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Posted Thursday, October 25, 2012 12:38 PM

(write up) TOO EASY LOCK OF THE CENTURY$$$$$$$$

Giants played a hell of a game last night against the Tigers agianst Verlander. Verlander had a tough outing but it was expected to happen since he hasn't had one in awhile. Pablo Sandoval was just discusting yesterday hitting 3 homers with 4 rbis out of the 8 runs scored.

Tigers were terrible last night with their week long break. They started coming together in the 9th inning last night but it was too late when they took the loss 8-3. You better believe that Tigers do not want to start this series down 2-0 going into their play at home. Also, you will never EVER see Pablo Sandoval hit 3 hrs in one game again.

Giants played great last night. Pablo had the game of his life giving the Giants the momentum they needed in the first game against the Tigers ace. Without Sandoval plaing like he didlast nightthis game would have been a hella lot closer than it turned out to be. Zito has been lights out at home in the past 15 games and he accomplished a great goal last night.

Ask yourself.... Did the Giants get to the World Series off of luck? My opinion is yes. Cards and Giants both got lucky first round of the playoffs to advance. Cards were down against Washington 6-0 through out most the game in game 5. Then they were down 7-5 going into the top of the 9th and got lucky that Storen from Washington couldn't close it out. Giants=lucky as hell! Being down 2-0 against Cincinatti and coming back and winning 3 games in a row. Why is this lucky? well, Cueto fro... [More]


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