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Bowl Season - Dec 19 to Dec 30

Freaks  Wackos  Game-Is-Over-In-First-Quarter-Whiner-Guy 

This is our second of two bowl threads. Have already set up the Dec 31 - Jan 11 version. 

THANKS so much to Covers Nation once again for a great season. ......Be careful during bowl season - at least with our picks....We find the bowl season very difficult.....but that will not stop us from delivering HARD HITTING and sometimes MEANINGLESS analysis on every game to help you make your own decisions.

Best of luck....MEGA

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Bowl Season - Dec 31 to Jan 11

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Hello everyone.

Thanks again for a fun season. Covers Nation ......We had a great run 12/12 winning weeks and over 70% hit rate but that means squat now. Bowl season is a different animal and for us at least - it is a huge handicapping challenge. Have fun. Play safe. We find the bowls so much more difficult than the regular season so be warned. We do promise to try and deliver winners. At a minimum will provide a write-up on every game and answer and and any questions as per usual. Looking forward to the banter and best of luck. 

Will make TWO bowl threads.
1 - early bowl games to dec 30
2 - dec 31 and later (this thread)


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NCAA wk 14

Freaks  Sickos  Who-Have-They-Played?-Guy

Hello again everyone. 

Managed to pull together a 3-2 record last week to bring the YTD total over 70%. 12/12 winning weeks. THANKS to Covers Nation for the banter, discussion and feedback. Has been a memorable season BUT always remember - past record means NOTHING....NCAA football handicapping can be a cruel mistress.....Anyone can go on an epic heater from here on out so keep the faith - keep grinding - and most of all play safe ! GL


Posted Monday, November 23, 2015 10:18 AM

NCAA wk 13

Freaks  Crowd-Will-Be-Rocking-Guy  Covers Nation 

We are fresh and ready to go off the Jamaica BYE WEEK .....Ya mon.  Going to attempt to continue the streak of winning weeks from 11/11 to 12/12 but it is going to be tough.....Even tougher than that - as we PROMISED in our thread last week - this week MEGALOCKS is attempting something so BOLD  so SUCCULENT  and so impossibly possible  that it defies logic.
This week we are going to attempt to analyze every game for Covers Nation and do a write-up for all games no matter how filthy and disgusting and pointless the game may be. 

Here is the order that we plan on going with 
1. Weekday games2. SEC3. Big 104. Big 125. ACC6. P12 6. AAC7. MACtion8. MW9. CUSA10. FUNbelt
This will give you an idea of when to expect the write-up. It goes without saying that we will post write-ups for PICKS as soon as we identify a game we feel is worth taking a shot at.
THANKS to all who wished us well on our time off and left us messages in the week 12 thread and on Tw. We really appreciate it and hope to do a great job this week.
Speaking of the wk 12 thread - was off the grid and not keeping up so will read it this am - but not respond in there - will just let it die so that we can keep the week 13 stuff on the first page.
Best of luck to all. MEGA
(ya mon )... [More]

Posted Sunday, November 15, 2015 08:36 PM

NCAA wk 12

Freaks   Game-Is-Over-In-First-Quarter-Guy  Bloodbath Guy  

Hey everyone. .....3-0 week to make it 11/11 on the season....Huge THANKS to everyone that contributes and asks questions and keeps it fun. There is NO way we would spend this much time on it if it was not enjoyable. Just be kind to our souls when we start having a rough patch. .....That is all we ask.

As an appreciation to all you freaks - in week 13 our plan is to analyze EVERY game on the card .....Our staff thinks we are crazy - and in particular - cranky vet JOHN COCKTOASTIN has demanded a raise for the extra research required - but money is no object at MEGALOCKS INC. Until we start losing. Then we start firing people left right and center. In a humane fashion of course.

