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The wildcats last 4 have yielded 47.5 with their  shut down defense have to think at best florida gets to 60 or low 60's
 here .

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NFL superbowl pick and letter to BRADY


if your pick on the patriots is based on a notion that REGULAR SEASON TOM can't have two bad  games in a row think again .
Hey Tom thanks for telling us you SUCKED in the RAVENS game and yes you would have been the GOAT if Evans squeezed the ball .
but Tom how come you never told anyone you SUCKED two years ago vs the RAVENS when you singlehandedly took your team out of the game in the first 10 minutes with your INTs and fumbles how come you didnt say you sucked that day?  you were the worst QB in the entire playoffs .
Last year you improved  vs the JETS  you were tied with Matt Ryan as the biggest STIFF in the playoffs . also no i SUCKED comment after the game .
this year you had a great game against an inept DENVER team
 but what a minute , when it was 14-0 didn't you throw a stupid pick that lead to a Denver TD then two series later hit the DENVER linebacker between the numbers . lucky for you he dropped it 
 but Denver was so bad anyway and the tired denver defense was on the field all day and you threw 6 TD ,  the  front runner that you are beating up on bad teams. 
But TOM that's what you do the best  beating  up on very bad teams in the regular season buffalo miami jets all 2 times  thats 6 cupcakes .
  that's how you have got to the superbowl 5 time .....they say parity in the NFL . well this year was a joke a bunch of stinky teams.[More]

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