Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 02:40 PM

NFL BEST BET monday night

NY GIANTS + 7.5 

Remembering past Trends   in the Coflin Manning era,  the giants are a great bet getting points  especially on the road they seem to play better.
The Giants went into Foxboro as a 9 point dog and beat the Patriots SU.... the patriots last home loss was 2006 .

Looking at the Saints i don't see the same team as in the Superbowl year and leading up to that year .
 The type of play  from the Saints  this year is similar to the team i saw get beat last January by an 8-9 seattle team,  in last year playoff game
Drew Brees 11 INTS in 10 games  seems to be getting hit lot more . i can see the Giants pass Rush  creating problems for him tonight .
The Saints have benefited so far from an easy schedule with 3 loses  yet they have managed to lose to Tampa and St Louis and just squeak Carolina . the first game losing to the packers the final score was misleading the packers dominated the game. 
Marque wins for the Saints i guess you could say they only had 1 the 40-33 win vs Houston ....... 3 point win vs a Questionable Atlanta team no big deal and an early seaon win against at that time a clueless Bears team who couldn't do anything right .
i really don't understand this line from what i've watched this year  good chance for a SU win   but how can you go wrong here getting 7.5 is a gift .
Take  the Points !!

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Posted Friday, November 25, 2011 08:14 AM



 Kent state  has  played  respectable they have a 4 game winning streak . in that 4 streak they defeated bowling green no great feat , but its a team Temple has  lost to . this 17 point spread margin  i just don't see .

 on the road but in home state . at lincoln financial field not too many people in this big venue so no  edge here for Temple 

what  Temple does well is run the ball,  what Kent state does well is stop the run . ive watched this Kent st  defense they can get off the field with stops . they also have been good   creating  turnovers . 

offense has been the problem for Kent state but in this 4 game winning streak they have been making plays .

i think they came up with this line cause Temple won by 18 last year but this will be a competitive game and Kent could have a chance to win this SU .

take the points 

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 10:59 AM


This was a post i made on cover over 6 weeks ago i knew they were dirty,  .there are a few others teams  on my list that i know have shaved points in a particular game .

most of these kids will never see an NFL payday,  some will find it hard to be employed, .they see this is their one chance of making a score financially . 

whether they are being approached by people or just betting themselves on the internet,  its  is  being done . 

Posted Friday, October 14, 2011 12:39 PM

NCAAF friday

i won't be wagering on any games involving Hawaii this season after the UNLV game something stunk here 
as a 17 point favorite vs UNLV hawaii lost 40-20 it didn't make any sense it still dont 

Posted Sunday, November 06, 2011 09:13 AM



the redskins put up a goose egg in their 23-0 loss to the Bills highly questionable defense .
,how bad are things with the redskins  ?  JOHN BECK CAREER  NFL STATS ARE AS FOLLOWS 6 START  0-6 SU       2 TD    6 INT'S  10 FUMBLES   6 LOST 


bills much improved but  remember this was a 3 win team last year,  and the JETS have won last 3........ and the last 2 easy  no smoke and mirrors for the bills today.

DENVER  + 7 
 i grab this early at + 9  before McFadden was ruled out the Raiders are 0-8 SU  after the bye week 
 and i don't care how bad Denver is or how Tebow has  looked they didnt play bad at Sandiego when Tebow came in and they did win at miami  denver might be uptight at home and play better on the road .  ill still take the Bronco's over  Carson Palmer anyday 
think about it     Oakland is 0-8 SU last 8 years 
and now this BIG STIFF CARSON PALMER is not only going to win the game  but cover the spread?  ....I don't think so 
another thing to remember this team didn't score a point ..last week lost  28 -0  at home to KC Raiders will be playing in 4 days. and this is another reason i like this play  the thursday night game's on their mind today . take... [More]

Posted Thursday, November 03, 2011 01:56 PM


TULSA + 1.5

Wrong team favored TULSA 5-3 .....the 3 loses were to OKLAHOMA STATE (3)  BOISE STATE (5) OKLAHOMA (6)  all top ten teams 

TULSA and   CENTRAL FLORIDA  has had 2 common opponents UAB and SMU  TULSA WON  both games easy  CENTRAL FLORIDA  LOST both games .

UAB  is 1-7 their only win of the season was a 26-24 win over CENTRAL FLORIDA

 but to appreciate how bad UAB  actually is look at 2 of their loses a  49-10 loss to TULANE  and a 59-14 loss to MARSHALL the 26 points UAB scored on CENTRAL FLORIDA was their season high .

take the points take the ML

 Tulsa great value 

Posted Thursday, November 03, 2011 11:06 AM

NFL important thing to consider for week 9

This will be the first Sunday that we have two teams that will play on Sunday and come back 4 days later on thursday night .
For years we have heard about how teams hate playing on monday night and coming back 6 days later  , so how can coming back 4 days later not be a big thing .
i think its a big thing physically to come back on 4 days , i think  being dinged up and sore   from sunday and having to play thursday night is hard .
but forget about thursday night for now .  im thinking of what happens the  Sunday before the thursday night  game with these teams ..
 i think its a big thing on their minds both players and coaches on how they approach the sunday game and how its played 
I don't think the players play as hard , i dont think they go all out ,  and i think their mind is looking ahead to thursday its  the only game everyone's watching , can't look bad on thursday  i think they hate it . i think it affects how they play on sunday .
the two teams that will play the first thursday will be sandiego who is coming off a monday night game hosting green bay and oakland hosting denver .
if the game don't start out too well for the chargers vs Greenbay .. will they think lets save ourselves for a sure win with  Oakland 
 How good will Carson Palmer be ? who i think is a stiff anyway . not playing no training then 2 games in 4 days .

i wish i had the stats ATS of t... [More]

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