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Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 04:16 AM

Two Picks a Day

1-0 NBA on Covers

Clips v. Sac OVER 199.  Will be short at the half but the Clips deep bench will push the pace in the second half.  

Magic +4 over the Raptors.  Law of averages.  Raps playing well but may be playing a tad over their head.  Not saying they lose this one but it will be close.  Take the points.  

LA/Sac Over 2 Units
Magic +4 2 Units

Posted Monday, November 05, 2012 03:26 AM

Time to Make the Money

Getting smoked all NCAA FB Season.  NFL has been slightly better but still a losing strategy.  I have won six consecutive seasons playing NBA with a few NCAA BB games thrown in.  Last season was the best for me.  With an opening roll of $400 I ended the season with just over $25k.  

I am a Lakers fan and am very excited for this season.  I wasn't too psyched when they went winless in the pre season.  Part of me figured that getting four stars learn how to work together takes time. But the other part of me thought that there are questions in need of answering.  How much is age a factor?  Does Howard really want to be in LA?  Steve Nash can work with Kobe but can Kobe play with Nash?  Can Kobe get 10 assists a game which is quite possibly the key for the lakers to have a deep run into the post season.  I think Kobe figures it out.  His numbers will be hit or miss but if the Lakers want to win then Howard and Gasol need to get more touches.  

I placed my first bet tonight.  $25 on Lakers -8.  Easy victory.  I was not 100% which is why I didn't go strong.  Role is now $425.  Will be going bigger tomorrow in NFL. 


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