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Posted Sunday, February 10, 2013 11:21 AM   7 comments

LA Clippers +3.5
No love for the Clips today? So they were blown out in Miami.
It happens to everyone. It can happen to me it will happen to you. Miami can do that.
This Clipper team is not to be disrespected.
New York had trouble getting home due to bad weather.
That causes stress.
Stress = -2.5 points 
So already we are beating the +3.5 line.
You can book it. LA is gonna keep this one tight coming down to the final shot if they don't win out right.
I've had my eye on this one for days.
Clippers 101-96

Memphis Grizzlies -8.5
Far superior team to Minnesota. Memphis is a team I am liking to finish strong heading into the all-star break.
A real meat and potatoes team, they get it done.
Not to mention I believe they were apart of a great trade that supplies them with key role players to boost them up to being a top 4 team in the west. 
Memphis wins 97-85 I like the under here too, but sticking to the side.

Sacramento Kings +5.5
The Kings played well last night. They are team that can win on back to back nights when in good rhythm which they are.
I like the over in this game too.
I see Sacramento winning 110-107.

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KRAL says:
2/10/2013 1:10:46 PM
MrBator says:
2/10/2013 6:24:43 PM

Well done on the Clippers.    
JettKallio says:
2/10/2013 8:34:12 PM
Thanks brother
JettKallio says:
2/11/2013 12:30:54 AM
Tomorrows plays are posted. 2 NHL and 1 NBA.
Went 3-0 today 
Enjoi says:
2/11/2013 12:35:49 AM
jimmythejap says:
2/11/2013 8:24:06 AM

garretdoherty says:
2/11/2013 12:40:38 PM
Well done

Sensible writeup

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