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EAGLES + 7  

Saw video of the Giants practice this week in doors,  they were  nice and cozy and  all smiles,  even though the last two weeks they have been out scored 67-14 in their last two games.and blew any real chance for the playoffs but  they could care less , they already checked out ,  their bags and minds  are packed heading for a warm sunny climate . 
Tom Coughlin is  starting to look old and confused on the side lines  completely clueless  , time for him to  call it a day . 
Nicks didn't catch a ball last week , first time in his career he's running on one leg . Eli seems like he would rather throw to the other team anyway . 
Andy Reed and his eagles have beaten the Giants 8 out of the last 10 , this will be Andy's last game as eagles coach .
his players seem to like him although they haven't been good this year, they will play hard today they almost came back and beat the Redskins last week  . they would enjoy eliminating any playoff chances for the Giants just like they did a few years back .

 I would rather Foles be  going today , but as it turned out Vick gets to play , and he's excited to get the chance , he's been off now since Nov 11 , he was  really beat up back then .
 Now healthy , hopefully Vick will do what he does best which is RUN , there's not game after this , no reason to save  himself or hold back . 
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RICE + 2 
12/29 SAT 11:45 am et 

After watching how stinky Fresno state's offense really is in their SMU  bowl game on  Xmas Eve .
This  bulldog's  team put up 49 on Air Force in the last game of the season beating them 49-17.
We saw how SMU dominated Fresno st on both sides of the ball . 
Rice beat SMU 36-14 and SMU has some players on defense that will play at the next level .
I watched  the Rice at Tulsa  game i was impressed with the Owl's offensive talent , QB play and play design , they lost that game 28-24  but to me they looked like the better team that day .
 I had the impression of Rice that they were a horrible defensive team , i changed my mind after watching them at Tulsa . they are capable of making stops .
Rice went on to win the next 4 games scoring 44, 49, 36, 33
Rice is one of the youngest teams in college football maybe that accounts for their slow start . winners of their last 4 games , also 3 of their loses were by 4 points or fewer . 
Rice is  excited to be in this bowl  National TV , last bowl appearance  was 2008 when they beat Western Michigan 38-14
 The venue is 4 hours from  the Rice campus so Owl's should be familiar and  focused here .  

Like this bet  a lot 
Happy Holidays 

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 GREEN BAY  - 2.5  
I know this,  cutler coming off that concussion a couple of games ago,  has been beat up since, he  took a vicious hit last week to the head and injured his neck 
 With that offensive line and the fact he's been getting killed don't be surprised if he don't finish this game, quits , or just plays like he Quit 
Not to mention  the bears defense without Urlacher has not been the same,  and with the offense not moving the ball they spend most on the day on the field they are a beat up tired defense.
.Green Bay has dominated this series, why should it change today  with all  these factors .

The falcons who are on my fade list will have to wait , because today they play a stinky  stupid Giant's team that just can't wait to lose .
,The difference between P Manning and Eli  is,  when Peyton throws a pick you can see him on the sideline fuming mad waiting to get back on the field to make up for it .
 When Eli throws one  it's  like oh shucks these things happen he usually comes back in and throws another one or two  or fumbles. 
The Giants are a sloppy lazy bad team and will not be in the playoff picture this year .

Not a very good Steelers team  here , but good enough to beat these stiffs , the only reason Dallas  won last week,  after being down to a horrible... [More]

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Good  spot for the Huskies after playing well in Puerto Rico defeating a good Belmont team  getting to  the championship game with a very good  Charlotte  team  came  home lost to Maine , don't be fooled,  this team will play down to the level of their competition  plus coming back from the tournament in Puerto Rico not surprising .

 This team has talent and plays hard  3 of their 4 wins have been after DD deficit never out of games with one of best scorers in conference Joel Smith over 42% beyond  the arch .

Love this team getting points tonight 

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