Posted Friday, March 26, 2010 03:08 PM



The Gaels are playing at a high level right now , in their last three games , the teams they beat  Gonzaga , Richmond ,and Villanova i think are all better than BAYLOR ,

 Take BAYLOR off their  home court , nothing special here ,

SAINT MARYS  gets the SU win here,  the points are a gift.



N IOWA + 1

The panthers under the radar , on how good this team really is ,   at  30 - 4    if you look at their few  loses, it was a case of , losing to inferior teams,  and not being focused , that wont happen tonight .

MICHIGAN STATE ......Tom Izzo great coach , but without the horses forget it , I wasn't too high on this team  this year , now you take out their best player in LUCAS  (always playing the most min on the team )  and a point guard to boot ,  big time loss .

N IOWA   knocking  off the ONE seed in KANSAS  ,only  to lose to MICHIGAN STATE ?....... IT  WONT HAPPEN !






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Posted Monday, March 22, 2010 05:57 PM





Considering how MURRY STATE performed in the big dance beating Vandy , losing to Butler by 2 , Morehead state beat Murry state in reg season by 5  and lost to them on the road in the conf champ by 11.

MORST are 31-14 ATS in their last 45 games overall.

BU..... with student pop ,of over 31,000 , could see them being a player or  cinderella story in the future,  but not yet , and  tonight they wont be facing an opponent from the American East .





Think of how good CORNELL has looked on offense,  with their great shooting guards and center play ,  now consider the last two games with Princeton , the Tigers held Cornell to 48 , and 50 points losing by only 3 points to Cornell in both games .

LAST 19 GAMES NO TEAM HAS SCORED MORE THAN 58 POINTS ON PRINCETON ,, 8 games were in the 40's and 2 games they held their  opponent in the 30's

PRINC are 20-6 ATS in their last 26 road games.

PRINC are 21-7 ATS in their last 28 games overall. Under is 23-9 in PRINC last 32 overall.

not really a totals player but at 117 ,    I  think the under  looks good also

Both plays tonight , are based on how these two teams played against teams that have excelled in the BIG DANCE , 

being on the road is the only negitive here ... [More]

Posted Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:32 PM




Not having watched much ivy league games this year except for Harvard a few times,  had no idea how good Cornell was .

Made the mistake of dismissing Cornell because they are from the ivy league , it was a  BIG mistake

like to draw a paralel from my Greyhound Racing days , when they would have these stake  races,  for big money at the florida tracks,  or up here in ma. at Wonderland , or Raynham

. Sometimes there were dogs coming in from the cheap tracks like in Mexico or Alabama , and they would have all wins in their resume , like say 25-0 , and have won all the races by 10 or more lenghts ,  But the betting public would discount these dogs cause of were they came from.., the purse money is peanuts at these tracks , so why would you waste a dog for low purses ?  it was usually a case of logistics , the owner of the dog, lived close to the track , or had his own booking,  at that track .

But despite running and competing against bad dogs , when going against the iron at the big tracks in these stake races , they still won  

hope i didnt bore everyone to death with this, .....But  from my  life's  betting experience , this parallel came to mind ,

 The leason learned is , you can't always judge  a team or dogs ability, on who they have been competing against .

had the sa... [More]

Posted Saturday, March 20, 2010 05:23 AM


BAYLOR - 4             5:45 EST

OD luck runs out today when a more consistant offense does them in .

Baylor last 5 gms 81 ppg... 51%fg.... 32%3s....78%ft


                          NIT PICK

 NC STATE + 5.5    5PM EST

Clearly the best bet of the day, no way UAB out of Conf USA should be favored here.

NC STATE  this season beat DUKE , beat Florida State twice , also beat  twice Wake Forest , and Clemson once


Has anyone noticed that most of the  offshore betting establishment ,have for some reason, stoped puting games in order according to start time .

How much effort does it take to put the games in order by start time ? NONE , so therefore it must be intentional .

.It has to be to screw with your head , and i bet they know through studies ,that it gives them a 5 or 10% edge ,

 Am i too cynical  ? or NUTS ,   but  it does  hidders me somewhat , at times when looking at possible parlays , i think there  has to be a method to their madness ..........any thoughts ?



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Posted Friday, March 19, 2010 11:44 AM


TEMPLE  -3.5

 Considering  how the Ivy league did ,when Harvard played applachian state out of the weak southern conference , Cornell being the class of the ivy league wont be enough  as TEMPLE  has won 10 in a row and covered this number every time against tougher..



Winners of 15 in a row and 19 out of last 21 , although i do like Texas AM and how they have played of late , this Utah State team is too good not to play here , shooting 49% fg 43% 3s and 76@ ft



The more consistant offense will get it done here.



i know how the big east has fared so far , but i cant see this louisville and pitino going one and done, in the big east tourney,  and then going out here.






Posted Thursday, March 18, 2010 07:29 AM

NCABB BEST BETs thursday


Bet this game earlier , up to 2.5 presently

The Irish have done a 360 coming down the stretch , winning 6 in a row , then losing on the road by 2 to  a very tough West Virginia team , i think they are really hot coming into this tournament , don't be suprised if they make a good run here .

As far as OLD DOMINION go's ,they were horrendous on the road , first lets give them a gold star for beating GT ,  that was  an anomaly , because other than that one win,  they absolutely sucked on the road ,and  the colonial athletic conf just dosen't cut it for me sorry ,

Attending many Northeastern game , ive seen alot of these teams up close and personal , including OLD DOMINION , who lost to the HUSKIES by 10 in Boston .

