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Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:02 AM

Jimyee's 2014 NHL Playoff Thread

2013-2014 Regular season total  74-40-9

I'm going to make my picks for the series and then do my write ups for each game and include some series thoughts also.

Teams that will make it to 2nd round

Bruins, Rangers Penguins, Habs

Kings, Ducks, Hawks, (Wild)


Habs ML-I know TB has scored a lot of goals this year but with bishop out and how hot the Habs looked lately. I am taking the Habs. I feel that they can win in 5 games also. Might do a series bet on it. I feel that with the rivalry division thing happening in the playoffs we will see BOS vs MON

MON/TB Over 5-I see a lot of goals scored tonight

Pitt ML with over 5.5- I hate parlays, I can hit 2 out 3 and lose money, its sad but tonight I see a great chance to cash in. Everyone is wondering what is going with the pens but I think they will show the world tonight.

Ducks ML- Wow has the Ducks looked like dog shat the last month but they got a good opponent. I like them to make it through this round but maybe not the next.

On a side note teams like Columbus and Colorado cant do well because they don't make it to the playoffs. Everyone knows it is a different type of monster to play there and unless you know the monster you cant understand it.

I hope I'm right. BOL to everyone these next 2 months!

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