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Posted Tuesday, February 21, 2012 02:40 PM

L E F T Y - Tues 2/21

IND 1st H -3
DET +2
MIA 1st Q -4
MIA 1st H -7.5

Indy usually comes out of the gates fast, especially against inferior teams they "should" beat. Same with Miami. They're rolling right now, especially in the 1st qtr and 1st half. And Detroit over Cleveland because I think the guard play for both teams match up well, but Detroit will have Monroe and Cleveland will have no one to stop him from posting solid big man numbers on them. Good luck people.

Staying away from Memphis / Philly game because I think thats a tossup. Gun to my head, I would lean Memphis only because Elton Brand is out and Gasol should dominate Philly inside.


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