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Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:17 PM


Madness is here....I have to work in the office tomorrow....8 hours of hitting refresh on my computer!!!


Gambler's Quote of the Day  

"I love pussy, but hittin' that ass is alot more like gambling (sometimes you win, sometimes you lose) - Louis IV

Thursday's Plays (Record 90-81-6)

Locked In:

msu spartans-1.5

********  I dislike this team but think they get a win. Major disaapointement all year.  However I'm not impressed with UCLA.  There loss to Oregon said it all.  Izzo always finds a way and this team is full of vets

utah state aggies +2.5

********  30-3 (15-1).  I don't care what fucking league you play in, 3o w's is impressive. I have them going far so a loss here will hurt me square in the dick.  Only lost to Georgetown, BYU and the Potatoes of Idaho.  I like Fred Martin and K State but this is a bad team to face.

richmond spiders +3.5

********* I'd like Vandy if they were on there crazy ass floor, but there not.  The Spider Webs have 27 wins and beat Purdue, VCU, and Temple along the way.  Vandy goes bye-bye

west virginia mountan billies -2

******** WV beat ND, UCONN and Louisville down the stretch...nuff' said.  Clemson is Clemson (they got there one win the other day).

...just my opinion...

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Posted Saturday, January 30, 2010 01:24 PM

Wife got a bonus at work....time to gamble!!!!

Gents -

My plays today are as follows:

Louisville +7  - too many points, evenly matched teams
Baylor Bears +9.5  - too many points, Baylor has played well on the road and Texas is not blowing teams away of late.  I like Dunn and Tweety
Kansas State +4.5 - Rivalry, I'll go with the home team and the points to cover shitty foul free throws at the end.

As always - shoot this bastard if you see him in your yard or trailer park for some of you.  He has been on a tear of late

Posted Sunday, December 13, 2009 08:23 AM

Louis_IV's &amp;quot;Bookie Nightmare&amp;quot; NFL Plays for Sunday

Hey Gentlemen -

Let's get Sunday rolling.....hoping to enjoy some great football today, build my bank, and play some fantasy "nerd" football playoffs.

Sounds like a perfect day.  I'll be watching my little 6 month year old while the wife makes pierogies (kraut and potato) with the family. POLISH PRIDE BABY!!!

So take off you flip flops and throw on your dancing shoes and lets see if we can dance up to cash at that ticket window ( me and you)

My plays:

Packers UNDER 41 1.5 units
JAGS -3 3 units

Bills -1 1.5 units
Pats UNDER 44 1.5 units
Raiders OVER 37.5 1.5 units

Cowboys -3 2.5 units

Broncos +7 2 units

There has been a herd of moose sighting!!! All points bulletin....kill them moose...        

more to come....this is in so far...

Posted Saturday, July 25, 2009 11:39 AM

Louis Sweet Picks - 7/25

Today I will put my nuts on these two early birds:
Cubs -130 1.5 Units
Cueto sucks, especially in last three.  Cubs are hot.  Better pitcher, better offense.  Cheap price scares me but I'll bite.  Wind out to right 16 miles per hour. May play a factor.
TB -120 2.5 Units
Seems to be a favorite play around here.  Not loving the line movement since my wager was placed.  Toronto now favored which means someone with some major coin is on the Jays.  I like Price.  TB is playing for something.  Toronto is not.  They need this win.  Two solid offenses, TB due for some run production
Good luck billies!
No today!  More plays later.

Posted Monday, July 20, 2009 10:12 AM

Browns beat Vikes Week 1

C'mon, the Browns are only getting a FG in this one, a measly 3 points .  They are begging people to jump on Minnesota - begging.    The Browns have a new coach in Mangini, a QB contoversy (so to speak although Quinn will be in), no Winslow (he blew last year but Heiden is our next option - good blocker, great for run) an old but goody RB in Lewis, and a horrid D.   Positives - O-Line is solid and deep, Edwards in contract year, Browns are home, some new coaches that are trying to lights so fires under peoples asses instead of being bests buds like "Romeo, Romer, where are thou Romeo" Crennel. Nice guys finish last!   This vs. a solid Viking team with Adrian Peterson, potential Favre at QB, playoff caliber teamwork, upgrade at WR in draft, just a way better team overall on and off paper   Bad  - Maybe no Kevin and Pat Williams, Tavarius a ? mark if in there   Still think this line should be much higher (+6 or +6.5) and believe that Vegas thinks the Vikes will lose.  The Browns blew last year and showed no signs of improvement toward the end of the year, were a joke.  The Vikes are too good to just be laying three, don't care if its a road game.  The Vikes are a playoff team and Peterson could run for 200 here.  Is the Browns D capable of stopping a back like this for a game....no way.   So, I'll be on the Browns and the points come 9/13.  Maybe the Browns win, maybe they los... [More]


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