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Posted Monday, October 11, 2010 09:22 AM

Top Home Teams / Fade Bad Road Teams

Have been following a Homes chase system in baseball that has been doing great, so I decided to look it over in pucks too, except I have tweaked a few things.  This is a chase system so if you wish for max profit you would need to chase until you get a win.  Be prepared to chase 6 games, but after looking over most of last years stats 4 is usually the max you would have to chase.

All plays will be for the Top 10 Home Teams (using last years stats), and Fading the Worst 10 Road Teams.

Whenever either team is on at least at least 3 game home stand, or at least 3 game road trip, then you would have a play.

Top 10 Home teams: (you want to bet this team to win)
4.San Jose
6.New Jersey
9. Detroit

Top 10 Worst Road Teams (you want to fade this team to lose)
1. Edmonton
2. NY Islanderd
3. Columbus
4. Minn
5. Tor
6. TB
7. Anaheim
8. Dallas
9. Carolina
10. Florida

Im still back testing but after checking out most of the games from last year with these team, and parameters things have looked promising.  No team that was in the top ten at home was swept during a home-stand, while no team in the bottom 10 every swept a road trip.  Season doesnt start for a few more weeks but I will try my best to get everything back tested as well as post plays for the future..I will also try to get the records of both sides... [More]


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