Posted Monday, December 27, 2010 04:33 PM


ATLANTA  - 2.5


focusing on the saints  ... i  don't see them as the same team as last year , reggie bush since injury  has become a negitive , .brees  getting hit more throwing picks .......saints running game 47 yds last wk


 if you watched the Saints vs the Ravens last wk  you  could see that the Saints D was hard pressed , to keep any running play out of the on end zone .

 Ravens on saints D .........208 on the ground , Ray Rice  who hasnt had a great year  got his season high   of 153 yd  against the saints............ the only other  time he went 100 was against Denver .

Falons O line control  Turner. Ryan  should have good game  stay perfect at home .





Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 03:05 PM

NCAAB best bet 5pm start



  Valiparaiso lost at Toledo in OT when you cant beat Toldeo on the road,  you cant be expected to beat anyone , never mind laying 9 points.

. Easten michigan is competitive  at home lost  in OT to a  pretty good detroit  team that had no trouble blowing out C michigan on the road sat   , have to like E Mich  with the points here .



Posted Saturday, December 04, 2010 09:35 AM

NCAAB BEST BETs saturday

LASALLE + 4  -120


like the explorers here against an oklahoma state team who to me looks horrible and they have played no one.

sr  Keiton Page at 5 9 is  defensive liabilty slow   can't handle to ball to save his life,  no assist ,  cant throw the ball in the ocean on most nights,  and is on the court for 40 miniutes  he get all his points at the end of games at the foul line .only because they have played a weak schedule so far and have been up at the end of the game   the only exception of  Marshall Moses who is the only talent i see on this team . . this team sucks. 

Lasalle at 5-2 their  2 losses came on the road at missouri and at baylor

Lasalle 4-0 at home  and handed (providence at  7-1 )  their only loss in Cancun

id really be suprised if they don't win this game .


U R I  + 5

this is a big in state rivalry,  each team fans hate each other ,while URI is look down for being in the Atlantic 10 , they are the better team here winning this one is important to Jimmy  Baron and ,  with 7 days to prepare for this one  URI gets the win here . 


The next two games  on my card will be  played at the TD Bank North Garden , and is billed as the first anual Boston Tip off Clasic , which i will be attending... [More]

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not going with the unranked home team vs ranked team on the road agument here , K state much preperation and focus on these road trips,  16-5 SU last year ......look for them to atone for their DD loss to duke   this first true road test ...... Washington state has played no one yet , lost by 17 last year to K state .i  look for solid win from the wildcats .


UAB + 4


uab  on the road last 8 .....7 -0 -1 ats   georgia a losing program last year  look for more of the same,  other than their OT game with Notre dame  havent been that impressed , struggled to get by a weak manhattan team last game,  this will be their first home game . but i dont see that making a difference here , look for UAB to win this one,  im taking the points .


Posted Thursday, December 02, 2010 09:52 AM





the Flames were good enough to beat RI RAMS at a neutral site which tells me tells me they should beat Valparasio at home tonight .


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