Posted Saturday, December 27, 2008 11:14 AM


looking at these two teams past season NC is clearly the quicker starting team . i see this trend to continue in this game . with NC 0-7 SU last 7 bowl games got to feel they really want this one plus being at home . i expect them to come out of the gate fast here and if you can get a plus for the first half  i see value in this bet 

Posted Tuesday, December 23, 2008 08:54 AM


  BOISE STATE  + 3       boise is the better team here ,,both sides of the ball this years , this team plays very smart football as we have seen in the past from them . the difference in this years team in compared to the team that beat oklahoma in the bowl game is that this is a better defensive team   looking at TCU i will say a product of alot of hype very good team but played  only two teams on their schudule worth talking about, Utah and Oklahoma and lost to both and if you want to talk about their home win over BYU...i will tell you that BYU  isnt really much ,especially on the road   well some of you will say ,, who did Boise play? , some of the same teams that TCU played , with the exception of going on the road to Oregon  and beating a pretty good offensive pack10 team in the Ducks . which i know TCU wouldnt have been able to do ,,,, another important thing they are 12-0 ,they beat all  comers just like two years ago , when they were big underdogs vs Oklahoma ,,,defeating TCU will not be as hard a task   the other thing to look at is how the teams coming into this game are prepared they have been off for a month one big difference in these two teams last month of play ,,,,   Boise State played 5 games in the month of november the last game being on 11/28 vs Fresno State which they won 61-10   TCU played only 3 games the month... [More]

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 07:40 AM


really not to trilled with this game . but as we learned from sunday,  teams that seemingly have nothing to play for . are still playing hard to knock the other team out , like buffalo ,seattle and washington   now chicago has a slim chance at best to see the post season , they are saying that a 10-6 season is their goal , and  if they get in the post season great , if not , a 10-6 season will be a viewed by them as a good one   the packers are coming into this game losing 4 in a row , 6 of last 7 ,   their last win was a 37-3 thrasing of the Bears at lambeau field   the way the packers are talking coming into this game.    is that they are 3-1 in the division and with a win over the bears ,,,and lions in the final game they can go 5-1 in the division and take something positive out of this horrible year for them ..   if you look at the packers loses  5 of them have been by 4 or less ......1 by 4 , 3 by 3 ,,and 1 by 1   the weather will be a factor  here is an hourly report .....looks like wind and extreme cold   on totals there were two games yesterday that had bad weather and went over the total in the kc miami game also in the patriots arizona game ......both with these game what happened was nobody on the defensive side wanted to tackle or hit anyone   when i... [More]

Posted Sunday, December 21, 2008 07:52 AM


    UNDER 44.5   NEW ENGLAND - ARIZONA     im usually  more of a sides player  but with the weather conditions here in foxborough ,  i see a more conservative approach in this game  that should go under the total      philadelphia - 4.5     might be playing the best of all the nfc teams and with the dallas loss last night their playoff chances have improved , i look for a good win and cover against a brooding Redskins team     DETRIOT  +7     a meaning less game, but not to the lions, who are trying so hard not to go down in history as an 0-16 team , well this is their best chance here , they should play with more purpose , than a injury ridden Saints team with nothing to play for , i look for a win for the lions  but if they dont your getting generous points here              ... [More]

Posted Friday, December 19, 2008 04:39 PM


DALLAS - 4       looking at this line the Ravens are geeting far too much respect here , the Ravens MO is a team that talks tough ,but dont back it up , they beat up on the weak ..and get their lunch handed to them by the iron ...   when you play cleveland and the bengals both twice you can build  momentum and also  compile great defensive stats ,,bang your chest and do dances and tell everyone how great you are  ....but with the game on the line , with 2 minutes left both the Titans and the steelers drove the lenght of the field for the winning score i ask where was the Ravens Great D when it counted ....if they can't stop those teams ,how will they  stop the Cowboys   The Ravens THUG BULLYS  are 1-5 SU vs teams with 8 or more wins ,,,their win was against Miami   i look for this game to be a typical Ravens double diget loss    when they come up against good team vs the giants 30-10 or indy 31-3   after watching the Dallas D completly shut down the Giants how can you expect the Ravens to score ? all i hear is the Ravens will score on D  Romo will turn it over ... nonsense                  ... [More]

Posted Monday, December 15, 2008 04:42 PM


line is cheap , even if  howard  dont play the talent level between these two clubs is vast ,,,,,,orlando has been a better road team than home team , this trend .for some reason has been money for a couple years now 9-3 on the road......Orlando has been playing well of late ....8-2 SU last 10..
for Golden State this is a rebuilding year and Nelson is playing that way ....not looking at win loses but giving minutes to players ..tonight they will be without Corey Maggette ...also the flu bug has hit a few players

Posted Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:55 PM


RHODE ISLAND - 2     I made an earlier post when line came out i grabed this game at RI+1 early this morning , well this line is still a big bargin ..   RI is 5 -2 , their only loses being to two top 25 teams .being Nova and Duke . their lose to Duke on the road was by 3 points .it as been Duke most competive game to date .82-79   Northeastern last two , was a lose at home to Boston University by 8 .points  and a 18 point loss to a S Florida  team which Northeastern  could only manage to scored 13 points in the first half ,  losing  55 - 37   in the matchup between these two schools the RI Rams are 10 -0  vs the Northeastern huskies this series has been such a big mismatched there usually are no lines on this game . last year was the first time there was a line . it was RI - 11.5 ....RI won by 20 .....92 -72   offensively RI Avg 81 points to Northeasterns 62 and you have to look at the competition they have faced ....these two teams are not in the same class .     RI almost beat Duke on the road in a hostile  place , will have no trouble taking a short bus ride to Boston to handle the Huskies in a half full arena tonight   early x mass gift     GL         ... [More]

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