly in that game but pulling him and not letting him back in was pretty good indication that he wasn't happy with something.....Now they have to go and play the Grizz who are in a battle for the last playoff spot in the west and did what I feel is the most underrated move on the deadline and thats getting Shane Battier back for another tour with them and in the process got rid of Thabeet who is arguably one of the worse bigs in the league...With Rudy being out a few weeks they needed someone to bridge the gap until he comes back and they hit a homerun with Shane...When he gets back they could be one of the best 1-2 punches on the league at the 3 spot and cause a lot of problems for teams who are not as strong at that position, but in the mean time and in between time they will have enough tonight to put the Kings to bed early as they will not have enough bigs to keep the Grizzs front court in check...The Kings are playing their last game of this roady and might be looking forward to getting home by the 3rd qtr....I know they Grizz might be in a look ahead spot tonight with the Spurs on deck, but they can't afford to look past anybody right not as they found out how that turned out vs the Nuggs the fi... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 24, 2011 02:10 PM

Dumbest criminals of the day award!

These clowns tried to steal shit from the gas station while the cops were inside


Posted Wednesday, January 26, 2011 06:07 PM

******NBA WED*****

Magic / Pacers under 203.5 ( -110 ) 2 units

Wolves + 5 ( -110 ) 2 units & ML ( + 185 ) .5 unit

Jazz + 3 ( -110 ) 2 units




Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2011 04:25 PM

*******NBA TUESDAY*****

Lakers / Jazz under 198 ( -110 ) 3 units


The Jazz head into Staples Center to take on the Lakers and try and end a 4 game losing streak. They will try and do it in a place they haven’t won in since 06…The Jazz started this trip on MLK day and laid an egg and that just set the tone it seemed for the whole trip…They loose to 3 teams below .500 and when they have a chance to prove to themselves that they can hang with the big boys in the league they come out flat and get blown out..Tonights game they will have a chance to prove that they have what it takes to compete in the West and do so vs a team that has owned them the last 3 years..I fully expect Sloan to have his boys primed tonight and it will have to start on the defensive end….They’ve allowed teams to shoot 50% from the field during their losing streak and if they allow that tonight they will get blown out again…On the other side of the ball thanks to the logo himself when he said the the Lakers where getting to old to play solid defense…I love how he tweaked this team at the right time of the season during these dog days right before all star break…I believe he has a point to an extent…I mean the Lakers are ranked in the top 10 in most of the defensive categories..not bad for a team that is long in the tooth…These guys have played in 3 straight nba finals and that is almost equivalent to another nba season…So... [More]

Posted Monday, January 24, 2011 06:08 PM

*****NBA MONDAY*****

Kings + 7 ( -110 ) 3 units & ML ( +250 ) 1 unit


The Blazers play host to the Kings tonight in the Rose Garden where the Kings haven’t won a game since Ron Artest was playing for them..They played each other last week after the Blazers found out that they would be out another body in Camby for about 3 weeks….The Kings had a lead late in the fourth and then just did what bad teams do and that’s come unglued at the end with turnovers and bad shot selections…The Blazers have shown some adversity during this tough time and I give them a lot of credit they haven’t been whining or complaining about what’s happening to them they just keep going out there with the staff they got and are getting it done…The obvious big key in all this is the play of L.A. he is starting to live up to the standards that McMillan thought he would be and that’s a beast at both ends of the floor…He is rebounding and blocking shots….I can’t believe he is not getting any all star consideration with the year he is having..The Blazers are on a lil bit of a heater right now winning 5 in a row..prolly should be 6 if they didn’t let the Suns game slip out of their hands, but on to this game…This Kings squad has played the Blazers tough lately in the Garden and just like they’ve been doing…melted down in the closing minutes…Tonight I believe will be a different story..The Kings matchup up pretty well... [More]

Posted Friday, January 21, 2011 06:06 PM

****NBA FRIDAY****

Grizzles - 3.5 ( -110 ) 3 units

The Rockets go into Memphis to take on the the Grizz who they have owned especially in their L7 games in which they have won by dd in each game...The last time the Grizz won a game vs the Rockets was back in Feb 09....WTF!...I coudn't believe this when I saw this, but when a team is another teams bitch...then so be it!...This game should be a good battle of teams that are trying to battle for the last playoff spot in the west and right now there is a few em...For the Grizzles to win this game they are going to have to take advantage of their advantages and that's in the low post...Gasol is going to have to be better than the 2-16 and 4 rebound outting he had the last time they played...With such a short front court that the Rockets send out there it's hard to believe that they would be able to out rebound the Grizz by dd, but as we know rebounding has to do about hustle and posistioning and the Grizz didn't do neither in that game....The Rockets got out to a dd lead early in the game and never looked back...The Grizz were coming into the game on a 4 game winning streak and had a chance to avenge a dd loss they suffered earlier in the month and still came out with no focus or heart..I don't know if it has to do with Lowry/Battier being former Grizzles and wanting to stick it to their former team, but now way should they allow Lowry to have the kind of games he has had against them...I mean Lowry is averaging 22 points and 17 assi... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 19, 2011 01:35 PM

*****NBA WED*****

Hornets / Grizz under 184 ( -110 ) 3 units


The Hornets host the Grizzles tonight in what is there first matchup of the season..Pretty interesting since the season is half way over and just now are playing a game against each other…This game will be a good test for both teams as they matchup pretty evenly across the board…Let’s take a look at a matchup that is going to be very significant in the outcome of the game and that to me is at the 4 spot…Z-Bo is quietly having a all star like year and no one is talking about the work he’s doing because of all the attention Blake and Love are getting and rightly fully so, but Zach has been doing this year after year and doesn’t get his proper due in my opinion like he should…On the other side of the coin we have D West who is also having himself a pretty descent year leading his team in scoring and shooting the ball at a 50% clip not bad for your 4 guy handling the point load and doing it proficiently…This matchup should be a fun one to watch and for those of us who don’t have NBA TV they are offering it free for this week so just a lil heads up…I look forward into seeing what the other defenses do to counter for the other players best post presence…The obvious advantage for the Hornets is at pg and Conley is going to have to figure out a way to make Paul play a lil  defense to try and keep him from roaming and coming u... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 15, 2011 12:57 PM

TWolves Moneyline????

Can the Twolves win this game straight up tonight???

A few things that stick out to me

1. Magic have loss 2 close games in a row

2. The last time these 2 played the Magic killed them by 40+

3. Will Beasley play tonight

4. Can Darko keep Howard from a dominating performance

5. Can Love get a double double

6. Which bench will show up

Gettin pretty descent value with the ML tonight..Just might have to pull the trigger..I'll be in the casino and it always brings out the gamble in us  

Thoughts gentlemen???


Posted Friday, January 14, 2011 06:09 PM

*****NBA FRIDAY******

Kings + 8.5 ( -110 ) 3 untis & ML ( + 375 ) 1 unit

Suns + 1.5 ( -110 ) 1 unit

Lakers - 13 ( -110 ) 1 unit


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