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Posted Friday, October 15, 2010 10:48 PM

Worst Customer service EVER!!! - 5dimes BLOWS

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Johnson'
Johnson: Hello. How may I assist you today?
5d1877816: Hi they graded one of my wagers wrong in the racebook
5d1877816: 5d1877816
5d1877816: baller11
5d1877816: I picked horse #8
5d1877816: on this ticket
5d1877816: 61437246-1
5d1877816: they had me down as picking horse #9
5d1877816: I'm 100% positive I didn't put $145 on a horse that was 23to 1
Johnson: May I have your account number and password?
5d1877816: see above
Johnson: okay one second let give the information to horses department
5d1877816: thank you
5d1877816: HELLO????????
Johnson: yes
Johnson: the information is being checked
5d1877816: I
Johnson: just one second please
5d1877816: I've made over 200 horse wagers with you guys and NEVER picked a horse to win who was favored at more than 5-1
5d1877816: they also didn't credit my 10% on this race - 61435979-1
5d1877816: its been about 20 minutes...are they still looking in to it?
Johnson: yes sir
Johnson: can you contact us within the next 20 minutes
5d1877816: I can just wait
5d1877816: I'd prefer to have this resolved sooner than later... Also, did you see my 2nd issue regarding the 10%
5d1877816: Is it ok that I wait? Did you take note of my 2nd issue too?
5d1877816: Hello? Why would I contact you within 20 minutes when i've been... [More]

Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010 01:19 PM

Why does Jerry Sloan ALWAYS get a pass?!?!?!!?!

In the wake of Mike Brown firing and the numerous firings that happen every year how does the mainstream public continually bow to 20 years and no Championship Jerry Sloan???!?!?!?!?! We continually hear about how gritty his teams are or how they overachieved. Come on. Did he or did he not have 2 of the 50 best players on his teams MANY years? 

I understand it was tough to win in the Jordan era but come on 20 years and he still gets talked about like he's superman.

If Mike Brown loses to the Celtics and 3 future hall of famers then he's decisively outcoached (which I believe he was) but Sloan loses and it's swept under the rug as his team is inferior every year. Year after year they win 45-55 and are bounced from playoffs. How many coaches are coach of the year and then on the chopping block a few years later.

If only 4 active coaches have won the championship then WTF is the point of recycling all these coaches who haven't won anything?!!!?!?!?!

Does anyone EVER hear about the Utah Jazz GM or Coach being on the hot seat?!?!?!

Posted Thursday, April 15, 2010 09:05 AM

When winning is BAD

Wizards(focus on them b/c they're my home team) and Pistons WHAT THE FUCK are you doing?!?! As most of you know the number NBA lottery "balls" that you receive are based on your record. With a loss last night the Wizards would've been tied for the 3rd worst record in the league. WIth a win they are now tied for 4th which is a SIGNIFICANT statistical drop in the chance they get a top 3 pick in the draft. As a season ticket holder I wouldn't have begrudged them for going out and getting blasted by the Pacers(disclaimer - lost 10 units on game) b/c we are rebuilding and a top 3 pick can be HUGE for a rebuilding team(Yes I know top picks aren't always the best player i.e 2001: we take Kwama Brown and 25th pick is All Star Gerald Wallace or Sam Bowie Vs Michael Jordan etc etc). The NBA is a business and putting yourself in a better position for the future seems like the logical move. I will admit that Jackson(cleveland state) who NEVER plays got the key minutes down the stretch along with other nobodys and we did allow Hibbert to score a season high 29 so maybe we had the right idea but come on Wizards TANK THE FUCKING GAME and don't even take the risk. Yes - media would've bashed them but it's happened before and no on remembers once the playoffs start. I read a great article from Bill Simmons( or someone from espn) about how to keep teams from tanking but until theres a rule why not just take advantage of the si... [More]


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