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Winners of the last 3 in this matchup by DD , South FL has not been competitive against the upper echelon teams , Pitt wins going away here .




Hokies , winners of 4 straight in this matchup , and 8 of last 10  , Miami seems to be in a free fall , lost to this same hokies team by 16 two weeks ago , dont see this changing today .



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Winners of last 4 in this matchup , tough luck losers in recent road quest , they want this game bad .,i give them a  very good chance for SU win

Why the line 7 ? thats what happens when you lose 5 in a row and 6 of last 7 ATS ,there is  big value in this line , which i expect to go down by game time.




DUKE winners of last 2 in the matchup  and 4 of last 5 , took care of their road woes with a nice win vs Clemson ,  ill take DUKE every time -1 in this matchup .

Trends--- Obama will be in attendence in support of Georgetown , its been a bad month for Obama , look for that trend to continue today .





the Monarchs are a more talented team than the Huskies,  winners of 8 in a row and 9 of last 10

Northeastern coming off a tough offensive night vs Drexel , are going to find it much tougher against  Old Dominion .




 till the lines makers,,  and public  figure out how bad this Samford team is ,    take the gift ,

Bottom line  Western Carolina ppg 76 Samford ppg 57

Western Carolina won on the road at louisville , why wouldn't they beat these bums easy ?



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Too generous of points to pass up here ,Wisconsin beat purdue by 7 at home on 2 weeks ago , a game in which  Wisconsin Jon Leuer broke his wrist ,,and played 38 minutes not knowing he broke his wrist he was  2--15 , 4 points ,  Wisconsin 3 guards put up 57 of the 73 points scored in the game , so there was a matchup problem defending these guys

 Although Wisconsin is 1-33 in Mackey arena , the way Bo Jackson always seems to have his team in the game  , i like the points here

Since we try to report all the facts , Wisconsin did lose last year at this same venue by 12 , but we will thrown that out , since it dont support my play  

 Underdog is 7-1 ATS in the last 8 meetings.




Anyone who reads my post knows i have a thing for this crappy ass Samford Team , last time i played against them with  Nc greensboro , a team which has played much better competion but dont know how to win   , and their record reflects that , Nc Greensboro   had Samford beat , until there coach got a double techinical and ejected , then a minute later the Samford coach had a seizure , ,people thought he might be dying ,  and was carried out on the stretcher , it seemed like it changed the whole game .

 The bottom line here is Appalachian  State  h... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 04:07 AM

NCAAB BEST BET wednesday



 TEMPLE Owls  5-0  in atlantic 10 .....6 straight wins ,  winners of 13 out of last 14 games .

, TEMPLE  17-3  on  a pretty tough schedule ,wins vs  Siena  , Seton Hall , Virginia Tech , Villanova  , Xavier , also handed  Rhode island  Rams their only home loss of the year .


CHAR are 5-18 ATS in their last 23 vs. Atlantic 10.


Owls are 5-0 ATS in the last 5 meetings.


This is the best start in years for the Owls , it seems like  Dunphy has this team completely focused ,the Owls have  handled better teams then this Charlotte team  , expect them to get their 7 straight win and go 6-0 in the conference vs the 49ers tonight ,



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ST JOES   has won this matchup the last three years on the road , at this venue,  by 10 , 40 and  12,  shouldnt be any different tonight with penn  who are 1-12 on the year ,and with a depleted  player rotation,  due to injuries .

ST ,JOES 1-7 ATS on the road , but all tough comp ,their one  win on the road was an 84-80 straight up win vs BC

If you look at all of Penns games,  they have only snift this number of 5 twice , their one win on the season  vs MD baltimore , and a 3 point overtime loss vs Delaware back in November .

 PENNs  last 4 home games have lost by  9 , 18 , 15 and 19 points

PENN  6-20-2 ATS in their last 28 home games.

With ST JOES coming off 2 straight wins , and beating a good DAYTON team last time out . look for their domination of this bad PENN team to continue .



Posted Sunday, January 24, 2010 02:00 PM




if the Vikings can run the ball with Talyor and Peterson , i can see things opening up in the passing game for farve , and say what you want about  narcissus  Farve ,  you have to give him credit he's played really well ..... he' has  a shot at pulling it all  off and getting to the super bowl , i think he does it .

 Vikings  looked to be the  most  impresive of the two  team last week, ,   they shut down a dallas team that in prior weeks hads really looked good offensively.

