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Posted Saturday, February 18, 2012 01:35 PM

Picks 18-2 (new poster)

Hi, I´m Kokotrolo, from Spain. Been following cover for a few weeks now and just decided to join and post my picks. Hope they are of some help, even if I´m more of a gambler than a capper. 
I play all my bets one unit, but I normally do some trading while watching the game and may put another bet if I really like what I see or play O/U if I see a good spots, but I´ll keep all that out of my stats. 
Talking about that sorry about not having my stats for the season but one of the reasons for postings is to keep track of my bets. 
Overall I had a rough start with a few bad picks and badbeats but I`m doing better lately as I`m staying away from teams like Knicks, Bucks, Magic or Atlanta and riding the veteran teams that are getting their legs back like SA, Dallas and to some degree my LA Lakers (who suck but have Bynun and Gasol). 
Today is not the best day to start but lets do it any way:
Chicago -12.5 
Like SA with the Ginobili injury I feel the Bulls are growing by missing Rose. When you see Boozer passing like Noah you know they got a good thing going. The inside presence alone of CHI will kill NJ. Normally I dont like to give 10+ points but the Nets loose the rock way too much against regular teams,so today Deng and co. will have a field day running. 
Portland -4  
I don´t like Portland. I have faded them a lot (away) this season feeling that they are a little brainless. Having said that I feel they ma... [More]


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