We do not talk about YTD record during the season because it is irrelevant. All that matters is the next week. If we make some inadvertent mistakes - or just have some bad luck - anything can happen. However - we were asked so here is the summary. No chance this win % is sustainable - but we follow the same consistent process every week so hopefully there will be limited carnage the rest of the season.

Week 1 - 3-1

Week 2 - 4-1

Week 3 - 3-2

Week 4 - 3-2

Week 5 - 3-1

Week 6 - 3-1

Week 7 - 2-1

Week 8 - 3-1

Week 9 - 2-1

Week 10 - 4-1

Week 11 - 3-0

YTD 33-12 (73%)

We are almost certain that we will go ... [More]

Posted Sunday, November 08, 2015 01:43 PM

NCAA wk 11

Freaks  Vegas Trap Guy  Bloodbath Guy  Covers Nation

On to week 11. Last week had a 4-1 slate which makes us 10/10 in winning weeks so far. Gambling gods are smiling upon us and we are grateful. Worst week so far 3-2.

Thanks a million to everyone who stops in to talk about the games. Yes - the picks are working out - but it is the analysis of all the games that we really enjoy especially when we hear how it is helping people make their own decisions.

Going to try for an EARLY TASTER  or two - Have some stuff to do today. As per usual - IF you want to get on these early tasters you need to stick around and wait for the picks mid to late afternoon. A bunch of other guys will have threads as well. There is usually a small window to get the best line BUT remember like we said last week - it is rare for the line to matter come game time.

GL to all  Play SAFE. Any week can trip you up. NCAA football betting can be a cruel mistress.


Posted Sunday, November 01, 2015 01:58 PM

NCAA week 10

Freaks  Losers  Bloodbath Guy  Playing-in-Space Guy

Hello everyone.  Already November and now the games really get interesting. Managed to scrape together a winning week making it 9/9 this year. No choice but to keep grinding. Still averaging between 4-5 picks a week and well over 20 detailed write-ups. THANKS as always to everyone stopping in and participating in the discussion. Covers Nation

Hope to grab a couple EARLY TASTERS  this afternoon when the lines come out. Have not found too many of these all year as the lines seem sharper to us when they first pop up. Will post them as soon as they are bet so you HOME GAMERS can get in on the Sunday action should you be willing and able.

GL to all this week.


Posted Sunday, October 25, 2015 01:45 PM

NCAA week 9

Freaks  Degenerates  Hostile Environment Guy

Came back from a stinky pick  on Thursday and racked stacked and packed a 3-0 Saturday . Fortunate to say that every week this year has been a winning one ....8/8....Giving out 4/5 picks a week and a ton of write-ups for Covers Nation to sink their teeth into and ravage the SUCCULENT BITS  like crazed money-hungry lunatics.

Hope to have an EARLY TASTER  or two when the lines come out this afternoon....Have some family and relaxation time planned  so may have to take the SLOPPY SECONDS after you guys get through pounding the openers.

THANKS so much to everyone for their weekly contributions, opinions and positive attitudes !! Makes it fun for everyone.


Posted Sunday, October 18, 2015 01:24 PM

NCAA week 8

Freaks  Degenerates  Crowd Will Be Rocking Guy  Perpetually Angry Guy

Moving on to Week 8 ....The season goes WAY too fast..........As you know we got off to a late start last week but still managed to put a lot of write-ups together and went 2-1 on picks making it 7/7 in winning weeks. All that matters is the picks that come next but so far so good. We like to find 4-6 per week just did not have time last week to follow our entire process.

A huge thank you to everyone who stops in and especially those who contribute thoughts, discussion and solid intel on the games. As we have said many times - we love handicapping the games and try to provide as much info as we can to help you make good wagers. We will release "plays" if we think it is a high percentage situation but will not force things if we are busy, not 100% prepared, etc....We strive for consistency so you guys know we have put significant thought into what we post on here.

GL this week to all.  Hope to have an EARLY TASTER or two this afternoon but only if the lines look joooocy.


