Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 07:25 AM


"One team one destiny " this is  what the golden flashes are selling and i'm buying , this team has been battle tested  as far as their schedule went in recent weeks .
 I liked Kent St   win on the road at Bowling Green  , I watched  BG play even with Florida for 3 quarters in the swamp only allowing 27 points  to Florida , Kent put up 31 on a very good BG defense and won after being behind a TD in 3 quarter . teams can build on a win like this .
N Illinois has its supporters and a lot of people are saying this will be a rout,  i think basically people are looking at past history between these two teams,  but  i just  don't see it here  this year .
If you look at common opponents its been similar results  but i will point out one
 Kent st Beat Army 31-17 while N Illinois won 41-40  all army does is run the ball,  and that's what  Kent St. does .
 N Illinois  will be facing the toughest team they have faced in  quite a while   if you look at there schedule the only decent team was Toledo and they were just a mask of the team they were earlier in the year .
should be an interesting game,  take the points

Sorry Nick not drinking the Sabin Kool Aid this year , and thank Les Miles for being so stupid that on 4th and 6  with 2 minutes left ,  not to try to win the game on your defense which had... [More]

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With the loss of  Casey and Curry the Harvard  Crimson are a much different team this year,  with  a rookie point guard and no senior starters  they are a work in progress 

Vermont has the experience with 4 junior starters and with Brian Voelkel who was the American East leading rebounder last  year  they will control the glass tonight.

 Vermont  is  ranked 24th  in the country at the FT line  near   80% 

Vermont already  has a road win against a tough Northeastern team ,  i like them a lot tonight 


Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012 10:35 AM

Be Aware of this Don't overlook

With all the post on covers and systems plays  i never hear anyone mention this one, and  its  an important  one 

 I don't have the stats at hand,  but in my head ill tell you it's something that would have helped you in capping these games this year ,

 \Ive  kicked my self a few times betting on a team  and not being aware of this . 

don't bet on any teams that are playing on sunday that have to play on  Thursday night,  only bet against these teams , its Brutal to come back on 4 days .

 it weighs on their  minds , either they hold back or just don't play well the Sunday before the Thursday .

This weeks Thursday night game is New Orleans @ Atlanta 

So if you like San fran or Tampa this would make it a stronger play .

 if you like New Orleans or Atlanta today I would pass .

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 05:25 AM

NCAAB Best bet Tuesday

GARDNER WEBB  - 6.5    

The bulldogs  2-3 on the season were  competitive as anyone has been so far  against N Carolina , lost to IOWA by 9 after leading at the half ,  and beat DE PAUL 71-59 

HOWARD 0-3 on the season , out of the Mid Eastern Atlantic conf .  has been as bad as can be ,  losing to division 2 LINCOLN 68-62  losing to IOWA 66-36 and a 69-50 loss to Wichita a game that Wichita had a 23 point lead at half time,  and used their bench .

Posted Monday, November 12, 2012 10:06 PM

i keep seeing this

35 seconds left in the half  and the Pittsburgh punt returner calling for a fair catch,  why  take a chance of muffing the catch,  just get away from it .,  its stupid if all your going to do is run out the clock makes no common sense. 

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