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Where does Scheyer rank among Duke's greatest white guys?

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Posted Tuesday, March 30, 2010 01:28 PM   25 comments
Duke senior guard Jon Scheyer has lifted the Blue Devils back to the Final Four for the first time since 2004.

In four years at Durham, the former Illinois Mr. Basketball has put together an above-average college career that may get him into the pros. Scheyer has averaged over 14 points and almost three assists per game during the last four years, shooting over 40 percent from the 3-point arc during his career.

If he can help the Dukies capture their first national title since 2001 and put together some impressive performances in the process, Scheyer may tempt NBA teams into taking a chance on the 6-foot-5 playmaker.

While Scheyer’s basketball future is up in the air, what is certain is his place among Duke’s greatest white guys. The Blue Devils are notorious for birthing great caucasian college kids that don’t seem to grab that greatness in the NBA.

Here’s a look at Duke’s best white guys:

1. Christian Laettner

Mr. Big Shot himself. Laettner’s turn-and-chuck against Kentucky is the face of NCAA basketball. The floppy-haired forward from Angola, New York averaged 16.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game during his time at Duke, making it to the Final Four in all four years. He has two national titles, just about every major individual honor the NCAA has and was the only college player on the original Dream Team, forever putting a blemish on what could have been the greatest team ever assembled.

2.  J.J. Redick

J.J.’s numbers are more than enough to get him to second on the list. He owns pretty much every scoring record for Duke as well as the ACC and averaged just under 20 points per game for his career.  The X-factor that makes him the No. 2 white guy at Duke – hate. No player in Duke history was hated on more than J.J. He was a victim of the information age, bombarded with cell phone threats and posters featuring his mom and sister. All J.J. could do was bomb back.

3. Jon Scheyer

Believe it. Scheyer has improved every year, scoring a career-high 18.9 points per game this season, and has kept some of the worst Duke rosters afloat. Some may make the case that Scheyer doesn’t have the hardware to back a No. 3 ranking or that he’s not the best white guy on the team right now. But, the jury is still out on his play in this year’s Final Four and Kyle Singler’s performance against Baylor is enough to shut that argument up. The kid is a baller. Plus his mom is a cougar, so…

4. Danny Ferry

Before Danny Ferry was consumed with keeping LeBron in Cleveland, he was the poster boy for Duke basketball in the late 80’s. Ferry helped the Blue Devils to three Final Four appearances in his four-year college career in which he averaged more than 15 points and seven rebounds per game, earning him a Naismith Award in his senior season.

5. Bobby Hurley

Hurley was the man behind the wheel of Duke’s back-to-back national titles in 1991 and 1992. Unfortunately, he was also behind the wheel – without his seatbelt on – when his truck was struck by an impaired driver and sent the point guard crashing through the windshield with career-ending injuries in his rookie season with the Sacramento Kings. As a Dukie, Hurley was the hard-nosed floor general that scored more than 12 points and dished almost eight assists during his four-year stay in Durham. He is remains the NCAA’s all-time assist leader with 1,076 career dimes.

Honorable mention: Steve Wojciechowski, Cherokee Parks, Kyle Singler, Mike Gminski, Chris Collins, Greg Paulus, Shavlik Randolph, Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Who do you think are the greatest white guys to lace them up for Duke?
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McNuts says:
3/30/2010 2:38:30 PM
Sorry man, this list is waaaaay off and Scheyer isn't top 5.

Laettner 2 NCAA Titles
Gminski 3 Time AA, ACC POY
Danny Ferry, 2 Time AA, Naismith Award Winner
Reddick, AA, ACC POY
Hurley 2 NCAA Titles

tmpeus78 says:
3/30/2010 2:46:28 PM
What about Cherokee Parks? 

sorry I had too! 
longtermmoney says:
3/30/2010 2:49:03 PM
Greg Paulus' name should not be anywhere near that list.
DtotheP says:
3/30/2010 2:51:16 PM

"the only college player on the original Dream Team, forever putting a blemish on what could have been the greatest team ever assembled."


