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Posted Monday, January 17, 2011 02:57 PM

Bears and the points for many reasons

This is a very tough game division opponents and big rivals it will be close.

Home field edge Bears
QB edge Packers
Defenses even
Special teams edge Bears

I follow this division closely and what I think people are missing is the Bears are greatly improved since the Bears switched the off line around and Martz and Cutler have had more time to work together.I am not a fan of using previous gms because all teams make adjustments as we saw yesterday with the Bears and Jets but The Bears have already proved they can contain Rodgers in a game that was even meaningless to them only giving up 10 pts.Everyone keeps on saying Cutler this Cutler that but if he plays one more good mistake free gm he will be going to the SB.Hester could help Cutler out with field position and could be the X factor frankly i would never kick to him.Giving Cutler only half the field to score could be huge or if he even runs one back for a TD.

Since 1978 there have been 12 teams going for their 3rd road win in a row in the playoffs and they are  2-10 straight up ,very hard to win 3 road gms in a row especially vs a div opponent and their huge  rivalry.

Also I was one of the people that bet the Bears under 8.5 wins and cannot believe how much they have improved imean they have beaten 2 of 3 other  teams left in the playoffs

Bears +3.5 if i can get it and Bears ML


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