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Posted Sunday, November 27, 2011 11:52 AM

LazVegaz Week 12

First post with my picks.. Don't expect a 5-0.

Bears/Raiders UNDER 41 (-110) 3u

Vikings/Falcons UNDER 44.5 (-110) 2u

Texans/Jaguars Texans -6.5 (-110) 2u

Panthers/Colts Panthers -3.5 (EVEN) 1u

Patriots/Eagles Patriots -3 (-120) 1u

Would have done more on Texans if I didn't have money tied up earlier this week. Considered putting big money on a parlay with ML favored teams, but then I remembered... this is the NFL.

Oh yea, and I have a 9 team teaser:

Bengals -3
Texans +2
Panthers +2
Falcons -4
Bears +10
Redskins +9
Patriots +2
Broncos +11
Steelers -5

I started betting on parlays and this brings back big buck chasing nostalgia, at less risk too (it seems). New to teasers though, seems like teasing O/U is a little pointless. At least at +/- 6.

Don't really care about criticism because I already bought em.

BoL to all with your picks.


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