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Posted Monday, June 25, 2012 08:13 AM

Welcome to the other Sox Youk....

Love the trade. 

Not even meaning that I think Youk is going to turn into what he used to be.

But, all week here in Chicago the talk was that the White Sox were going to sell this year come the trade deadline.  There is still time for that to happen, but to me, making this trade means they are going for the playoff run this year.  I dont see them making a trade like this is they plan on dumping come the deadline.

Stewart stinks, and Brett doesnt do much for us.  Even with the bad numbers he has this year, Youk is a huge upgrade from Hudson and/or Morel. 

Maybe a change and a new lineup is all Youk needed.  What this could mean for the White Sox if he some how turns into what he was the last few years

I just hope this means the Sox try to stay in it this year and dont start dumping players.  Weve got two of the best young lefty starters in the league

Welcome to the South side Youk

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2012 08:10 AM

For those of you betting Heat series price now...

You just lost more money

But, on a serious note.  I don't see the strategy in taking the series now

In my opinion, I think you are much better off taking the Heat ML in game 2.

Here is why.  I see some people getting series odds at +250.  You can get Heat ML game 2 at +210 right now.  Very close odds.

Here is why it makes sense.

Unless you are crazy, if you are betting the Heat for the series, you have to be assuming they win game 2. 

I highly doubt anybody is betting the series price thinking they lose game 2 and go down 2-0.  If that's the case, you would wait til after game 2 and get probably +350 or better.

Therefore, why not just bet game 2 ML.  Therefore, if they win game 2 (which they wont ha) like you are assuming, you already win your bet and you don't have to hope for 3 more wins.

Just my two cents.  If you're taking the Heat for the series now, you are assuming they win tomorrow.  You might as well just bet that they win 1 game, instead of needing 4 wins.

Like I said, you're not making a series bet now thinking they lose game 2...cause they wont win 4 of 5, and you're wasting a bet cause you can get much better odds down 2-0.

I think the Heat have no chance, but it is a much smarter bet to bet game 2 ML instead of betting the series.  The heat have to win game 2 to have a chance in the series

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011 11:19 AM

Even if you dont like the Packers....

You have to be amazed with how good Rodgers is.

he has EVERY tool you look for in a qb. 

I admit, when they drafted him I thought it was an AWFUL pick, but he is the best QB in football already and will be for many years without injury. 

The throws this guy makes is sick.  He has no window and gets it in everytime.

18-21 3 tds today....Just another day at the office for the best QB in the league


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