Posted Friday, July 29, 2011 09:00 AM

Pats always looking for team players?

the genius sore puss sore loser bill picks up two cancers that really can't play anymore .their teamates and coaches couldn't wait to get rid of  them ........nobody wanted .either of them  

big mouth chad johnson who kisses sour puss sore loser bills ass , saying how he would love to play for the genius , bill eats that shit up .

now he's got this stiff who hasnt done anything in three years except bitch , and  he comes to a team who's QB can't throw the ball down field  to save his life. not that chad can get open down field anymore , but if he could brady couldn't hit him anyway

one and done the last two years in the playoffs and a QB who throws 71% of his passes 0-10 yds which pads his stats brady will go to the pro bowl , but never win another playoff game , cause he's a fraud now .

good luck to the francise that always said they build the team on teamplayers , with good character , like albert hanesworth and chad johnson ......isn't that right  Mr kraft

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