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Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 12:20 PM

MNF Week 3, Pick Inside

Chargers -9.5

I know your probably wondering who the hell I am and why should you listen to me. Well there is no real reason other then I have studied this game hard and the Chargers are the play. Here's why,

First off with the Chargers at 0-2, you know they will be playing there asses off to make sure a win won't be stolen from them this week. The Chargers know that they can't go 0-3 and expect to win the division. They have to have a chip on their shoulder from last week's game and will look for revenge in tonights game.

The ref's know that they made a mistake last week, I fully expect to see the Chargers get a few gimmie calls in this game. Any close call I expect to go the Chargers way. The NFL stole one from the Chargers and I expect that they will try to make up for that tonight. I know people say it doesn't carry over but trust me watch for it tonight.

On top of that, doesn't +9.5 for the Jets just look like the Books are begging for you to bet the Jets? The books know like everybody else does that the public loves Brett Favre. Favre is 0-5 ATS on Monday Night Football in the last 5 match ups. I love Favre as much as everybody else but I can see that he is not the Favre of old.

While San Diego's D has been rather week expect Favre to throw a few key interceptions in this game that will result in points for the Chargers. He has thrown 9 INT's in those last 5 MNF games. No reason that should change tonight.

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