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Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2009 06:04 PM

Tuesday Picks and Rationale

Here are my picks and rationale for today!


I still think Tampa has a team that can be a playoff contender.  They have 4 big time forwards, and a solid defensive core, with a goalie that proved last year he can play.  Hopefully he plays well enough for them to win tonight!

My Pick: TB
My Pick: OVER


Edmonton is a team that will put a lot of pressure on the defence.  That is Pat Quinn's style, especially against a team with inexperienced d-men.  I expect a lot of turnovers from dallas tonight and a solid game from the Bulin Wall. 

My Pick: EDM

Posted Saturday, October 03, 2009 12:29 PM

Saturday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday went 0 for 2, darn!  Shoulda played NYR ATS, oh well, here are today's picks and rationale!

PHI @ NJ  
Philly's D and Emery looked solid last night.  "Always play a hot goalie" is the phrase, but its only been 1 game and they are playing a team that promises to be defensively sound.  NJ have a new coach and will probably be pretty boring to watch this year, but with a defensive minded coach and Martin Brodeur between the pipes little will be getting through.

My Pick: Under 5.5

Tampa Bay look a lot better this year.  Stamkos presumably will be better than last year.  He finished last year hot and looks good this year.  TB have improved their blueline and goaltending from last year.  ATL has the same ol' team, never a contender, now their starting goaltender is out and have to rely on Hedberg or Pavelec.  I'll take the dog in this one.

My Pick: TB
My Pick: Over

Posted Friday, October 02, 2009 06:33 PM

Friday Picks and Rationale

Went 2-1 Yesterday, missed my combo thanks to the Sharks.  Wow they looked bad! hah

Today's Picks

This pick comes down to scoring and goaltending.  Philly has the edge in scoring prowess, however Ward has the edge over Emery in my opinion.  However, Ward, in October, has a GAA of 3.61 in the last 2 years.

My Pick:  Over 6.0


My Pick: NYR
Now let me explain.  I am betting on the over-emphasized "hangover" people say Pittsburgh will go through.  I don't think it will be that bad, however, what I am betting on mostly is second line and third line scoring.  Pittsburgh lost two huge shutdown defenders this year in Hal Gill, and Rob Scuderi and NYR have a lot of depth.  They may just wear down the Pittsburgh D.

Posted Thursday, October 01, 2009 12:12 PM

Oct 1 Thursday Picks and Rationale

Welcome Back all. Here's my picks and rationale for Thursday's Games!

SJ vs. COL

Colorado drastically improved their goaltending by picking up Craig Anderson.  Anderson was one of the best statistical goalies last year, unfortunately the Defence (both the players and system) in front of him is not as good as florida was last year.  Their offence is just as good as any team trying to make the playoffs, but new coaching may effect development.  Sharks are still good.  I expect Heatley, Thornton and Gooch to dominate. 

My Pick:  Sharks


This one is the game of the night.  Both teams are coming off disappointing seasons as good they were.  Both teams were contenders for the cup, but neither made the final.  OV feels he has more to prove and when the Goal scoring champ has something to prove, watch out.  I don't think Boston's situation is as dire.  They'll play systematic, but with much less heart. 

My Pick: WSH +1.5


The leafs are my team so I suggest you stay away from my advice for this one :) I do believe the Leafs will be a tough team to play but that may not result in Dubyas.  Toskala needs to play well in order for the leafs to do well and I was less than impressed in the exhibition games.  I expect a lot of close games by the leafs simply because teams will be happy with a goal o... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:25 PM

Thursdays Picks and Rationale

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After a Busy life the past month of so, I am back to make some predictions with rationale.  Let me know what you think!

CAR-NYI - Carolina gets a lot of shots on goal against bad teams, however Joey Macdonald has played well his last two starts and is expected to get the start tonight.  The isles are 7-2 on 0 days rest this year and the ‘Canes are 13-19 on 1 days rest.  A lot of the stats point to Isles taking this one, but with all the injuries play will be sloppy with pucks bouncing everywhere.


MY PICK: Isles +1.5: Over


NJ-TB – Looks like Ramo will get another start. How this guy is still in the pro’s amazes me.  Expect a butt-kicking from New Jersey who got shut out last game and will not be holding back tonight.



Posted Thursday, January 15, 2009 03:34 PM

Thursdays Picks and Rationale

Last Time I placed any games on here i went 0-2, had to take a break and refocus.   Here's the plays of the Day for me!

BOS-NYI:  This is one game that no one can really make a case to bet on NYI.  Not playing well, and Goaltending has been atrocious, not to mention they are the worst team in the NHL.  Boston is the exact opposite.  Playing well, Goaltending has been top notch, and arguably the best team in the league. 

My Pick: BOS-PL (-1.5) + OVER

MON-NSH: Neither team has impressed of late.  Montreal is rattled by injuries right now to key players (Koivi, Price, Kovalev, Tanguay).  Montreal is 8-14 ATS on one days rest and without their offense they may not show up tonight.  Nashville is 6-1 vs the eastern conference in their last 8 and Pekke Rine is coming off a shut-out (easy one but still).  This one may be boring, but close.

My Pick: NSH-PL (+1.5) + Under

Thats it, Thats all...Hopefully I can get back onto the winning side. 
Have a Gooder and Happy Betting

Posted Monday, January 12, 2009 04:15 PM

Monday's Picks and Rationale

Yesterday's Record: 1-0 ...Go Chicago!

Today's Picks:
DET-DAL: Conklin's got 2 shutouts is his last four games and is playing well.  Dallas is coming off a tough loss to Phoenix as Turco nabbed the Shut out Shoot Out Loss.  Can't feel good.  Detroit is rolling right now as their tansition game is getting more fierce everyday.  From D to F their game is tight.  Dallas is back home after a four game road trip.  Its going to feel good to be home, too good.  May get lazy and sloppy.