Posted Monday, October 12, 2015 11:02 AM

NCAA wk 7

Freaks Sickos Degenerate scum  Compulsive-Liar-Guy

Hard to believe we are at week 7 already. 

Managed to pull another winning week together making it 6/6 on the year. Thanks to everyone participating in our threads making them a great resource for handicapping the week's games.   Have mercy on our pathetic souls when we dish out losing weeks. It will happen eventually but happy we are staying hot. 

Oh. And CRACK PIPE SPECIALS are 4-0Wyoming was the latest team to deliver the COLD HARD CASH. 

Best of luck to everyone this week and thanks again !!!

Finishing up a fun family long weekend.   We will get the hard core SALACIOUS  write-ups going FULL SPEED tomorrow. 


Posted Sunday, October 04, 2015 03:06 PM

NCAA wk 6

Freaks  Sickos  Told-Ya-So Guy  Crowd-Will-Be-Rocking-Guy

Another good week in the thread. Thanks so much to everyone for making it a great resource for people to read about the games and the related betting strategies.  Some good intel was provided by many contributors last week.

5/5 winning weeks. 3-0 CRACK PIPE SPECIALS....Worst week was 3-2. Been a good start but the last two Octobers have been very up and down for us so we will do our best to stay consistent.

Nothing matters except for the picks / analysis that comes next.

Best of luck to everyone this week.

Early lines are starting to come up - Will hopefully release an EARLY TASTER  or two but if the openers are as sharp as last week it may be a BARREN WASTELAND until later in the week.


Posted Sunday, September 27, 2015 02:51 PM

NCAA wk 5

Freaks  Whack-jobs  Crowd-Will-Be-Rocking-Guy Chasing-Imaginary-Units-Guy

Let's see if we can keep the ball rolling. 4/4 winning weeks but this is when we find it really tough - Do you REALLY have a handle on the teams or merely think you do? We have had some dry spells in October the last two years so thank you in advance for your understanding

Great to see so many people dominating in the forum  Even the guys off to slow starts are bound to turn it around we have seen that time and time again.

3-0 in CRACK PIPE SPECIALS so far will have to find another team under the radar - last week you heard how terrible Missouri was and now this week you will hear how crappy Northwestern is this year Gotta stay off the scent and figure out which way to zig and which way to zag in week 5. Need to grab the value before the spreads get sharper and sharper.

Waiting for early week 5 lines....As usual may get a pick or two up this afternoon for those sickos hitting refresh 1400 times per minute trying to get a handle on which way the spreads will go.

Best of luck this week to all and many thanks for your questions, contributions and positive attitude ! Hopefully another profitable week if the gambling Gods are kind.


Posted Sunday, September 20, 2015 01:18 PM

NCAA wk 4

Freaks  Sickos  They-Are-Gonna-Kill-Em Guy  Crowd-Will-Be-Rocking-Guy

Already at week 4  Man, this season goes by so fast....Really have to enjoy it while it lasts

Another winning week. Hope to keep the streak going but the football gods can turn on you at any time

Thanks so much to everyone who stops in to provide comments, discussion points, opinions and intel. Covers Nation

Ready for week 4. Just waiting for opening lines....GL this week to all ! mega



Posted Sunday, September 13, 2015 03:40 PM

NCAA wk 3

Freaks   Losers.   Imaginary Pointspread Guy  Crowd Will Be Rocking Guy  

Greetings folks. Will get this thread started with EARLY TASTERS 

First play
LSU -6.5 -120

Write up later. 

GL mega

Posted Sunday, September 06, 2015 01:41 PM

NCAA wk 2

Freaks  Whack-jobs  Pathological liars  They-Are-Gonna-Kill-Em Guy

Time to get on some early tasters. Write-ups later.


First play

LSU -3 -115

Posted Friday, August 28, 2015 11:45 AM

NCAA week 1

Freaks  Whackjobs  Pathological liars Crusty Covers Veterans  New Fresh Meat

Welcome to another season of MEGALOCKS - Where we make the impossible - possible.

