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Posted Saturday, June 27, 2009 12:31 PM

Which draft pick will be the biggest star?

The NBA and NHL Drafts went down this week, reloading each league with a flood of young talent.

Oklahoma Sooners stud Blake Griffin was first overall in the NBA Draft, finding a new home with the Los Angeles Clippers after sweeping the Player of the Year honors in the NCAA.

In the NHL, London Knights star John Taveras was selected as the top dog by the New York Islanders after leading the OHL in scoring and setting the league’s all-time goal record with 213 career goals.

Both athletes are phenomenal talents headed to franchises in need of total overhauls. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but it can also spell doom for a top prospect. The weight of a waning team can be too much to handle in the first few years.

So with that in mind, which No. 1 pick will have the biggest impact on their teams’ future?

Posted Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:40 AM

Jennings hurting stock with trash talk?

As a college basketball head, I honestly haven’t seen much of Brandon Jennings and Ricky Rubio outside of high school play and the Olympics. With both players staring overseas, there are some questions to how they will perform at the pro level.

I was sniffing through ESPN this morning and read Jennings comments on his fellow point guard prospect. The Lottomatica Roma PG hyped himself to reporters during the NBA pre-draft camps like he was promoting a heavyweight title fight and bashed the baby-faced Rubio.

“I think the dude is just all hype. I can't even front. I'm just going to be real with you guys,” Jennings told reporters.

Jennings followed up keeping it real with another gem, stating that Rubio couldn’t hang with him or the rest of the top point guard prospects in this year’s draft. Jennings used Rubio’s stats against him in their head-to-head meeting last year as evidence - very thin evidence.

Someone get this kid a breath mint. I haven't seen this much crap come out of someone's mouth since my buddy ambushed me with Two Girls, One Cup.

Bashing another player just weeks from the draft is a total douche move and it could completely backfire on Jennings. Obviously, he’s a little jealous that Rubio is projected to go as high as second to the Memphis Grizzlies, and somehow believes berating the Spanish wonder kid will improve his draft stock.

Jennings stock was already on the decline before his statements. After shocking the college... [More]

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