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ESPN's Linda Cohn, Boob Job?

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Posted Friday, June 19, 2009 12:17 AM   38 comments
Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest:

I think that ESPN's Linda Cohn has surgically enhanced her mammary glands.

I know, I know. I should be more interested in Wendi Nix, Erin Andrews, Molly Querim, or the very intelligible (and hot) NASCAR news anchors.

However, Linda isn't exactly fugly, and she has this honest spunk and pizazz that nearly every female sports reporter lacks.

Boob job or not, I wouldn't kick Linda Cohn out of bed for eating crackers...cookies...salad with Italian dressing...even baby back ribs drenched in barbecue sauce. 
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dennishopson says:
06/19/09 12:44AM
Is she about 64 years old now ?
dennishopson says:
06/19/09 12:46AM
She wasn't bad looking when ESPN first came out about 25 yrs ago. I know that I'm exaggerrating.......
lakers34kb says:
06/19/09 01:27AM
gus1689 says:
06/19/09 02:48AM
I'd hit it
masjes says:
06/19/09 07:42AM
Same here.......I have been wondering what was different about her lately...I beleive ur right.

I'd hit it

nc1capper says:
06/19/09 08:26AM
is this post a for sure sign we are in gamblings "off season" - stay focused fellas
mightiestmojo says:
06/19/09 08:56AM
Nc Definitely the off season.
JohnKreese says:
06/19/09 09:20AM
Classic sign behind Corso and Herbstreit on College Gameday read-


sergio1994 says:
06/19/09 10:11AM
since her divorce, she's stepped up her game. looks like this cougar is on the prowl...
TheGoldenGoose says:
06/19/09 11:37AM

Linda Cohn has that scary horse face look
MaineRoad says:
06/19/09 12:30PM
I was just thinking she was looking larger.  A pal of mine used to hit that.  He's dead now, though I don't think there's any connection.
PocketJacks says:
06/19/09 12:42PM

I shouldn't, but......
BostonKen says:
06/19/09 02:22PM
I think it's the bra, not a " job." I seriously think she is stuffing her bra.
EricLinny says:
06/19/09 08:20PM

yeah no shit...what a fail of a thread
SecondAgain says:
06/19/09 08:41PM
Paging The Giant
umgmu says:
06/20/09 09:09AM
she a late 40's divorcee
Lippsman says:
06/20/09 03:58PM
And didn't she just squeeze one out a couple of years ago.
06/20/09 04:07PM
I think she's gross.  I think she may have surgically enhanced her crotch as well
i-fuck-on-the-f says:
06/20/09 04:13PM

She has been wearing these skimpy little mini skirts lately..


That is a sign of rising confidence, which could coincide with breast implants.


I will keep an eye out, and report back my findings. 
LaDaddy says:
06/20/09 04:34PM

LaDaddy says:
06/20/09 04:36PM
........Wendi Nix is banging...she has the sexiest feet
webba says:
06/20/09 10:33PM
Her smile is way too gummy for my liking
ZiggyDawg says:
06/21/09 07:43AM
She looks pretty good when she wears the fuck me boots and short skirts. I'd pound her pooper.
06/21/09 09:31PM
tatter sergery
pat_d says:
06/22/09 02:26PM
still would not get with her, too old
dl36 says:
06/22/09 02:37PM
Linda Cohn (born November 10, 1959)


So she turns 50 this year...  With that said, I really like Linda Cohn for her personality...  any woman wanting to look nicer is not a bad thing IMO...


She has history playing Hockey and I think has a passion and tougness that only an athlete would have...


I believed that she played goalie, which is interesting because in my mind a women that play goalie (soccer, lacross, hockey) or a catcher (softball) are usually some of the least attractive on the team, but at the same time have potential to be great in the sack...


just the nature of playing a position that you stand there getting shot at...  Or a "pitcher/catcher" mentality in sex... and not just the ability, but the willingnessand the actual wanting to take it... 


Hugh_Jorgan says:
06/22/09 03:34PM
"just the nature of playing a position that you stand there getting shot at...  Or a "pitcher/catcher" mentality in sex... and not just the ability, but the willingnessand the actual wanting to take it..."


So what you're saying is that she likes bukakke?


dl36 says:
06/22/09 05:58PM
bukake, bottles, anal, DP, what ever...


The goalie/catcher might be less to complain in the middle of a good rhythm that "it hurts"

mikeyp1 says:
06/22/09 09:16PM
I think she was recently divorced, so she's probably trying to go after of the real studs of ESPN, like Chris Berman, Hank Goldberg or One-eyed Stu.
debcarson says:
07/28/13 09:28AM
I don't think Linda had a boob job. If you look at pics through the years it appears that Linda had gained some weight. I still think she looks great and is the norm unfortunately as a woman gets older but with the added weight usually your boobs will get a bit bigger. Some of us more than others. LOL When I first started watching Sportscenter Linda would wear much shorter skirts which she cannot do anymore. I hope I look as good when I am her age.
slikstiks99 says:
07/28/13 09:37AM

How would you even know this Rex Ryan?

TheGoldenGoose says:
07/28/13 09:42AM

Why would you dig this back up?

Let "Sleeping Dogs" lie. 
nc1capper says:
07/28/13 11:50AM
hadnt noticed , will ask the little guy what he thinks 
mr_bollox says:
07/28/13 05:19PM
would be great to talk about sport after sex rather than the usual feminine "pleasantries"
jackjaffee says:
07/29/13 12:57AM
It is always entertaining to see who has been banned over the years when these old posts do get dug up again. 
TheHawks says:
07/29/13 09:33AM
I believe she wrote a book a few years ago, where she heard she had a nickname of Linda "Cones".......
HutchEmAll says:
07/29/13 10:12AM
Separated at birth with John Elway.  Still think her body rocks for her age, but those teeth.  
InvestIdontChase says:
07/29/13 10:52AM
Yes..she may have
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