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Posted Friday, January 27, 2012 01:47 PM


Hey guys,
I am new to this site so if I do anything wrong please let me know.

I will playing only playing 2 games.

Iona vs. Fairfield. This seems to be a hard play for many people because the home team seems to always win and dating back to 2007, Iona has not beaten Fairfield yet. For many people, this is a sure bet for Fairfield. Iona's record is 15-5 vs Fairfield 10-9 and if you look at all the stats Iona vs. Fairfield, Iona seems to be the better team. Overall, Iona averages 84 points a game and Fairfield averages 65. Iona being one of the top point leaders in NCAA, I cannot see Fairfield beating them.

Dartmouth vs Brown. Looking at these two records, everyone would surely know they are both a horrible team. But if you look closer, you would see that Dartmouth has yet to win a game away, 0-8, while Brown is 5-5 home. Dating back to 2007, Dartmouth has only won twice while Brown has taken the rest. Also if you take a closer look at how much points Brown has won by, it is more than 6 in most of their games.

I will be playing Parlay with these two games. There seems to be more games tomorrow so I am holding off.

If you disagree please let me know why you think so.


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