 While the Saints played a Arizona team who couldn't tackle anyone at anytime , 

  remember the first play of the game ,for Arizona , a simple run up the middle that went to the end zone and  people are  saying the New Orleans defense is good , how good are they really ? , things seem to change from week to week ,

Its been a tough playoffs to figure out ,  When  kickers cant make 36 yd fieldgoals , Who will be the GOAT TODAY ?  hate to go against Drew Brees,  but Bret Farve will prevail today




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Posted Saturday, January 23, 2010 02:41 AM


NC GREENSBOUGH + 1.5      


The last time i posted a mistake line was against  this same SAMFORD team when they hosted College of Charleston they were favored by 2-3 points they lost that game by 11 , they could have easily lost by 30 ,

This SAMFORD team is absloutley the worst division 1 team i have watched all year , and if you look at their record it will bare this out , all of thier wins have come against teams that are division 2 , and if their not , they probably should be , colleges that you wouldnt know if they had  a basketball team .

I watched the Samford vs College of Charleston  game , most of Samfords offensive sets consisited of the guard dribbling the ball with his back to the basket 45 feet away,stationary , and the rest of the team watching him , didnt seem like they had any set plays .

Now here is the head scratcher  - on  12 / 5 /  NC Greensboro   smoked  Samford 70 -43 at Samford now they are home and getting  +1.5    and like the last time there will be people saying its too fishy , its a no play , hey do what you want , your giving the line makers and the betting public too much credit , they all F -up , most people are not looking at this game  

Why could this line be like it is ? Samford has 8 wins on the season (all against division 2 like opponets ) and&nbs... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 16, 2010 03:23 AM


PITTSBURGH  - 2  -120


Pitt the better shooting and defensive team in this matchup , after beating 3 very good teams on the road,   will get their 8 straight win ,

It will be lights out,  not white out for Louisville,  as they will go down to their second Big East opponent within a week.




Two teams going in different directions in the SEC  , Alabama winners of 4 out of last 5 coming off a tough 1 point loss vs Vandy,  a game which every call went against them at the end , this team can play some defense , small but quick upfront , will not face a size mismatch here vs Arkansas .

, Alabama a perfect 4-0 on the road , two of the games were at neutral sites , the neutral site games were a wins vs Michigan , and  a  Baylor team that Trounced Arkansas 70-47 at this same venue , 

Arkansas not too stellar  defensively,  should give  up between 70-80 points here , where the Tide has ability to play some defense ,  that will translate to a win here .

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College of Charleston winners 3 straight games ,  and  4 of last 5  which includes their  upset of North Carolina , their one  loss in the last 5 games was a 3 point loss on the road to a pretty  good W Michigan team who among their acomplishments , has beaten VCU by 16 , Northeastern by 15 ,and a competitive 6 point loss vs Temple .

 College of Charleston  12-3-1 ATS in their last 16 road games


SAMFORD  7 -8  on the season   6 -1 at home , But all SMOKE AND MIRRORS  their  6 win  home wins were against McNeese ST , Elon Univ , Springhill , Shorter ,Chicago state and  (Tennessee Temple ) thats the name of  a school     not to be confused with those two names seperately .


College of Charleston seems like they have it going on  now,  and have progressed , and had the ability to actually beat a Team like North Carolina in OT , i went back and looked at the game , they won with lights out three point shooting , and a home crowd , and some luck , but the point is they had the abilty to do it,  and are clearly the better tea... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2010 08:16 AM

NCAAB BEST BET wednesday

MARSHALL - 2   -120

 Thundering  herd  at 13-2  looking to go 3-0  in  conference  play

 their two loses on the season , were on the road @ North Carolina , and @ Old Dominion ,  Marshall features  a 7 foot freshman center who leads ncaab in blocked shots with 77 ,  in 15 games , marshall also should have a decisive advantage on the boards here ,

 UCF 7-1  at home but really played nobody in their home wins ,  their one loss at home was a 10 point loss to the Jacksoville Dolphins ?

Posted Tuesday, January 12, 2010 01:49 AM



why try to beat  what looks like the one of the most talented teams , with  the best point guard   in college basketball JOHN WALL .......



yes a state school , but boy is IOWA bad , if  Tennessee State can hang with in this number,  vs Vandy , and Alabama on the road , they should do it here against IOWA

Posted Sunday, January 10, 2010 06:11 AM



While the PATS are not the team they  have been in the past , they have what it take to beat  the RAVENS in this one ..........the patriots are 8-0 at home , of their 10 wins 9 have been more than the number  of 3.5 we see here , ,but would never ague against buying the hook or a ML Play if thats what you choose.

