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Posted Tuesday, February 02, 2010 06:47 PM

2 for Tuesday NBA/NCAA parlays 2/2

Spent a good chunk of time at work today capping these, including an entire hour on DET/NJ. ( I know and yes I wanna go slam my head into a wall because of it)

Early in the day was wavering back and forth on DET then it went to NJ and then I just got frustrated. Also there's a crucial must hit game in here as well          (K State loss = both parlays miss). Let's get to it 2 parlays both 3 teamers tryin to get a bankroll together...

Parlay 1

Atlanta +2 - Buying the hook and tailing IMO a very solid Hawks team that doesn't play the best on the road but unless Durant finds a phone booth around the court I don't see OKC being able to beat the Hawks tonight. Even money being placed on both teams and give me the ATL starting 5 against Durant/Westbrook.

(NHL) Vancouver ML -150  Inititially this was Mich St/Wiscy over 125 play but I got scurred. Canucks won their last 7 Montreal lost their last 3, hoping the Vancouver win streak continues and at a decent price

K State ML - Here's the kicker, for both parlays too this one loses and it's back to the drawing board. Wildcats have looked amazing against Texas, really solid and hungry against Kansas and please please don't throw up a duck against Nebraska. I understand you guys haven't beat em on their court since the 90's but that should just be more firepower for you. Get hyped and get this win.

Parlay 2

Detroit/New Jersey ... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 14, 2010 04:56 AM

Early look at some Aussie Open futures

First of all I'm gonna start by saying that I don't see any value in betting the aging and somewhat aching Federer at 2-1. 3 years ago at Wimbledon okay yeah but not now. That said let's move on to the other heavyweights starting with Rafael Nadal at a generous 4-1.


Rafael Nadal 4-1. I gotta be honest I'm surprised to see Rafal only at 4-1, but no complaints here. You gotta think this guy is going to be ready to impress coming off the losses to Soderling and Del Potro. In fact every year at the Aussie he goes one round further than the year before. In that case I guess there's a super-ultimate-champion final this year because I didn't think you could do better than winning the tournament, which is what Rafal did last year. Traditional wisdom assures us that he should be around for at least the Semi's. At 4-1 it's not a huge return on your money but if you want a horse that's gonna be in the race late in the procedings then Nadal's your guy. Just be careful if he runs into Lleyton. Joking, kind of. Believe it or not but Lleyton Hewitt is 2-0 vs. Nadal in the Kangeroo classic.

As much as I'd like to have Delpo I just can't take him at 4-1. He's a great talent no doubt about it but 4-1 isn't a big enough price for me.

That brings us to the lower echelon of the heavyweights. A couple 5-1's with Murray and Djokovic and then Davydenko is 8-1. I've heard a lot lately about Nikolay being on top of his game, and undoub... [More]

Posted Monday, June 30, 2008 07:51 AM

Wimbledon plays for Monday

You can find the writeups under my post in the Tennis forum, here are my Monday plays

Verdasco +150 for 1 unit

Hewitt +900 for .2 units (SHOT IN THE DARK)

Safin -125 for 2 units

Gasquet +110 for 1 unit

Mattek +550 for 1 unit (UPSET SPECIAL)


Good luck to any and all who tail, right now Nando is dominating early up a set so looks like we're off to a good start. Depending on some things I might pick up Baghdatis later this morning, lot of chalk though.




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