My Pick: Det

TB-LA:  Covers is once again claiming another team is playing well...Tampa Bay.  They're not!  Martin St. Louis is playing better.  But he can't carry his team.  TB beat Anaheim just a few nights ago, despite being rediculously outplayed and outshot (32-19)  Hiller was very Giguere-esque and let in 4 goals on 19 shots!  Thats why they won.  LA's Jonathan Quick started sharp but has been average of late.  There are just too many if's and maybe's to sort out a winner here.  But one thing is guaranteed...Lots of goals...

My Pick: Over

Posted Sunday, January 11, 2009 12:05 PM

Sunday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday's Record: 2-2.  My call of the week had to be the Dallas-Phoenix game last night.  May not play well enough to win, but could sneak away with a point.  Bingo Bango Dead on!

Today's Picks:
Cover's claims Nashville has found their scoring touch...really?  9 goals in two games is pretty good I guess, but 2 of those were empty netters.  Which means they are playing well enough to win, but not playing great.  Before those two games they couldn't find the twine more than twice a game!  In a Home and Home series, its almost always the case where you would pick the loser of the first game to win the second (there are some exceptions (DET-CHI - Winter Classic).  This is th case here.  Expect Quenville to be ready.

My Pick: CHI


Have a Good'er and Happy Betting!

Posted Saturday, January 10, 2009 03:47 PM

Saturday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday I went 1-1.  I lost my coin toss.  Marleau came through with a huge game for the Sharks. Good on him!  Mason is back to his shut outs!  Woot woot! GOOOO UNDER!!!!

Today's Picks:
MIN-CLB: The O/U in Columbus is 8-0 in their last 8 games.  Mason worked to a shutout yesterday against a studded team in Washington on the road.  Now at home, against a marginal offense things could get interesting.  However, playing two games back to back Mason could be tired after getting shelled yesterday.  Also Nash is missing from the BJ's lineup to make the UNDER even more favorable.

My Pick: Under

TOR-PHI: As a rule, I never bet on leafs games.  So I won't, but that doesn't mean I can't give my insight.  Everyone has been surprised at the Leafs two weeks ago being about .500.  But as expected have returned to that immature style of play (selfish, quitting, spazzy) we all know and hate as leaf fans.  No matter who is in net they game is sure to be high scoring.  Kaberle has hinted he wants out of TO so that is not very reassuring to a growing club.  Cliff Fletcher said things would get worse before they got better.  Well this is the former. 

My Pick: PHI, OVER

DAL-PHX: Phoenix has a tendency to play much better under their own roof than on the road; much more than most other teams in the league considering the coyotes are not a very good team.  Dallas is ending a... [More]

Posted Friday, January 09, 2009 02:14 PM

Friday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday I went 1-2 because I am the meat-head who bet on Chicago.  My bad.  Oh well, Another Day, another Dollar ;-). 

Todays Picks:
CLB-WAS:  Washington is playing well in front of their own crowd (18-1-0-1).  I would expect this trend to continue for a while since they have not been slumping or letting up and their defence is playing well.  Both Goalies are playing exceptionally of late...Expect a close low scoring game.

My Pick: Under

SJ-EDM:  San Jose has been playing streaky hockey lately and can't find leadership on the road (2-2-2-1) (2-5 SU).  Then again, the same can be said for Edmonton.  I think this one is a coin flip, but I'll put my money on the team giving me "bettor" odds.

My Pick: EDM 4-3

Thats it thats all...woot woot...

Have a Good'er and Happy Betting

Posted Thursday, January 08, 2009 05:32 PM

Thursday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday I went 1-1.  The inconsistent Canadiens are my demise...i do not think I can bet on/against them anymore haha.  Great Game by Vancouver, Ohlund gets in a fight, Sundin's debut sparked the young guns, rather than the Swede's, but it all works out.

Today's Picks:
BOS-OTT: Boston's offence is not playing as well as they have in the past but are still a force; a force the likes of Auld and the Ottawa "D" cannot handle.  This is 1 line (OTT) vs. 3 (BOS).

My Pick: Bos

CAR-FLA: Paul Maurice seems to have inspired Eric Staal (FINALLY <--- POOLIE!).  Carolina is 9-4-3 since his presence on the bench.  Altough most of those wins are aginst sub par teams, they are still playing well and WINNING.  They are confident now.  FLA, not so much.

My Pick: CAR

CHI-COL:  pressure, Pressure, PRESSURE!  Chicago just keeps bringing it.  They've scored 15 goals in their last 3 games.  Colorado has scored 3 in their last 3.  I think this is one only a meat-head would not bet on. 

My Pick: CHI

Pretty Simple today.  Nothing crazy!

Have a Good'er, Happy Betting!

Posted Wednesday, January 07, 2009 01:46 PM

Wednesday Picks and Rationale

Yesterday I was 2-2 (CLB and OTT losing...CLB had a good game, lost in the 3rd...)  I was right about that being a game that is tougher than it looks on paper, and my Philly-Was analysis was spot on as well...woot woot :-)

Lundqvist vs. Halak...gotta take Lundqvist (ESPECIALLY coming off a shut out).  Rangers played well against Pittsburgh, and also leave after this game for a long road trip, They need the "W."

My Pick: Rangers

Obviously Sundin adds something to the locker room.  Whether he'll manage to do much on the ice is yet to be determined but is a point a game player when in shape.  But let's not forget the effect he'll have on other Swedes (Sedin's and Ohlund). Labarbara is HOT, Ride that...

Have a Good'er  Happy Betting. ... [More]


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