Seriously - looking forward to another great season. Hoping we can find some winners - enjoy some laughs - and to be kind to our fellow posters

the partial MEGALOCKS Manifesto.....particularly for those who are new

1. Our primary focus is providing brief analysis and write-ups on as many games as possible....Will provide selections as well - but if you just want picks - there are lots of guys on here that do a great job so focus on their threads. While our success rate has always been very good you are never far away from getting humbled.

2. Given #1 above - Because we provide our research and analysis and thought process surrounding games - you can either follow it and make a bet - take it as information only - or go the opposite way of what we think if you disagree with the analysis provided. WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE HARD HITTING ANALYSIS WITH OVERUSE OF CAPITAL LETTERS AND EMOTICONS WHILE INFUSING A DASH OF HUMOR

3. Discussion always welcome !

4. We do not post lines from make-believe land. We post as soon as we wager (within reason) and will use a line from at least one reputable book. Do not see the point in posting a line nobody can get. Or worse - a line that never existed anywhere in the solar system. Minor exception - when we po... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 01, 2015 08:03 PM

Sugar Bowl


Sorry - first game of the entire season since wk 1 no write-up  on the game - running out of time ....But let's be serious - at this point it does not matter....You guys have all made up your mind.

For the record

official play

Bama -7.5

GL ......and once again Happy New Yr to all

Posted Thursday, January 01, 2015 11:22 AM

Cotton Bowl

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody  Sincere best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015.
0-1 yesterday.  6-4 bowls.
Much like yesterday when a lot of sharp guys had the GT game nailed and we #shitthebedbigtime.....We see a lot of very smart cappers going the opposite way of us again ....Read away....fade away if necessary.....GL to all ! 
Michigan St +3 -127mega line pk emsagarin pk em
1. We think there is some perceived value getting 2.5/3 points.
2. Both teams on paper played similar schedules in terms of difficulty - Mich St ranked 59....Baylor 64......Mich St lost to two teams in the 4 team playoff - Baylor lost one game and that was to a team that showed how good they are yesterday......The one thing we will note is that Mich St had problems vs excellent mobile QBs - and while Petty is good - Mich St should not have to worry too much about excellent mobility and that is a huge factor IMO.
3. Mich St has the better D; and while Baylor will move the ball no doubt about that - what about Mich St vs Baylor D? Mich St has the best offense in recent memory - excellent QB play and very good running game.
4. Baylor very good in turnover margin....but Mich St is ranked #1 do not think Mich St will be giving them anything for free. 6 int for cook all yr.
5. Baylor #124 penalty yds - You do not wanna give Mich St any free yards or takeaway big plays of your own in a game like this.
6. Mich St #1 in time of possession.....S... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 31, 2014 08:35 AM

Dec 31 Bowls

Best wishes for 2015 for all our dedicated subscribers 
Thanks for all the banter and discussion during 2014. It is much appreciated. 
So far good start to the bowls 6-3; ND burned me yesterday what an impressive showing by those guys and we were a bit worried about the unknown QB and coaching prowess of Kelly. A job well done and ND fans should be looking forward to the future with that guy at QB in my early estimation.   We still love ourselves some LSU tho can't wait to see Fournette dominate next yr.

