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Posted Thursday, November 05, 2009 11:15 AM

Boise State and their strategic scheduling

I had to start a thread about this after hearing everyone tell me how unfair it will be to them if they go undefeated and don't get a shot at the national title.
Boise St. deserves NOTHING when they continue to schedule "strategically"
Does everyone understand that Boise St. has publicly come out and stated that they schedule "strategically."
This means that they schedule nothing but cupcakes every season with maybe one tough OOC game (Oregon).  It looks better for them this year because of the strength of Oregon but give me a fucking break.
The BCS rewards teams/programs that take on the biggest challenges throughout the season.  That is why Oklahoma got in last year over Texas, because they actually went out and scheduled TCU and Cincinnati OOC.
Boise St. plays in the shit of all shit conferences.  They know that 9-10 they will go undefeated and thus force the BCS to put them in one of the games.  This is absolute fucking bullshit.
If Boise wants a chance to play for the title do what BYU did, schedule Florida St. and Oklahoma OOC.  Don't give me this shit about having one tough team on your schedule and then have the right to play for footballs biggest championship.
Until they stop "strategically" scheduling I don't want to hear a fucking peep from this program.  Do you know how many teams in power conferences would run through their schedule undefeated?  In all honesty ... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 02, 2009 09:08 AM

Easiest bet on Sunday

The New York Yankees (-132)

We have Mark Buehrle on the mound, a pitcher that had retired 45 straight batters.

Reasons I will be on the Yankees:

1.  The entire COUNTRY knows how well Buehrle has pitched.

2.  The Sox hit lefties very well

3.  The Sox have dominated the Yankees for the first 3 games.

4.  Yanks bettors will not chase, as they have been burned on 3 straight games and would have to face Buehrle to win their money back.

5.  With the above said, +125 for Buehrle seems quite enticing to all Yankee 1-3 game backers.

 With all this Buehrle and the White Sox are at home around +125 or better!

Posted Saturday, July 18, 2009 09:59 AM

Johan at plus money is a gift

This is for anyone considering taking Johan Santana tomorrow on the “plus money gift.”

Does anyone know Santana’s record in 6 starts against Atlanta in his career? 


How about the Mets record in Santana’s last 4 road starts?


Does anyone know how many times Kawakami has given up more than 3 runs in a game this season?

3 times (out of 16 starts)

A follow up to the above question is…do you think the Mets can be the 4th team in 17 tries?


Pitchers that have recently shut the Mets down:

 -Joel Pinero           

-Chien-Ming Wang

-Rodrigo Lopez           

-Jamie Moyer

-Joe Blanton

-Bronson Aroyo

I will be on the Braves tomorrow.  


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