Posted Monday, October 31, 2011 03:05 PM

NFL BEST BET monday night


i played this game early at + 4,  i like KC   to win  if  this game was played 3 wks ago the line might have been around 10 .
KC got off to a horrible start losing charles and also a key was the health of Cassel he got hurt in the last pre season game with greenbay with bruised Ribs and shouldn't have been playing .
thought to be one of the worst teams in the league after wk 3. rebounded with 3 wins  not great talent but i think this team is a gritty well coached team that will compete with anyone especially at home .
The CHARGERS  put great emphasis on getting out to a better start this year i would say their better start has a lot to do with the teams they have played ,
 the chargers only road win was  29-24 win at DENVER................ a game they had to hang on to win . now thing of how stinky DENVER was yesterday.... horrible 
in the past the team and  coach Turner seem to be big screw ups the thing that usually saved them was Rivers 
.this year Rivers don't look the same he's not playing at the high level as in the past, GATES cant run anymore he's no factor  the chargers have no , no running game  if they are first and goal at the 1 they are hard pressed to score 
i look for the chiefs to win this game take the points .

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Posted Saturday, October 29, 2011 01:15 PM



  don't like laying points with the Saints on the road ,outside of a dome , in this case it don't apply they will be in their comfort zone of a dome and playing a train wreck of a team who averages 9.3 points a game. 


patriots have had the steelers number for years now , this year should be no problem either steelers not as good  pitts 5 wins came against teams that are collectively 6 -20 SU......  i see poiints scored in this game in the end the pats will have aleast 7 more .


some people are saying let down game trap game . this can be the case when a team has had some success in their past . but the 49ers have had no success they have been an under achieving disappointment ..they are out to prove people wrong this year they have the talent, a new  coach and a new attitude.
Cleveland could only muster 6 points at home vs Seattle ,from what i saw last week  i think Colt McCoy is physically beat down , i think he's hurting ,  didn't look good ... he won't find it any easier  going  against the 49ers this week..... wouldn't be suprised if he didnt  finish the game ..... 49ers cover here .

ill keep playing this team especially going  up against teams like seattle , now that they got rid of those  two stiffs Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson ,the BENGALS are now worthy of pu... [More]

Posted Friday, October 14, 2011 12:39 PM

NCAAF friday

i won't be wagering on any games involving Hawaii this season after the UNLV game something stunk here 
as a 17 point favorite vs UNLV hawaii lost 40-20 it didn't make any sense it still dont 
Saturday 10/08/11@ NevadaL 0-37Week 6L 20.5U 57.5Saturday 09/24/11Southern UtahL 16-41Week 4L -9.5U 62.5Saturday 09/17/11HawaiiW 40-20Week 3W 17U 60.5Saturday 09/10/11@ Washington StateL 7-59Week 2L 14O 54.5Thursday 09/01/11@ WisconsinL 17-51Week 1P 34O 56
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Posted Sunday, October 09, 2011 01:23 AM


i bet this game early flat and in teasers the line moved to bengal-1 Andy Dalton dont look too   bad to me ,   Gabbert is not in a confort zone yet and the bengals D is good 

 bengals getting rid of chad johnson , and Carson Palmer  has been a positive they dont look like the same team as we've seen in the past .

 49ERS - 3 
even when they were behind by a margin,  watching the game with the eagles ,   the 49ers looked like the better more balanced team     
 i think alex smith looked good along with  crabtree , and gore and hunter the 49ers looked good on both sides of the ball and will beat this Tampa team that im not really impressed with.  
harbaugh has this team looking sharp and  coming  from behind win vs philly  is a good start for this team to have a very good year .

GREEN BAY -5 .5 
in prime time sunday night expect a replay of last year playoff game between  these two teams the difference coming into this game is that Atlanta now has really been exposed as a  horrible  defensive team,
   we have seen the Falcons look bad  against mediocre to poor offensive teams like Chicago and seattle now think what Aron Rogers will do sunday night .
Atlanta's offensive line has also been brutal  look for easy packers win here .

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Posted Friday, October 07, 2011 10:08 PM


CLEMSON  - 21  

Clemson scoring high 30s to 40s against better comp will have no trouble against a BC defense that should be on tjhe field most of the day . BC  with no offense to speak of and being without Montel Harris  who was really their only hope of getting anything positive offensively will be hard pressed to score at all .
.BC won last year,  and BC  has had clemson's number in the past in this series ,so im sure the clemson coaches have used this fact , i expect a true effort here from clemson , for a desicive win to cover the number .

IOWA +4.5 

Penn State never covers  against decent teams , had trouble with Indiana last week winning 16-10 ,if you take a look at how bad indiana actually is its alarming .
 Penn State ....same horrible QB play as in past years .will stuggle as usual to score.... have to like IOWA  with the generous points .


Love this team coming off a tough loss with Rutgers going against Tulane who is a doormat on Defense,  gave up 48 to army last week in their 48-6 loss 
 Syracuse will be  on the road here but be in a familar setting with this game being played in the superdome , look for them to take care of business  and get easy win on the road here .

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Posted Monday, October 03, 2011 12:22 PM

MLB best bet monday

 TEXAS  +115

Don't bet much baseball  no interest in betting  NFL game tonight so i was checking things out  and came up this .

 PRICE   0- 5  vs TEXAS  
PRICE  4-9 W L  at HOME 
PRICE  last 3 ERA   5.79
TEAM batting   TAMPA vs right   238TEAM batting  TEXAS vs left 274 
 ump Dale Scott is behind the plate today  and was the last time Price vs Lewis at the trop with the RANGERS winning 3-0 

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