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Here is why the Bengals beat the Texans today..

I picked Houston last week to upset and the Jets to beat the Steelers the week before, Here is another Gem I truly believe will win su 

Bengals ML+110(4 Units) I picked Houston Last week to Beat The Browns, This game will be different, The Browns had no tape of Mallet, He will be starting only his 2nd game, As I said last week his Cannon arm would open up the running game against the Browns and it did as Blue go 156 yards rushing, The Browns run a 3-4 defense, and seldom Blitzed, respecting that big arm... The Bengals play a 4-3 and will shut the run down today and will scheme the Defense for Mallet like he has not seen yet,Remember this is only his 2nd game.. They did a fantastic Job last week of shutting down the Saints running game and held Brees to 255 yards,They will place all the Pressure on Mallet to get the Job done, Mallet is pretty accurate on the Long balls and iffy on short intermediate throws..The Browns could not Run the ball well last week, But The Bengals will have success today,Hill had 152 yards last week against the Saints,Running back Giovani Bernard, who missed the last three games due to a hip pointer will be back in this game, those two together can be a force! Houston has Defensive back problems,Jonathan Joseph is not having a good year, he has a knee issue and his play this year is way down,In fact Joseph is cited by the Cincy papers as the player of choice for AJ Green. They note his near league high pass comp rate at over 92% per targe... [More]

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YTD 57-30(+57 Units)

About The Lions: The Lions really gave away the Greenbay game Sunday
with Bad coaching,They had a chance to seal the deal and went
conservative inside the Packs 10 yard line for a fg to go up 6...2 runs
and a pass..Titus Young was sent home from the Lions’ practice facility
Monday and coach Jim
Schwartz said he will not play in Thursday’s game against
the Texans as punishment for repeated selfish behavior that culminated
in Sunday’s 24-20 loss to the Packers... I gotta Chuckle at this as
Young is their most reliable receiver this year....Megahead is a
bust...Scott Lineham should be the one banished for this game as His
Lame ass Play calling lost the GB game....Lions are a mess.

Houston: I think This team Under Achieves, yes they are 9-1 but not
dominating some games,They will probably piddle around in this game
also, Houston's defense with Wade Phillips calling the shots vs Scott
Lineham..Should be a early Knockout but Detroit's defense with Gunther
Cunningham will play tough.

The Matchups:

Scott Lineham vs Wade Phillips....This is a Mismatch, Lineham doesn't have a clue and Phillips is top Tier.
Dennison vs Gunther Cunningham...I'm not a big Rick Dennison fan, He
was a buddy hire by former teammate Head Coach Kubiac,Dennison was a
former Linebacker for Denver..jeez....Anyway Gunther is top Tier and
... [More]

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Posting these alittle early for some discussion so feel free to spout off,These are Certainly Subject to be changed by game day,as I can be a flip flopper 3 days from now.

WYOMING+7(3 UNITS)Wyoming is first in the Mountain West with 31 turnovers.  They also lead the Mountain West in fumbles forced. Both of those are good for the Pokes, who need to find a way to slow down Bernard Pierce,Will Temple get winded as the game goes along? I think they may! Albuquerque, N.M., is a little more than 5,000 feet above sea level.... Philly is approximately 445 feet above sea level,Laramie Wyoming, elevation above sea level is about 7165 feet.... (WYO COACH)"I think our guys will be able to perform better because it is lower than Laramie and we train there the whole time" huff huff...puff puff for the Owls...Advantage Cowboys...Cowboy quarterback Brett Smith. With 2495 passing yards and 18 touchdowns, he will be truly be the best quarterback on the field.. Cowboys will have alot More Fans at this game being a 12 hour drive away...Temple has a Rookie coach and The Cowboys have a veteran coach, Cowboys won this bowl SU 2 years ago as a 12' point dog...I'm really surprised Temple is this big of a fav, Cowboys pass the ball very well and also run it well, Temple is suspect in pass defense and I can see this game going back and forth as Temple will run the football well,With the layoff longer f... [More]

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MIAMI/MARYLAND...What ya need to know!

YTD 7-4(+5.5 Units)

Miami+4(4 units)I'll tell ya, I feel VERY Comfortable taking Miami tonite...Miami QB Stephen Morris Beat Maryland last year and it is no drop off at QB but is a bonus,He also runs the 40 @ 4.6, There’s a lot to like with Morris. He has a cannon for an arm and is pretty dam accurate on both deep and short routes.He has the speed to make plays with his feet,With a sloppy rain game this will come in handy, also Miami's tailback duo of Lamar Miller and Mike James call themselves Smash and Dash for good reason,James runs the 40 at 4.56, James Lost his mother last December in a car Wreck and will certainly devote this season in her Memory,Let's talk alittle about Lamar Miller,He is 6-2 210 pounds and can FLY! Something akin to Oj Simpson in Size and speed,Devin Hester -- the guy with the 100 speed rating in John Madden's video game -- his fastest at Riviera Beach Suncoast was 10.87 seconds. Miller (timed at 4.32 in the 40-yard dash as a junior) has not only run faster in the 100 meters, but Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (10.61) too.This trio in the backfield for Miami is TALENTED AND FAST! Too fast for the turtles I'm here to tell ya! Maryland has RBs Davin Meggett  and D.J. Adams and they are not special,Looking at last years scores Maryland beat chumps and lost to stable teams,Maryland will score some but not enough... Miami will win this gam... [More]


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