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Brock Lesnar and other great moments in Bad Guy history

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Posted Monday, July 05, 2010 01:09 PM   13 comments
Say hello to the bad guy!

With his brash antics and quick trip to the top of the MMA world, Brock Lesnar is the most hated man in the sport.

But even MMA purist can’t deny Lesnar’s infinite talent level after he battled back from a first-round beating to submit Shane Carwin in the second round at UFC 116 Saturday night. Saturday’s card featured not only Lesnar’s victory but Chris Leben, another one of MMA’s bad guys, and his win over Yoshihiro Akiyama.

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There is something about bad boys - women want them and guys want to be them. Here are some other great moments in bad guy history, when – for once – the good guys didn’t win:

The Empire Strikes Back

The title says it all. The second Star Wars film tipped its cap to the evil Empire, which put the boots to the rebel forces including freezing Han Solo in carbonite and chopping off Luke’s hand. Sure, Darth Vader and the Emperor eventually got their comeuppance, but fans were left with their jaws in their popcorn with the score tied 1-1 heading into Return of the Jedi.

Duke National Championship

How the hell did this happen? The Blue Devils were gift wrapped a No. 1 seed and took an easy draw in the NCAA, avoiding another elite program thanks to the insane amount of upsets throughout March. Too make matters even worse, Duke battled underdog sweetheart Butler in the title game, snubbing college basketball of one of its greatest potential stories in the history of the tournament. F-ing Duke.

Death of Superman

In the end, the brief demise of the Man of Steel was a mere publicity stunt in order to jump start the comic’s sliding sales. In 1992, DC Comics killed off their flagship character with the help of a bad-ass alien named Doomsday. The comic got weird when Superman became four new guys including some sort of SuperCyborg. But eventually they brought back Krypton’s only son after interest in the comic picked up.

McDonald’s drops the Shamrock Shake

I can remember the crackly teenage voice on the other end of the drive-thru speaker explaining the awful news that McDonald’s was no longer serving the St. Patrick’s Day inspired Shamrock Shake. It was enough to drive me to drink, which luckily was second on my to-do list that grave February 17th. The evil fast food empire was killing off part of our culture. They came around following a five-year hiatus but only rare participating franchises were serving the mint-green milkshakes.

Undertaker takes down Hogan

As a youngster, I couldn’t wait for my dad to bring home a VHS copy of the latest WWF wrestling event. We didn’t have cable and PPV was a pipe dream, so watching these matches months after they had happened was as good as being in the front row for me. It was Survivor Series 1991 and the Undertaker was fighting my hero Hulk Hogan. The dead man delivered, winning his first heavyweight title and shaking my faith in humanity. It seems I wasn’t the only kid crushed by this upset. The WWF came up with some bullshit excuse and had a rematch two days later, handing the belt back to Hogan - which I didn’t find out until months later. Could have saved myself some dark, dark days.

The Usual Suspects

He made the whole thing up? Hopefully, I didn’t just ruin one of the best who-done-its in recent years for you. Keyser Söze, the ultimate bad guy, gets the last laugh over the authorities in one of motion pictures’ memorable shockers. I love watching this movie with people who have never seen it, just to catch the expression on their face as Kevin Spacey limps down the sidewalk.

Any other great moments in bad guy history deserve a nod?
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gus1689 says:
7/5/2010 3:15:47 PM

This one is mine

Notice the first shot is with the "lip" of the chair, the very top...ouch!!! and he shakes it off

gus1689 says:
7/5/2010 3:17:04 PM

dont know if the hyperlink worked so here it is again


StraightShooter says:
7/5/2010 5:36:58 PM

The UFC is a business. The fighters that make them the most money get paid the most money.  

Sparky10191 says:
7/5/2010 5:52:51 PM

A pretty painful botch...but for him to even make it that far just shows his athleticism.

Brock Lesnar

Sparky10191 says:
7/5/2010 5:55:07 PM

How do you stage that?

Sparky10191 says:
7/5/2010 5:58:43 PM


Brock Lesnar


Bobby Lashley

Sparky10191 says:
7/5/2010 6:04:29 PM

He's one of those guys that made wrestling GREAT. I never watched MMA until he was in a match and he's the only fighter I'll take time search out a video online to watch a fight.

Sparky10191 says:
7/5/2010 6:09:49 PM

As I said...I don't follow MMA much so I had to look this guy up. I'd love to watch those 2 in a match.

But when it comes to this Roy guy or Bobby Lashley...I don't know anything about their styles so I can't really figure out how the match would go. I think it's safe to assume that Roy isn't exactly a submission machine. But I just like big looking guys. Lashley and Lesnar are former WWE guys so I follow them more than others.

Then you got this guy who is giving MMA a shot.

benhogan76 says:
7/5/2010 7:17:59 PM
I think Roy is in big trouble in that fight.  Having said that I am wrong alot.
TorontoJoey says:
7/5/2010 7:56:08 PM
Ahambone111 says:
7/5/2010 10:42:48 PM

This video doesn't even show the fact that despite nearly breaking his neck on that botch, he somehow pops RIGHT up and gives Angle an F-5.  Amazing.
ZarleyZalapski says:
7/6/2010 9:10:01 AM
Couldn't agree with you more on Duke.
MavsUCCB says:
7/7/2010 10:44:22 AM
Tuesday in Texas, great reference which sets up my greatest moment in bad guy wrestling history. Nature Boy Ric Flair winning the Royal Rumble proving to all the world that he is the REAL world champion and with a tear in his eye, that was the greatest moment in his life.
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