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Posted Tuesday, May 01, 2012 04:26 PM

Anyone know anthing about this

Just curious if anyone knows anything about this sportsbook.   They sent me an email stating that you get a free $25 straight wager bet on any deposit,  $50 minimum.  I have never heard of them but was thinking about giving them a shot, just for another sportsbook but wanted to ask my fellow covers' brothers and sisters their opinion.  Thanks in advance.

Posted Wednesday, May 25, 2011 07:21 PM


Doesn't it seem alittle strange to anyone other than me about this whole mess?  I mean our "good ol free loving government"   yeah what a joke!  They are only legal thieves and pathetic people.   Anyways,   doesn't it seem alot strange that the government only seized aa very few websites?  I mean if everything that all the supporters of beted and paid sponsors blame game conspirators to blame everything on the governent,  why wouldn't they seize it all?  I mean there are alot of bigger and smaller fish they could fry if they wanted to do that.  Just doesn't add up to me.  I mean i am in no way, shape, or form supporting our pathetic, corrupt and lying ass government.  But just think about it, if these assholes were totally for blame, then they wouldn't have been happy about just the little bit they did,   they would have taken the whole damned thing down!  I mean, i have read all sportsbooks with .com websites but that isn't true!  I hate it for all of you that lost money in these businesses.  But there is a whole helluva lot more going on with this than meets the eyes or that anyone is telling.  Agree or disagree,  that is your right,   but none of this makes any sense to me, just a select few.  More needs to go into supporting and endorsing books than just the $ signs.  If this isn't real hard proof, then i don't know what it is!  I realize t... [More]

Posted Saturday, March 20, 2010 11:53 AM

What's everyone's thoughts so far

It's been a wild ride so far and things are about to heat up some more!  It's been a great tournament so far.  Here are my thoughts for today.


I like the following to take care of business:

Villanova,  yeah i know they looked rather rough the last time out but they are still a good team,   undeserving of their number 2 seed but nevertheless worthy of some credit.

Butler to end the dreams of Murray State

Ohio to keep it close against Tennessee but lose in the end.

Northern Iowa to make everyone proud but fall to the best team in the tournament by 8 or more.

Baylor to move on against ODU

Washington to oust a favorite in New Mexico and Steve Alford.

K State to send BYU back to Utah.

Kentucky will annihilate the Deamon Deacs to move on


there are my thoughts about today.

Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2010 06:54 PM

Flavor of the day

Here are the MACSTER'S flavors of the day:


First off i just post my picks, no writeups and stuff,   take them or leave them, totally up to you. 


I like the Hawks to dominate the Raptors,  The Raptors are just terrible nowadays.

i like Oklahoma City to trounce the hopeless Bobcats without Gerald Wallace.  i saw someone talking about how Gerald Wallace was the only All Star for this team and that if you ask anyone, that Stephen Jackson was the true superstar of this team,     Hello?   Did you watch last night?   They are pitiful without Gerald Wallace.  The Pacers?  They suck and beat the Billybob cats last night.


i love the resurgent Spurs to at least cover against the Magic and very possibly might beat the hell out of them.


i like the Bucs to continue their winning ways against the already clipped Clippers.




for the ncaa  i like Weber State to cover against Cincinatti

Middle Tennessee +9

Pacific to roll over the marymount


well that is enough for the day.  Good luck to everyone and break the books.

Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2010 06:20 PM

Washington Huskies Peaking at Perfect time

Well i know alot of people are going to call me crazy but i really think the Huskies are going to go pretty deep here in the tournament.  They are playing outta control and peaking at the right time of the year, the end.  Just in time for the greatest time of the year that is "March Madness"   I have the Huskies taking out one of my faves Marquette and running right over New Mexico as well.  But then reality kicks in and they take a beating against one of the most underrated teams in the tournament and that is the West Virginia Mountaineers!  Maybe it's just the madness or is it reality?   Either way i'm right here to tell you where you heard it first.

Posted Friday, December 25, 2009 12:07 PM

diamond sportsbooks sucks and Diamond Sportsbook sucks!  They send out gift cards that supposedly give you a free $25 3 team parlay on christmas games only to not honor it.  It is exactly like the betphoenix one but they actually honor it.  I argued with the so called customer service representatives and so called supervisor for about 2 hours over it.  Bonus promotions that require deposits also require a bonus code but this was a free play offer and they did not honor it and it had no code.  They say it requires a $100 deposit which is nowhere to be found, as a matter of fact there is no mention anywhere on their site about such an offer or promotion but i have the card from them but guess what?   The lowdown cheapskates won't honor it.  I am looking for a new sportsbook but obviously they don't want my business.  Stay away from these lowdown lying, cheating, dishonorable, fraudalent, pieces of crap. 

Posted Thursday, March 19, 2009 09:46 PM

anyone want a great little sportsbook???

if you do want a great, reliable, and the best customer service and bonuses in the business then go to and give them a try!  I have been with for many years now and they always make me feel welcome and help out in anyway they can!  It is like being part of a family with them!  Go ahead and give them a try, easy credit card deposits.  If you want tell them MAC1972 sent you, or if not then that is fine also.  My main goal is to let you know that they are the best sportsbook i have ever been a part of. 

Posted Monday, March 16, 2009 08:52 PM


they promise you the world and great bonuses signup and reload bonuses and nice loyalty bonuses and deliver on none of the above.


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