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Hey NBA, don't ruin Christmas

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Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2011 09:30 AM   5 comments
When it comes to my favorite flavor of hoops, I’d always choose college over pro. And, with the NBA lockout threatening even more NBA games, it looks like every basketball fan will be down to one choice this winter.

However, while I prefer to watch more NCAA action than NBA, I do enjoy just how good the pro game is. Leave a guy open in the corner and it’s a sure-fire 3-pointer. Late to pick up the ball, they’re already in full stride and slicing through the paint.

I’m not missing the NBA yet, mostly because we’ve only lost preseason games so far and the original start to the season isn’t until November 1 (New start is Nov 15). But, talk about canning the season up until and past the Christmas Day games has me a little on edge.

The December 25 matchups are a holiday tradition in my family. As a kid, I can remember opening presents, eating a big breakfast, visiting family and then settling in for hours of classic Xmas Day NBA action.

I can take the loss of the first few weeks, and maybe even up to December. But for all that’s sacred, don’t take my Christmas Day games away!

Without the NBA, I’ll be forced to visit with relatives I haven’t seen in years, drink bad punch, and sit through endless stories about “How when we were kids, we got an orange for Christmas”.

And this year’s Christmas Day games are especially great: Bulls at Lakers, Celtics at Knicks, and Heat at Mavericks. They’ll all keep me parked in my La-Z-Boy from noon until 8ish, when the Bears and Packers tangle in the NFL – a league that understands the sanctity of the holiday.

So, c’mon NBA players and owners, get your shit together. No NBA on Christmas Day will be like opening up all your gifts and not getting that special one you really, really wanted.
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cocky24 says:
10/19/2011 4:33:46 PM
pro ball sucks as long as we have college we will be good
ct1016 says:
10/19/2011 9:16:47 PM

But xmas falls on a Sunday this year.

I believe there will be a Sunday night football game -- and maybe...just maybe, the NFL will move some of the Saturday games scheduled for Xmas eve to Sunday.

nc1capper says:
10/20/2011 6:53:34 AM
NBA blows ,,wouldnt bother most of us if these hotdogs were never seen or heard from again--good riddance if you ask me
YukonTrav says:
10/21/2011 1:37:58 AM
Good article. Admittedly, I f*cking despise the NBA and it's selfish style of play and bloated egos. It's just turned me off completely, these pompous fools like LeBron and the rest of these jerks. One touch and these fools fall to the ground like they've been shot. Fouls? What is that anyways, hard to tell by the consistency of the reffing. It's a wanker sport. Anyways, Im glad they are shooting themselves in the foot, and let's face it, you want a TEAM sport with stars that are humble, follow the National Hockey League.
Dustinmiller1 says:
11/4/2011 1:46:50 PM
Here is my solution. Fire the players and hold try-outs for a new nba! Todays players whine and cry about EVERYTHING! What happened to playing because you like the game. "Oh I cant live on $100 million a year, this isnt fair I want more" I'll put on a show for $500 a week so shut up play basketball and be thankful we put up with the nonsense every year!
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