Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 07:00 AM

NBA vs NCAAB Vegas or Wade

 I don't  bet or even watch the NBA but i had a small bet on the heat Sunday . 

The People on here that say Vegas wants this or that,   the reason the Celtic beat the Heat was simple Dwyane Wade played,  if he didn't the Heat would have  won by DD . 

Wade was 6-20 fgm   0-4 3s gm   6 TO  this guy was so horrible and selfish  all he did was miss shots,  turn the ball over,  and  bitched to ruffs the whole game .

 Won't watch another game . you can have the NBA  ,not sour grapes cause i lost the bet ,  but really ,  the college game  has it all over the pro game as far as betting or even enjoying a basketball game .

Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013 03:30 PM

The Super Bowl wager now!

49ers  +190  

If you like the 49ers  and will be betting them in the Super Bowl why wait , you'll never get this value.
 Max some places is 500.00 if you have multiple books your all set .

The Future Super bowl line has the Patriot's +110  this is because they are at home as a 8-10 point favorite, and the 49ers are on the Road so the perception is the Pats have an easier road to the Super Bowl  thus their +110,  and the 49ers +190
The way i see this weekend going is the 49ers win convincingly , and  i think the Pats Ravens game is up for grabs . 
If its  Pats  49ers ,  it will depend on how decisively each team is in their games on Sunday  ,  I don't understand how the Pats could be favored here,  but they are a public team and the projection is the Pats will open as a small favorite. 
whoever ends up favorite here it will be -120 +115 either way , or in that ball park.
if its Ravens 49ers  your looking at  49ers anywhere from -260 to -340 , once again depending on how these teams play on sunday . 

This post is not for anyone who likes Atlanta , New England or Baltimore , so your comments are not needed . i'm sure will get them anyway
if you like Frisco the time to bet is now for the value .

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Posted Saturday, January 12, 2013 11:04 AM

NFL BEST BETS divisional playoffs

DENVER - 9  

This will be easy picking's for Peyton going against an old slow defense in altitude unlike Indy   he know's how to attack weaknesses ,
 Don't be fooled by last week's score ,  Indy moved the up and down the field and stopped themselves with poor play calling and receivers with alligator arms .

ATLANTA - 1   -120  played early

To have any chance in this one Seattle should have stayed on the east coast this week,  traveling cross country BB weeks playing a rested team equals a loss . especially when your facing a team with such a strong home field advantage as Atlanta .
Put that  with how Seattle has played on the road this year , and how they looked last week against a QB with one leg . can't see Atlanta doing anything but winning here .

HOUSTON + 9.5 

Patriots 1-8 ATS last 9 post season games,  the one time they covered was against last years Denver team with Tim Tebow,  really not a legit  playoff team .  
Houston has a chance here to win SU if this is a competitive game, being the front runner that Brady is look for him to Gag and  choke as usual .
The Texans had all the pressure on them last week to win  now they are  expected to lose,   maybe the Texan team that some people thought was the best in the NFL shows up tomorrow .

No action on Green Bay +  49ers      lean 49ers  ... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 06, 2013 02:41 AM

NFL BEST BET Wild card sunday


I think anytime you can  get  +7 points vs the Ravens it's great value 
The way  John Harbaugh  coaches a game with a lead he plays it  conservative not to lose the game rather than win,  this guy blows more leads .
 I  think Harbaugh's a stiff as a coach . Last years  championship game at New England ,  Ravens outplayed the Patriots  Brady sucked , they had the Pats on the ropes,  but Harbaugh choked  , then his team choked ,  afraid to attempt  to win , played for  tie and ended up losing . this is how this guy coaches he's a loser 

Joe Flaco will someone give this guy a boot in the ass
I  never  have see a QB look and play more Lethargic than  this guy. 
 The only time he plays with any urgency is if their down  points on a last drive , other than that , look at his body language,  he's content to go three and out and punt. 
 This year has been Flacos worst,  he has digressed as a QB. 
Ray Lewis  the only factor this guy will be in this game is a motivational speaker before the game , but once the game starts and he's on the field , i think he will be a non factor and most likely  a liability .
I watched Lewis before his injury he could still hit hard but most of the time when teams  ran  right at him he would either get blocked out o... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 05, 2013 12:54 PM

BEST BET NFL wildcard

HOUSTON  - 4  

Biggest Frauds in the playoffs are the Bengals all smoke and mirrors here watched all their recent games and they basically lucked out by playing either bad teams or catching teams at the right time .
 Final Scores and results  don't really always tell the story , take the Bengals  34-13 win vs philly in that game it was 13-10 philly going into the 4th quarter before the eagles just imploded with 6 turnovers basically all unforced  in the span of 3 minutes .
Before those turnovers philly dominated on  both sides of the ball at the line ,  Dalton was sacked 6 times and went  13-27 for 92 yd's he was horrible ,
 The  Eagles  defense was  bad this year , and if they can do what they did  which was basically manhandle the Bengal's O line and get 6 sacks ,  What should Houston  be able to do today with Watt ? 
Now people are saying that the Bengals have a good defense , that's not true , their  positive  stats on defense are only because of the teams they faced ,
The Bengals  Defense really stinks but  when you face KC, Oakland Pitts and a  Philly team  who actually moved the ball very well except for the 6 turnovers would have won that game .
Also as bad as pitt was this year , if Charlie Batch played Pitts would have won  and the Bengal would be out . Big Ben Sucked big time 
 Dalton has been horrible th... [More]

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