  So true...

J_Logan says:
3/30/2010 2:51:22 PM
The thing with Scheyer is that he plays on an OK team compared to past Duke squads. Look at the team Hurley had to lead. Frickin' Greg Paulus could have been a star on that squad.
bracks says:
3/30/2010 2:53:29 PM

Greg PaulusLMFAO

I'm sorry, but you are talking about "actually" @ Puke right?

You think Scheyer and Ferry had better careers than that Drunk from Jersey City Hurley?

sparty444 says:
3/30/2010 2:56:56 PM
Hurley was #1
jesron1269 says:
3/30/2010 3:00:39 PM
Shane Battie was half white right?  Well at least he is playing that way in the NBA.
JGalt says:
3/30/2010 3:42:58 PM






jpero says:
3/30/2010 3:44:12 PM


Him having Hurley not in the top 2 and below Scheyer is comical to say the least.
aszzzbrokerman says:
3/30/2010 3:56:32 PM
Its Laettner, Hurley, Gminski, Redick, Ferry in whatever order makes you happy. Those guys are all legends. Scheyer has been on an under-achieving team for all but 1 of his 4 years.

3/30/2010 4:07:23 PM
It should not be anywhere on the list
3/30/2010 4:25:31 PM
You realize you've lost all credability here.......not sure if you had any before, but if you did it's gone.
No_Contest says:
3/30/2010 4:51:08 PM
no Grant Hill wow!
J_Logan says:
3/30/2010 4:53:18 PM
I wanted to include Hill and Battier as a joke. Then I remembered Duke fans don't have a sense of humor.
fizzle254 says:
3/30/2010 5:18:10 PM
What a stupid stupid conversation. Scheyer sucks balls...
cardinals19 says:
3/30/2010 5:22:27 PM
Wojo should have made the top 5 .
cocky24 says:
3/30/2010 5:34:17 PM
Laettner, Hurley, Gminski, Ferry, Redick, but does it reallt matter they were all good!!!
J_Logan says:
3/30/2010 5:46:22 PM
If Scheyer goes off and Duke wins the national championship, is he more deserving of his spot on this list? Or does it matter because Duke won't beat WVU?
jesron1269 says:
3/30/2010 5:57:41 PM

The thread says... where does Scheyer rank among Duke's greatest WHITE guys.  I didn't make the thread I am just following by its constraints.
bracks says:
3/30/2010 9:56:18 PM
now you re making "IF BETS" on Scheyer winning it all?

No, they don't beat the metro'neers, but that deosnt matter,

As jerson said, its the ? you asked.

My prep school is a rival of St.Anthony's, where Hurley went, and as most in the college forum know I am a HUGE Tarheel, but .....

#5 is just wrong. AND I HATE THE GUY

and to the guy who said anyone could run that offense, please

btw- Scheyer just made it past the sweet 16. Or am I suppose to think his teams "didnt have the talent" others did to make it that far?

Getty3 says:
3/30/2010 10:25:39 PM
1st 2000 pt. scorer in Duke history.

1st team All-American 1978

4 year starter - 3 time team MVP - 3 time All ACC

17.6 ppg career

1st round pick of Phil 76ers in 1979

Who am I ? and why am I not on your list ?

J_Logan says:
3/30/2010 11:18:22 PM
I didn't want to go back that far because the entire Duke team was white back then. Hard to pick them out of a crowd.
ZarleyZalapski says:
3/31/2010 10:45:13 AM
This is certainly comical. For all you Dukie lovers remember this... every guy on this list sucks balls when compared to pretty much any UNC player. Here's our list:

1. Jordan

2. Worthy

3. Jamison

4. Ford

5. Carter

Honorable mention: Hansbrough

Slightly better although not all white.

J_Logan says:
3/31/2010 12:20:40 PM
Honorable mention Hansbrough? C'mon Zarley. The guy has to be in UNC's Top 5.
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