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My favorite all-time sports fan fights

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Posted Tuesday, September 07, 2010 03:11 PM   1 comment
College football kicked off this week, which can mean only one thing - drunken rumbles in the stands.

A keen-eyed camera man caught this brawl between Miami and Florida A&M fans (what else are you going to do at a 45-0 football game?) this weekend (removed from YouTube, jerks) and the battle in the cheap seats at the U.S. Open grabbed national headlines last week.

In honor of those fan-tastic fisticuffs, here’s a collection of my favorite fan fights in sports. Some are stay in the stands while others bleed over into the action, involving players and coaches.

Kicks just aren’t for the soccer field

This classic internet clip still makes me cringe. After getting into a war of words, the dude in the blue decides his foe should take the quick way down. Not to worry, that heavy steel gate at the bottom of the stairs cushions his fall.

Boxing in the box

Infamous NHL tough guy Tie Domi churps with this fan while spending two minutes in the box. That’s just enough time to convince the idiot he should take a swipe at the league’s welterweight champ, prompting a nose dive into the penalty box.

Big girls don’t cry

When you’re a fan of the Detroit Lions, you need some way to vent your frustrations. Like these two female fans who start shit with just about everyone in their section. The chick in the Calvin Johnson jersey actually isn’t that bad, but 1. She’s a big-mouth drunk and 2. She’s a Lions fan. You gotta love how they turn on the waterworks when the cops slap on the cuffs. Cry yourself out of this one cutie.

Note: This might be the same girl starting shit at this Detroit Red Wings game.

Malice in the Palace

This brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons cast a dark cloud over the NBA and destroyed a contending Indiana franchise. Ron Artest’s cat nap on the scorer’s table and the subsequent beer bath got fans into the mix. My favorite part is Jermaine O’Neal’s wet-banana peel punch against that fat guy on the sidelines.

Lisa on Ice

When Bart and Lisa end up on opposite hockey teams, it splits the town of Springfield in half. When the Simpsons siblings decide they should just call it a tie, angry fans turn to violence. The sad thing is, pee wee hockey in Canada isn’t too far off.

Stick and move

Scott Niedermayer tried to be a sweetie and give his stick to a little fan sitting rinkside. But what should be a special moment turns ugly when some douche tries to take the stick from her. Niedermayer can only stare and point as all hell breaks loose behind the glass.

Braveheart-style soccer riot

This is crazy…

1 vs. 20

It’s one thing to jump the wall and round the bases at the ballpark, but you’ve got to be nuts to hop onto the ice in the NHL without a jersey and a pair of skates. This guy’s eyes are bigger than his stomach when he tried to take on the entire Buffalo Sabres bench.

What are your favorite fan fights? Post the link in the comment box below.

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D_Carey says:
9/7/2010 8:24:10 PM
The said part is, if you have ever been to Detroit, you realize that the drunk skank is not only easily the classiest lady from that city, but also easily the prettiest.
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