GEORGE MASON lost to RADFORD by 27 , but got it back togeather 2 days later to beat OLD DOMINION by 16 , this illusrtates how bad OLD DOMINION is ,on the road .

Look at OD',s wins on the road , Georgia st , Liberty , Towson , Deleware , James Madison , all i can say is the whole George Town team must have been hungover when they lost to these guys ,

will be adding a few games later





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Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2010 07:21 AM

NCAAB BEST BET..... NIT wednesday

ST JOHN + 7   


St John  played very well down the stretch , i was really suprised that that Roberts might be fired

With 4 road wins in their last 10 games , , wins vs ND and louisville , and two close game with Marquette .

How would Memphis fare playing in the Big East ? i dont think very well,  this is not the Memphis Calpari team of the past . they have been over valued all year , 10-17 ATS is reflective of that .

Hardy is a loss for St John , but i still think they are a better team than Memphis , and i think they will be playing hard for their coaches job.

Not really a ML player , but this could be a spot to cash  on the ML at +270.00   I do expect St John to win this SU ,  but why be greedy ?  take the 7 points to the bank   , 

St John  will make it a gr8 ST Patrick's day  






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Posted Saturday, March 13, 2010 05:10 PM

NCCAB BEST BET sat night



GT playing real well  beating and puting away, a very tough Marquette  team , who kept challanging throughout the game, , but GT put them away .

GT playing too well now to lose this one ,  like the venue of MSG for the HOYAS also .


pushed earlier with ohio state -7 , sloppy play and missed FTs at the end  prevented the ATS win . but could be considerd lucky to get push , the way the game went early on .



Posted Saturday, March 13, 2010 08:12 AM




after watching illinois somehow managed to only be up by 2  points with a minute left yesterday,  in a game which Wisconsin couldn't have been any more horrible .

Wisconsin was 18-63 28% and if you take away the last couple of minutes , wisky was like 15%

, Hughes absolutly sucked,  and took them out of the game early ,AT 0-11  the way they played they should have been down by 25 with 2 minutes left ,

 illinois sucks , they got lucky yesterday going up against a Wisconsin team    that was so horrible it was pathetic

and this  tells me is Ohio state will have a 10 -20 point easy win here , like the last time,  Ohio State won by 16


Posted Wednesday, March 10, 2010 04:46 AM

NCAAB BEST BET wednesday


12:30 pm EST @ kansas city mo


Winners of last three , their last game 4 days ago , was an 11 point win  against this same Texas Tech team .

but this  is more of a fade Texas Tech play , this program seems to be in  turmoil and desention , and much of it is focused around Pat Knight ,  

TECH , losers of 7 in a row SU ,  and 2-11 last 13 SU

COL are 37-16-1 ATS in their last 54 vs. Big 12.

The buffalo's should put Texas tech miserable season to bed and hopefully start our day out right .




Posted Sunday, March 07, 2010 03:26 AM




looking at the win patterns from the season of these two teams it seems to me a good spot for the wolfpack .

0-2 yesterday posts ,in retrospect there were better games to choose from , .......Florida St -2 was the right bet , being up 6-11 for the whole game then winning by 1,  thats just bad gambling luck

the UCONN bet was a stiff , UCONN might be a better team overall than So Florida  , But dont have anyone like Gilchrist and Jones , that can take over a game , Dyson and Walker ?not even close yesterday.



Posted Sunday, March 07, 2010 03:13 AM




looking at the win patterns from the season of these two teams it seems to me a good spot for the wolfpack .

0-2 yesterday posts ,in retrospect there were better games to choose from , .......Florida St -2 was the right bet , being up 6-11 for the whole game then winning by 1,  thats just bad gambling luck

the UCONN bet was a stiff , UCONN might be a better team overall than So Florida  , But dont have anyone like Gilchrist and Jones , that can take over a game , Dyson and Walker not even close , yesterday




Posted Saturday, March 06, 2010 09:34 AM


UCONN  + 1

UCONN will win this game , after the bad loss at home to cincinnati they   came back and beat villionava on the road , i expect the same to happen here , against an easier foe in So Florida , who i think should be on the fade list .



this  seminoles team looks like they  might be peaking  , ive watched this team over the last month play very well , they have already beat Miami , expect the same to happen today,

.. Miami   is on the fade,  only managing to win once , in their last 5 ........ only win was against a  Virginia team , who everyone else had  been hammering.




Posted Friday, March 05, 2010 09:34 PM

2nd half play

St John -4.5

depaul has lost 11 in a row , had half time leads of DD and lost SU  expect  ST JOHN TO COVER THIS

Posted Monday, March 01, 2010 11:50 AM




acouple of bad teams here , but  NC greensboro is the worst ( 6 - 22 ) on the season , 3-11 at home  losers of 8 of their last 9 games SU , yet they are favored by  5.5 ? (GIVE ME A BREAK ), line makers making the home team favorite  in a game that probably does not has much betting interest .

GEORGIA SOUTHERN  9- 21 on the season,  but have won 3 of last 4 games  their one loss in last 4 , came in  overtime  with WOLFORD , , this team can  score points.

So take the the generous points here,  against a 6-22 team who cant win games , never mind about covering .



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