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Posted Sunday, October 25, 2009 01:16 AM

UFC screw job

UFC 104 was a night of surprises for me.

For one, I actually did well with my picks going 4-for-5 after feeling like a Madden curse for MMA fighters the last couple events.

Second, Maurico Rua surprised me with the way he controlled the pace of the bout and had Lyoto Machida on the defense all night.

But the biggest surprise came when ring announcer Bruce Buffer announced Machida was the winner by unanimous decision after taking a beating for five rounds. Sure, I'm happy I cashed my ticket and that my column on Machida winning the light heavyweight title fight wasn't thrown in my face.

But Shogun Rua was screwed.

I know it. You know it. Rua knows it. Even Machida knows it.

Joe Rogan nearly bit through his tongue he was holding it so hard in the post-fight interviews. The judges did such a bad job of scoring the fight – if they really did score it – they make Golden Boy Promotions panel look good. Fight fans haven't seen a screw job this raw since Vince McMahon pulled the plug on Brett Hart back in '97. The fight was fake but the outcome was very, very real.

It makes you think that maybe Dana White and his big-money buddies had some heavy action on "The Dragon" at -500. The claws of Las Vegas can stretch as far as Los Angeles.

But whether Saturday night's decision was an honest mistake or call made from up on top, this controversial finish would hopefully spawn a rematch. However, with the UFC's recent push for... [More]

Posted Saturday, October 03, 2009 05:45 PM

KU killing its title hopes

Heading into the 2009-10 NCAA basketball schedule, the only team that will stand in the way of the Kansas Jayhawks and another national title are – the Kansas Jayhawks.

And that's just what KU is doing.

On top of their recent spats with the football team, the latest news coming out of Lawrence is that Jayhawks junior guard Brady Morningstar was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated early Saturday morning.

Now, the tiffs with the football players were frowned upon by every college hoops expert. But as a college hoops betting expert, I love the fact that the ballers are the big men on campus. That's the swagger a championship team should carry into the season. But when does it become too much?

This latest black eye for the program comes on the heels of news that police are investigating the turf war between the basketball and football teams. Whether or not the school takes action or suspends players will remain to be seen.

However, this turbulent offseason is already putting Rock Chalk behind in a season that hasn't started yet. A season that the program should have a major head start in with a roster full of returning talent.

Head coach Bill Self won Coach of the Year last season with a handful of experience and a lot of young players. But if Self coaches (and bails out) this group of troublemakers to the Final Four, he should pick up a second straight COY nod.

... [More]

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