Today ? Will have 2 leans and one #steamlockpounder

First up
Peach Bowl
Looked at this game for a while last night. On the one hand - you have the team that has scored 30+ points in EVERY game this yr - say what you want - that is impressive - AND they have a chip on their shoulder (maybe?) to prove they should have been in the 4 team playoff.....On the other hand - you have the #1 scoring D in the NCAA - not as impressive later in the yr - but they are still a force....And they go against a TCU team that has not faced a D near this caliber yet....AND the Big12 has #shitthebedbigtime so far in bowl games - which may mean squat - but it surely has to make you wonder just a bit. 
So what do we do? Well as you know with our annoying 2 page write-ups - we put down our thoughts and try to come up with something - or at the very least - help the young Sparkies out there make a decision on their picks. For our mon... [More]

Posted Monday, December 29, 2014 10:07 AM

Dec 29 - Dec 31 Bowls


Had some awesome family time  now ready to continue our bowl game domination with the overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS....FALSE CLAIMS.....LOOSE WOMEN.....GOAT PORN....and INDUSTRY LEADING RESEARCH....

Today's games will be up within a couple hours.

Hope everyone is doing well 


Posted Monday, December 22, 2014 07:52 AM

Dec 22 - Dec 24 Bowls

Freaks Good start to the bowl season on Saturday. Felt good to get things going - We might me in the minority but look forward to all of them even the crapfests  Our fav so far was watching AF get the job done again just love those guys.
up next......
Jerk the Gherkin Acura iPhone Miami Beach Bowl 
Memphis -2
A tough game to get a handle on. BYU has had to deal with a lot of injuries including two huge ones to their stud QB and RB. They did pretty well all things considered finishing 8-4 and the 4 losses all came strung together after QB got hurt and were all against decent team - utah st ucf nevada and boise. Now it may sound crazy - but we put Memphis on par with ucf - better than nevada - and probably a bit worse than utah st or boise but would still give them a game. Just hard to get a read on BYU. They have turned into a pretty good passing team right now with a suspect D. Not the BYU squad you typically see. We completed our analysis and came up with Memphis due to the following.....all factors together point toward a cover - but as always - you just never know
Probably a good time for a reminder for the young Sparkies out there. 1. Tail only if you agree with the analysis. 2. Even if you agree bet 3% of bankroll max on any one play do not bet like a crackhead on tilt. 
1. Motivation. In THEORY only - Memphis should want this one more. Huge turnaround and an unthinkable opportunity to get a 10 win season. If you told BYU before... [More]

Posted Friday, December 19, 2014 05:26 PM

Dec 20 Bowls


Grabbed some time off - always good to try and recharge the batteries

Thanks guys for another great season - not to go  and sentimental - but Covers Nation Really happy with how the season went and enjoyed the banter and analysis with you freaks, whack-jobs and degenerates.

On to the bowls....December 20.....will start this off with the Nevada game and have the rest up by tomorrow am. GL to all 


bowl season

Posted Sunday, November 30, 2014 01:29 PM

NCAA wk 15


Hope everyone enjoyed the games yesterday. Very entertaining. .....1-1 on the picks...last 3 wks 12-5 hope to finish strong.

Let's start with the Sunday EARLY TASTERS

First pick

Florida St -4

(write-up coming)

GL to all this wk....Thanks for all the comments and banter 


Posted Friday, November 28, 2014 10:01 AM

NCAA wk 14


Most important things first - HAPPY THANKSGIVING  Hope that everyone in Covers Nation enjoys some quality time with family and friends - and maybe you can sneak some football in there

First week did not get the weekly thread up early - Sorry guys - Just back from week long trip in Vegas. What a blast.  5-1 last wk. Gonna release a couple plays but doubt there will be anything for today. Need to get all my stats and stuff in order. Will try to do as many write-ups as I can but this will probably be a light week in that regard. Still lots of football left tho - and we will be sharing our wacky and insightful and sometimes misleading analysis on all of those games 

GL all - MEGA

Posted Sunday, November 16, 2014 01:34 PM

NCAA wk 13


We cannot believe the season is coming to a close ....Still lots of big games to come tho - and Bowl season is always a blast. 1-1 on mid-wk games and 6-3 Sat last wk.

Will be posting the EARLY TASTERS this afternoon once the BetOnline odds come out.....Hope to find a couple gems in there but you never know.

GL to all this wk and thanks again for stopping in !!


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