The RAVENS have taken a step back on the defensive side due to age and injury , and i think the patriots will exploit  the weakness , since they know this team pretty well now .


While losing a player like Wes Welker is never good , i think Julian Edeleman , will do just fine , the weather  will be in the low 20s with a 9 mile wind , Bradys played many games in this weather , and plays very well ,

The RAVENS on offense can be anemic at times , Flacko has been a killer all year , throwing picks at the worst times , also taking sacks that has taken them out of field goal range , he does this constantly , , you have to remember with Flacko , before the past two seasons , he was the Deleware QB  playing against teams like Northeastern , who dont even have a football team anymore , its a pretty big jump , and it shows alot of times ,

My post of yesterday was  100% wrong , calling the JETS FRAUDS , the real FRAUDS were the BENGALS , what a Piss Ass performance that was , Most of my money was on DALLAS so i regret posting it as my bes... [More]

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Rex Ryan's buffoonery , of talking about winning out , and that the JETS should be the favorite , I guess  convinced the betting public ,, with this line

Its  nonsense talk  probably to convince himself, and  his team  , that they can actually win in the playoffs , and belong , this talk always comes back and bites  you in the ass ., and  people that talk like this,  really know,  they have no chance.

, In my opinion they really are not a playoff team , and have got to this point , with an easy backend of a schedule , and the fact that in their last two games , they were lucky enough to come up against  teams that didnt try to win .

The fact is the JETS have really no offense , and Mark Sanchez , while he could make a few plays early in the season , as the season progressed,  after talking a few hits , he's not making those plays anymore , the fact that it will be very cold and windy will not help maters for the california kid . who  i think  plays soft ,  at times 

With the JETS not  being able to throw the ball effectively, i think it will be easy for the bengals to concetrate on shutting them down on the ground

Bengals are not my favorite team ., but its been along time coming for Carson Parmer since being knocked out of that playoff game with Pittsburgh ,4 years ago ,  he ... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 07, 2010 03:53 AM


ALABAMA  - 4  


in my mind the championship game already took place, when ALABAMA  won 32 -13 defeating the FLORIDA GATORS  who as last years national champions,  came into the game winning 26 straight games .

shutting down a senior QB  heisman winner Tim Tebow , and a team that average over 35 points a game to a mere 13 , should be an eye opener .

What would the line have been if Florida was playing Texas ? since florida was a 4.5 point favorite ,vs Alabama  if they had beaten alabama by 32-13 , the line would have been 7 -10   , and there is no doubt in my mind if Florida was playing Texas , they would win easy ,

 whats my point here ? i think there is great value taking ALABAMA - 4

Now GO  back and look at the teams that Texas played , if ever there was a Cupcake schedule , they have to be a collection of the worst Defensive Teams , kansas , texas am , central florida , baylor,  colorado , Oka State , the list goes on

When TEXAS  played the only decent teams on their cupcake schedule  , oklahoma and   Nebraska  they put up  16 and 13 points ,...... So what do you think Texas will put up on an ALABAMA defense , that is far superior to Oklahoma or Nebraska ?

TEXAS has been running the same plays in the passing game  for two years now,  wide receiver s... [More]

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the browns coming into this game have won their last three games playing in winter elements , also remember the thursday night game of 12/10 defeating pittsburgh at home on a extremely cold and windy night ,

the Jaguars have lost their last three games ,

 JAGUARS last 6 games dating back to 11/22.... 3 games were in florida , one in San Fran, one in a dome , and their lst game in New england the temp was 54 f

my opinion on the Jaguars , after watching them last week in New England  the Jaguars  didnt show up to play ,i think  they Quit afer  their loss to the Colts , the weather in New England was warm last sunday , and they still didnt want to hit or tackle , i cant imagine them playing hard in the conditions they will face today in cleveland .

link to weather report


Posted Friday, January 01, 2010 07:51 AM


LSU  + 1

posted present line , i played this early at  LSU +2,5 , game moving towards a pk or maybe even  LSU fav by game time

PENN ST played two games this  year of note being  OHIO ST  AND IOWA at home , and they lost both , other than that look at who they played ........teams like temple,  akron , syracuse , eastern Illinois , VERY VERY WEAK  ......while LSU battle tested with SEC comp schedule  ,

 LES MILES , has history of preparing his team well and winning these BOWL GAMES



ill keep going against the pac10 , Ohio state in past years have gone up against tougher opponents in these bowl games than OREGON , give them a better than even chance to win SU here so the + 4 is a nice bet to me .


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